Controlled by a Maid’s Uniform by Sara_Quill

A Maid’s Uniform

She looked up at the fancy farmhouse in front of her. It had been in ruins for as long as she remembered as a kid she often came here to throw chestnuts through the windows, or to make a fire on the back patio. Recently a developer had bought the place and changed it into a hotel. New windows, new paint. A new door. A new fountain. This place didn’t much resemble the ruins from her childhood anymore.

Amber walked up the steps and opened the big wooden door. There was a hallway with a lush carpet, a reception desk and a chandelier. It was totally abandoned, maybe they didn’t hire a receptionist yet either.

She looked around not really sure where to go. She’d expected a lot of other applicants, competition, although a new hotel probably needed more than just one maid, so they wouldn’t be exactly competing for the same job, they would just become co-workers. Yet nobody seemed to be here. Maybe she was at the wrong time, or the wrong day?

‘Hello?’ She yelled. ‘Anybody?’

‘One moment.’ A voice sounded from behind a door somewhat further down the hallway.

Amber strolled around and examined the place. There was a potted plant still partly wrapped in plastic, and next to it stood a little moving trolley with some boxes.

‘Hi there?’ A man walked into the reception area. ‘I’m Mike, follow me please.’ She stared at his shoes while she walked behind him through the hallway, the leather was scuffed and his trousers seemed slightly too long, it was only a matter of time before he would step on his own seam.

‘Take a seat.’ He said. ‘Can I get you anything? Coffee, tea, hot chocolate maybe?’

‘Uhm… tea is fine.’ Amber said.

He disappeared and Amber inspected the office she was in, boxes were piled up in front of the window, some file folders sprawled out across his desk.

‘Welcome.’ He said as he came back. He put the tea down in front of her and sat down behind the desk. ‘You’re Amber, correct?’

‘That’s right.’

He opened a folder and skimmed through the papers, and you’re… applying for a position here as a maid?’

‘Yes,’ Amber nodded. She got incredibly nervous, her palms started to sweat, her fingers trembling. She knew she was qualified for the job, but she always had a hard time with these interviews. She just couldn’t be a charming bubbly person on cue, and she’d even been rejected for jobs she’d been overly qualified for just because she botched her interview. She reached out for her cup of tea, but when she tried to pick it up the spoon started tingling against the glass. Never mind. She would probably just drop it and make a complete fool out of herself.

‘Do you know what we expect from a Maid here at the MSM hotel group?’

‘I guess changing sheets and cleaning rooms.’ Amber said.

Mike nodded generously. ‘Amongst other things. We’re a very special hotel and we offer a very special service to our guest, did you know that?’

‘The best service?’ Amber asked.

‘I think so. However we organize our staff slightly different than other hotels. If you were to be a maid here, I’d expect you to live in the hotel and be ready for service whenever we need you, of course within reason and you also get plenty of free time. It’s just we expect this attitude that you’re eager to serve. Your duties might at one day indeed include cleaning a room, but I don’t like to think of you as just a cleaner. You’re a maid. I expect you to listen to what a guest requests of you and that you aim to please without reserves or hesitation. You think you’re willing to do that?’

‘Yes I am.’ Amber said nodding. ‘I’m highly motivated and a quick learner.’ That’s a job interview sentence she’d picked up on the internet. You always had to say you’re highly motivated and a quick learner.

‘I’m glad you say that.’ He gave her a friendly smile and Amber started to relax somewhat. ‘It’s not about being perfect from the get-go, it’s about learning and internalizing your role here. If you get the job you will be trained by me personally.’

The next half an hour or so Amber tried to convince him that she was the best one for the job. She tried to sell herself on her good qualities, hard working, reliable, flexible, willing to go the extra mile. He wanted to know if she was adventurous too. Well sure, she could be adventurous if that was needed, she didn’t quite see how it applied to a job as maid, but sure. Adventurous.

At the end of the interview he slid some papers over the desk her way. ‘You’re hired.’ He said. ‘That is if you want the job. Here’s the contract, read it carefully, I don’t want any sputtering or protests later on. Know what you sign, honey.’

She pulled the contract on her lap and flicked through the pages. She was overjoyed, she’d finally got a job. Granted it didn’t have anything to do with graphic design, which she studied in college, but still a job was a job. Money was money.

‘If you sign it today, you can start right away and we can fit you a uniform.’ Mike said.

‘Today?’ Amber asked. ‘Are there guests already? I thought the hotel wasn’t open yet.’

Mike gave her a smile and took a sip from his coffee. ‘We need to finish your training before the guests arrive of course and there are other people you could be of service to in the mean time. Like me, for example.’

She stared at the letters. She was too excited to read, she simply couldn’t focus on the words, besides there was quite a lot of official legal language in there that would be hard to decipher anyway. For a few moments she pretended to read, she flicked through the pages back and forth, skimming over paragraphs, checking the proposed salary, that was actually quite a lot of money for a maid’s job.’

‘Is this figure right?’ She asked Mike.

‘Yes, it is. We expect you to go above and beyond, so the compensation needs to be above and beyond too, don’t you think?’

‘Yes,’ she said. She searched the desk for a pen but there wasn’t any in sight. He got a pen out of his pocket and handed it to her. She signed, he signed. He rolled up the paper and put it in his back pocket. ‘I’ll run this by HR later.’ He said. ‘For now experience has thought me I’d better keep it on me, in case of sputtering and protesting, you know? Let’s go find you a uniform.’

He got up from his desk and opened one of the boxes next to the window. ‘What’s your size? S or XS?’

Amber didn’t say anything.

He rumbled through the contents of the box and got out a piece of black fabric. ‘See if this fits.’ He said. ‘There’s a bathroom across the hallway.’

The bathroom still smelled like fresh cement. In front of the mirror she inspected the dress. It was a traditional French maid’s dress, with the ruffles and the white apron, it was awfully short though. When she tried to put it on she noticed there were some shiny silvery patches on the inside of the dress. She inspected one of those patches more closely, there were all sorts of wriggly lines on the surface of the patch, as if it was some sort of computer chip. The fabric was stretchy and snug against her body. The lines of her bra showed and it wasn’t all that pretty. Tonight she would have to order some seamless bralettes online.

There was also some flap of fabric that crumpled up around her butt, she tried to figure out where that was supposed to go. Eventually she found out it was meant to close around her crotch, like some sort of build in panties. She looked at herself in the mirror. Her uniform did look like a maids uniform, but it felt more like a leotard, especially because of the build in crotch with the snap buttons. Still she looked good, she redid her pony tail and walked back to the office.

‘Take a look at that.’ Mike said. He came over and pulled on the shoulders of the dress. ‘How does that feel? You want to try one size bigger. I think we don’t need to, right? This fits you perfectly.’ He stood behind her, his hands slid to her waist and felt how tight the fabric was there. Amber felt nervous, she could smell his aftershave and although he smelled good, and she wasn’t sure if she liked him being that close to her. She couldn’t start an affair with her boss first day on the job, could she? She stared out of the window, pretending she didn’t notice his hands. He lifted her skirt and now his finger hooked behind the build in panties covering her bum. Slightly tugging on it to see if it wasn’t too tight.

‘Perfect.’ He said. ‘I’ll put you down for an XS, off course you’re not allowed to wear underwear, so go take off your bra and panties sweetheart, so we can test the rest of the uniform.’ He let go of her skirt and swatted her bum. Back in the bath room Amber leaned against the wall.

She was so excited to finally get a job and the pay was amazing, but now she had a boss that was behaving inappropriately. She looked at her own troubled face in the mirror and chuckled. This was so typically her, whenever something good happened in her life she was always quick to overthink and analyze and to find a problem with it. Besides Mike wasn’t half that bad, he was an attractive guy. She didn’t mind his attention all that much. If he wasn’t her boss and they were on a first date she would quite like those flirtatious touches.

She chuckled again, she shouldn’t get ahead of herself. He only checked whether her dress was the proper fit, that wasn’t the same as flirtatious touching. She took her bra and panties off and wore the leotard dress on her bare skin. Some of those silvery patches were placed exactly were her nipples were, it was a cold feeling and those patches touching her pussy also felt stiff. She did a few squats and moved her legs around to make it feel better. She pushed her underwear in her bag that was already stuffed with her clothes and then returned to the office.

What kind of testing was he referring too? The uniform fit her, there was nothing much to say about it, was there?

‘Beautiful.’ He said when he saw her come in, ‘Where’s the choker?’ Apparently there was still a piece of her uniform she overlooked an thin strap that was attached to her back was supposed to go around her neck. He helped her close it and then he looked at here. ‘Great,’ he said, putting two thumbs up. ‘Now lets see, you’re number…’ He was fidgeting in her neck. ‘Number 32.’ He said. ‘Awesome.’ He walked around his desk got out his phone. ‘Let’s install and activate number 32.’ He said. He was tapping on his screen and then he put his phone aside. ‘Sit.’ He said gesturing to the chair next to her.

‘So what happens now?’ Amber asked while she sat herself down.

‘You’re uniform is still installing.’ He said. ‘Internet is still a bit slow around here, I’ll have to talk to the contractor to see if we can do anything about that, but for now we’ll just have to be patient.’

Amber frowned, she didn’t understand what he was talking about, maybe she misunderstood. ‘Installing my uniform?’ She asked hesitant.

‘That’s right.’ He said. ‘It needs to calibrate the biofeedback-loop, it’s explained in the contract.’ He slammed his hand onto his pocket. ‘I asked you to read carefully.’ He said.

Amber nodded. She couldn’t remember anything about a biofeedback-loop and she wondered if she should press the issue and continue asking questions or if she should drop it.

‘How does it work?’ She eventually asked. That was a fairly innocent question, right?

‘I’ll show you in a minute.’ He was tapping away on his screen and then he showed her his phone. On screen there was a graph with wriggling lines, some seemed to move quickly and abrupt, others were more fluid.

‘Within your uniform there are a some sensors, you’d probably seen them. Those silver spots and they send me this biofeedback of yours. There’s hearth rate, oxygen saturation, body temperature and the one in your choker, in the back of you neck connects with your brain stem and even gives me information on your brain activity.’

‘You can read my mind?’ Amber said aghast.

‘No, no.’ Mike started laughing. ‘I mean, I just get numbers and figures on my screen, now I’m familiar enough with this tech to translate that into a general mood, for instance I can see you’re a bit nervous and insecure right now, but I can’t see what you’re thinking exactly.’

‘But why?’ Amber asked. ‘What for … Who … Why? Just why. It seems so excessive.’

‘I agree. It is excessive.’ He said. ‘But that’s what my hotels offer, they offer a very excessive experience for some very excessive guests, so I need my girls to be prepared. The best part is; I don’t only receive biofeedback, I can also send parameters of operation, for instance if I wanted to help you feel less nervous and insecure right now, I’d…’ He bent over his phone and tapped his fingers around. ‘There, how does that feel?’

It was as if a weight was lifted of her shoulders, her whole body relaxed. All her worries faded and suddenly the world seemed bright and free and innocent.

‘That’s amazing.’ She said.

‘I know.’ He said. ‘Now lets say you’ve been a particularly good girl and you’ve complied with all the request that day, you’ve worked hard and I wanted to reward you. There you go.’

A wave of satisfaction ran through her body. It was peaceful and euphoric at the same time.

‘Wow!’ She mumbled.

‘Now imagine you weren’t being a good girl. You weren’t complying with my requests. You were protesting and struggling and being disrespectful, then I’d tell your uniform…’

A pulse of white heat filled up her body, everything was just pain. It took over everything. ‘Ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch.’ Amber cried out. ‘Please stop.’

‘First be a good girl.’ Mike said.

‘I am. Ouch, ouch, ouch.’

‘You are?’ He asked. ‘Show me.’

‘How?’ Amber asked in despair. ‘How can I show you?’

‘Tell me that I’m your master and you’re my maid and it’s an honor to serve me.’

‘What?’ Amber said filled with disbelief.

‘Did you know I could turn it up even higher, not everyone has the same pain tolerance, some girls need a little more.’

Amber screamed in pain. Tears came out of her eyes and her whole body was squirming and trembling in an attempt to deal with all the agony. ‘No more.’ She said. ‘Please no more.’

‘If you want it to stop, just submit to me, just tell me what I want to hear.’

‘You’re my master and I’m your maid and it’s an honor serve you.’ Amber squeezed out of her mouth. The moment she finished her sentence the pain stopped and her body was flushed with an euphoric satisfaction. Lazily she slumped in the chair and enjoyed the happiness.

‘See good girls get rewarded.’ He said.

She nodded. It was an addictive happiness because the moment it stopped Amber already longed for more. She sat up in her chair, part of her wanted to say she quit and that she didn’t want to work here after all, but another part of her didn’t want to take off the uniform yet. That part just wanted to be a good girl and get more rewards. Amber sighed and hid her face in her hands. Unsure what to do next.

‘Now imagine you get a request that is a bit… how shall I put this… embarrassing. Then I can turn off your shame, with just one button. See.’

Amber shrugged. ‘I don’t feel any different.’ She said.

‘Okay.’ Mike said. ‘But lets say I’d ask you to describe the last time you masturbated to me, and remember, good girls who comply with the request get rewards.’

Amber thought about it for a moment. ‘It was this morning,’ she said. ‘It was in the shower while I was getting ready for this job interview. I didn’t plan on masturbating but there was this trickle of water that ran precisely past my clit so I got horny. I lifted the shower head of the standard and pointed it at my pussy directly…’

Suddenly she started to feel extremely self-conscious and embarrassed about the things she just told him. Her cheeks started flushing and she wished she didn’t say anything.

‘See.’ He said. ‘Good girl, by the way.’ Again she was flushed with euphoric satisfaction. She didn’t want anything, she didn’t need anything. Just this. She felt great. It only lasted for a moment though and then it faded again.

‘That’s creepy.’ Amber said. ‘That’s so creepy. I didn’t even notice it and still it affects me, it controls me.’ She shook her head. ‘That’s really, really – ’

‘I’ll think you’ll notice this one,’ he said.

‘No.’ Amber said. ‘No more.’ But it was too late, there was something happening to her pussy now, it was getting hotter and hotter. She was getting incredibly horny. Her nipples were more and more sensitive. Involuntarily her body started to wriggle in her seat, trying to rub her pussy against the chair, trying to find some relief for this overwhelming desire.

‘And the fun is I can combine.’ Mike said. ‘More embarrassment, look now you’re blushing and trying to hide it, but watch what happens if I suppress all your shame and embarrassment.’

‘No, don’t!’ Amber yelled, but a moment later she didn’t care anymore. All she cared about was her horniness. She rubbed her hand in between her legs and was frantically masturbating. It was an itch she just couldn’t control, her fingers weren’t enough, she tried to grind her pussy against the chair, and she frothed herself against an armrest.

Mike just laughed. ‘So cute.’ He said. ‘Come here.’

He didn’t have to tell her twice, she walked around the desk and dry humped his thigh. ‘Good girl.’ He said, while wrapping his arm around her waist and guiding the rhythm of her hips. Despite listening and obeying him she wasn’t rewarded with a single splash of satisfaction. So she rubbed herself against him even more fervently, trying to satisfy herself.

‘It’s going to be a fun three months don’t you think?’ He said.

‘Yes.’ Amber said panting.

‘Say yes master.’

Amber hasted to obey him.

‘Who owns you now?’ He asked.

Amber didn’t answer, she was too busy grinding her pussy against him. He cupped her chin and forced her too look at him. ‘Who owns you?’ He said.

‘You master.’ Amber said.

He smiled and nodded. So why don’t you bent over the desk for me. Amber did as she was told. She put her upper body on the table, while her bum stuck out in the air. His fingers caressing her inner thighs. He pulled on the snaps in her crotch and the moment later the fabric was removed from her pussy, the horniness started to fade. She took a deep breath.

Mikes hand was on her head, he was either caressing hair or pushing her face deeper into the desk, or maybe it was a combination of both.

‘Good girl.’ He said. ‘Now if I own you, I can do whatever I want with my property, can’t I?’ He said.

‘I… I don’t know.’ Amber said out of breath. He spanked her, he spanked her on her bare bum. Amber yelped.

‘Say it.’ He said.

‘Say what?’ Amber asked confused. He kept on spanking her. A stinging pain every time his hand slapped her on the ass. Her skin started to glow and the different slaps morphed together into one string of aching, but somehow that aching turned her on. No that must still be the uniform controlling her mind and feelings, although… he had snapped open the crotch, her pussy didn’t touch those sensors anymore, maybe the horniness came from the patches on her nipples or through the choker thing that someone seemed to affect her embarrassment.

‘You’re thinking too much.’ Mike said. ‘Let’s see if we can knock you down a few IQ points.’

She didn’t even notice that her thoughts stopped, she just focused on his hand hurting her, spanking her, and the pain overtaking her body, competing with the horniness. It was too confusing, she didn’t know what was going on anymore.

‘Stop.’ She said.

‘If you want me to stop hurting you, you have to say it.’

‘Say what?’ Amber asked.

He didn’t answer and she tried to turn around. Forcefully he kept her in place, bend over the desk. ‘Say what?’ She asked again. ‘Tell me!’

This time he didn’t slap he ass, but he slapped her cheek, ‘Don’t be disrespectful.’ he said strictly.

‘I’m sorry.’ She sobbed. ‘I’m so sorry. You’re my master and I’m your Maid and it’s an honor to serve you.’ She wailed.

‘Good try, but that is not what I wanted to hear.’

‘I’m your property?’ She asked. ‘You control me and you own me and you can do with me whatever you like because I’m your property.’

‘That’s is.’ He said. He bent over, his whole body covering hers and he gave her a soft peck on the cheek. ‘Good girl.’ He said while shoving his cock inside of her pussy.

‘Wait…’ she said. ‘wait what is happening?’

‘Sssh.’ He said as he started trusting. His hands around her hips guiding her body back and forth. A grunt deep within his throat.

Amber felt the cock bumping into the insides of her pussy. It was a nice cock but it was confusing too, she wanted to think about it, to process what was happening, but somehow she just couldn’t wrap her head around the situation. She seemed to be unable to formulate any thoughts. There was just this cock, the sensation of his cock entering her.

There was a low grade horniness still lingering in her body, and the remnants of the spanking glowing in her bum made her feel a bit dopy and rosy. Her face wet with tears, hairs in her mouth, but there was this surrender in her mind and that surrender came with a calm. She wasn’t in control anymore.

The grunting became louder and louder and then Mike orgasmed inside of her. His warm heavy body leaning over her. He was panting into her face, his muggy breath tickling her cheeks and earlobe.

‘You’re so tight.’ He said. ‘I know, the petite ones are always a bit tighter but your the queen of tight pussy.’

He pushed himself upwards and tenderly he closed the crotch of her uniform again. He sat down in his swivel chair and pulled her on his lap. He wrapped his arm around her waist and with his other hand he brushed a few tears from her face. Then he grabbed his phone. ‘Good girls get rewarded don’t they?’

Amber nodded.

He showed her the screen. ‘So far you’ve only experienced the level one rewards,’ he said. The screen showed ten buttons all assigned with a number between 1 and 10. ‘What kind of reward do you think you’ve earned just now?’

Amber shrugged.

‘Go ahead.’ He said. ‘You pick. But do remember that the higher the reward the more addicted you become.’

‘A seven?’ Amber said hesitantly.

‘A seven.’ Mike seemed quite surprised by his answer. ‘Most girls just pick the highest reward possible. So a seven is quite honest. I’m curious to know what you would be willing to do that you think is worth a ten.’

‘I don’t know.’ Amber said confused by his question.

‘Well we’ll figure it out.’ He said. ‘Go ahead, give yourself reward seven.’

Amber pressed her finger against his telephone screen and a moment later she started to feel high en euphoric. She melted into his arms, snuggled up against his body. So much satisfaction, so much happiness. Her pussy started twitching on the inside and a moment later she was orgasming in his arms. He held her tightly onto his lap and when she started trembling and convulsing and sliding away.

‘So,’ He said when her orgasm was fading. ‘Let’s turn your uniform off for a while.’ He pressed something on her phone and it was as if her mind exploded. Suddenly there were so much more thoughts possible, suddenly there were so much more feelings possible, it was as if she was unable to keep up with her own thinking. She shook her head trying to make sense of it all. She got up from his lap and shuffled back wards until she hit the wall. She was filled with shame and regret, but there was also anger and confusion.

‘How do you like your new uniform?’ He asked.

‘I…’ Amber didn’t know what to say. She hated it that he could control her like that, but she didn’t want to take it off either, the pleasure and that peaceful satisfaction, she wanted more of that, she had already become addicted. She didn’t want to become more addicted, and more depended.

‘I don’t think I want to work here anymore.’ She said.

‘You don’t?’ He asked, raising his eyebrows. ‘But you just signed a contract for three months. In three months we can renegotiate and you can quit if you like, but you first have to serve your contract. What’s changed? Why don’t you want to work here anymore?’

‘I… I just…’ Amber was stuttering, she didn’t quite know what she didn’t like, some of it had been really satisfying and fun. ‘The pain.’ She said. ‘I don’t like the pain.’

‘Well if you’re a good girl you don’t have to feel any pain sweetheart, then you’ll just get the rewards, you like the rewards don’t you?’

‘Maybe.’ Amber said.

‘I’ll see. Let’s keep your IQ down, and let’s suppress all the anger and anxiety for now, until you’re better adjusted.’ He programmed something on his phone and then Amber calmed down. It wasn’t all so bad here, she could serve out her three months.

‘Let’s show you your room.’ Mike said. She followed him downstairs. Guest sleep upstairs but personel sleeps in the basement,’ he explained. The basement looked more like a dungeon though, it was a dim lit hall way with cells on either side. Two of the cells were already occupied by women about her age, wearing a similar Maid’s outfit, they were sleeping on their beds.

‘Don’t I get to go home?’ Amber asked.

‘Sure you do. When you’re completely trained and I know I can trust you, then you’ll can go wherever you want on your days off, including back home, but for now this is your home. Think of it as a boot-camp.’

‘I don’t want to stay here.’ Amber said, her eyes filling with tears.

‘Now Amber.’ He said in a patronizing voice. He cupped her chin and force her to look at him. ‘I know this is all a bit confusing for you, so I’ll help you remember. If you go in there you’ll be considered a good girl and you get a reward, if not … well… there may be some uncomfortable consequences happening.’

Hesitant Amber stepped into the cell and watched as Mike closed the bars in front of her. ‘Now that’s a good girl.’ He said tapping his phone and a moment later Amber was feeling increasingly happy and overjoyed. Obeying brought her so much satisfaction, so much pleasure. Her head was spinning and she felt slightly dizzy. The other times the pleasures subsided after a while but this time the seemed to keep on lingering. It was hard to think, she was wavering and almost tumbled over. She stumbled towards the bed and sat down. What was happening? It was as if her uniform was making her fall asleep, could that be? It wouldn’t surprise her, her uniform controlled her, her uniform had infinite power over her. As she lied down on the bed the dizziness intensified, the room around her seemed to be spinning and twirling, there was a wish to surrender, to just give in, she was going cross eyed, her eyes rolling away, trying to close. She would surrender. She would surrender and obey. Surrendering and obeying just felt so good. That was the last thought that crossed her mind before she sank into a deep oblivion.

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