Couldn’t orgasm

My bf tried to give me orgasm though manual clitoral stimulation. I have not experienced ut before. I could feel pinching in legs and my legs started trembling. But I don’t know why I couldn’t continue that. I pleaded him to stop. It kinda became unbearable. I was much excited to get orgasm but I couldn’t get it. Can anybody tell why this happened and how can I get one.?
Also, after that my vagina became so dry, he tried to insert his 🍆 but it couldn’t enter. I was fully aroused but still dry. And then I got little wet but I couldn’t feel his 🍆 inside. I have high sex drive but there is nothing which I can enjoy completely

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  1. Have you ever tried masturbating? You should be doing that to learn what does and doesn’t feel good to you. And USE LUBE, both alone and with your boyfriend. Don’t do something if it hurts.


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