Creampied 2 different girls

So few years back was at party and there was 2 girls that were pretty close in friendship and I wanted both of them so bad. One of them was much more of a slut then the other.
As the night went on I flirted and was all over them at random parts of the night while the other was in a different room so they wouldn’t see me trying for both of them.
One of the girls ended up leaving early that night so I knew I had to focus on just the one now.
We hit it off the rest of the night and I ended up having to take her home, but first I had to take my buddy home too. So I texted her as we were driving that were fucking once I drop my friend off. She agreed too it. So I dropped my friend off and he knew something was up bc her house was closer and I took him home first.
I ended up stopping at Walgreens for some rubbers, ended up back at my house and we started to fool around. Slipped the rubber on went for awhile. But she looked me in the eyes and said take that rubber off and cum in me. I was In shock it was so hot. I ripped that thing off and I slid it back in and a few pumps later I was emptying myself into her! It was amazing. We laid there the rest of the night just exhausted!
The next morning I get a text from the other friend saying let’s hang! So I showered and took the one girl home and i immediately went over to her house! She was basically wearing nothing but some crotchless panties! We immediately started fooling around and I went to get the condom and she said I didnt need that today. I was super pumped about that! She started sucking me off and after awhile I just bent her over and slid through the crotchless panties and went to pound town. She was screaming nut in her and I was in Aw 2 days in a row I have 2 different girls screaming cum in them. It was the hottest 2 days of my life.
About a month later they ended up finding out that I fucked them back to back and it like ruined their friendship.
Now today the 2nd girl is my fiance.
But I’m constantly thinking about the 1st girl and hoping 1 day we can meet again before the wedding!

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