Cruise Happy-Fuck [F42] [M43] [Exhibitionism]

One of our first cruises, we had an outside cabin with a panoramic window, that stuck out a bit. No balcony. We got into our cabin and as the ship pulled out the view was incredible. Of course, being on vacation, sex was on our minds. M (F42) decided to get changed, but as soon as I saw her tits I lost it and pushed her face first into the window, pressing her tits up against the glass. I (M43) stroked her pussy and she was wet and moaning so I gave her all eight inches right there from behind, while her face and tits were pressed up against the window. My balls slapped her ass for quite a while and I think I blew my load as the ship sailed by the Statue of Liberty. I hope someone saw her face as I made her cum, and I’m sure the folks in the next cabin heard us. Then we changed and went to the buffet, acting normal but feeling quite naughty.

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