Couple was nice to me on a Vacation

This was my first ever sexual experience involving more than one person. I was 18 years old at the time (19 now), and I have always been a pretty sexually open minded person. I was on the Feeld app and I was living in Hawaii at the time when I matched with a couple who was there visiting. They were in their early 30s and both of them were honestly super attractive.

We got right into it and skipped most of the small talk (thank god) and after talking for a few minutes we agreed on what we wanted to do. They were staying at a hotel not far from where I lived and they said they would leave the door unlocked and would be fucking when I walked in. I could just jump in and join them.

They also wanted to do dvp which I had never even heard of at the time and I was honestly shocked it was even possible. I was so nervous as I drove to their hotel but also my cock was hard as fuck and I was next level horny. I got to the hotel and went up to their room and as promised it was unlocked.

I went in and she was on top of him with his cock deep inside her pussy and I was so turned on. They told me to sit down on the bed and take my shorts off cause they wanted to suck my cock. It was my first time ever getting my dick sucked by a guy and i’m honestly not bisexual but I let it happen and I gotta say watching this married couple suck my dick together was definitely hot as fuck.

After getting my dick wet he asked me to fuck his little slut for him and I was happy to. I was really fucking rough with her too I almost felt bad. She was a skinny petite blond and her pussy was so fucking tight and wet and she told me to spit in her mouth while I fucked her which was really hot.

He asked if I was ready to have both our cocks inside her at the same time and I was. He got underneath her and I got behind them almost not believing it would be possible. It took a minute but we managed to get both of our cocks inside her incredibly tight pussy and she was moaning like fucking crazy. We fucked her like that for a while until he said that he was going to cum and that we should go faster and harder.

He came and filled her pussy with cum and honestly it was hot af. I almost came right there when he said to pull out and cum in their mouths. He grabbed his wife by her hair and fucked my cock with her mouth until I came as deep as I could down her throat. Right after that they made out and she spit my cum into his mouth which I thought was fucking crazy lmao.

I actually still keep in touch with them to this day and I have met up with them a bunch of times at this point. Def one of my favorite sexual memories still makes me hard as fuck to think about and I figured I would share the experience here.

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