College sex party

This happened back in college my sophomore year. One night after partying at the bar we texted these two hot slutty freshman girls Amy and Ashley to come over for an after party. There were six horny drunk guys waiting for these girls, so we made a plan. We would get them really high and my buddy would start playing some gangbang porn.

When the girls arrived they were pretty drunk and very flirty with all the guys. Amy was real petite brunette 5’2 maybe 100 pounds great ass perky tits. Ashley was about 5’8 tall tan blonde with big tits and a nice thick ass. We got high and my buddy started playing porn on the big screen.

Amy was the known slut and had already slept with two guys there at the party. She was sitting next to Ashley on the couch, both girls started watching this girl get gangbanged. Amy looked at Ashley and said damn that looks hot. Amy then blurted out I would do a gangbang. My buddy sitting next to her said how about let’s gangbang both you girls. Amy looked around at all the guys and then looked at Ashley. Ashley looked real nervous, Amy said it’s just sex. Ashley then said ok I’m down.

The girls looked at each other and started to laugh. Amy whispered into Ashley ear, she then blurted out let’s see your dicks. My friends were naked in no time stroking our hard dicks. The girls watched for a moment then Amy and Ashley stood up and took off their clothes. They both were shaved and Ashley had these amazing tan lines. We moved the coffee table and had them sit on the couch while two guys licked licked their pussies they would swap sucking our dicks. Amy pussy was so tight and Ashley tasted amazing and was dripping and moaning.

They were both ready to get fucked and got doggy style. We took turns, I wanted to fuck Amy first. Her pussy was so tight. She moaned as I slowly pushed my dick all inside her. I was about to cum but wanted to fuck Ashley and pulled out and tagged my buddy to fuck Amy next. I was waiting in line to fuck Ashley when they guy fucking her said shit, then Ashley said it’s ok to cum in me I’m on the pill. He filled her up and I was next. Ashley pussy was so hot and wet when I put my dick inside her her leg shook and I could feel her cum on my dick. She grabbed my ass and I started to Jack hammer her pussy with cum dripping out making my balls slapping her clit. I didn’t hold back this time filled her up with a big load. I walked over to her face and she took my dick in her mouth and cleaned me off getting me hard again.

I think Amy got jealous because we were all taking turns finishing in Ashley. Amy wasn’t on the pill. I asked Amy if I could fuck her ass and cum in it. She gave a naughty grin and bent over. I slid my dick first in her pussy to get my dick wet. I then licked her ass and slowly worked the head of my dick inside her asshole. She was so tight and screamed when I had it all inside her. I fucked her slowly and didn’t last long and filled her ass with cum dripping out her asshole. My buddies then took turns on her asshole. We then asked if she wanted to try a DP and she said why not. It was so hot. Ashley took turns sucking us and keeping us hard as we destroyed Amy’s wet tight holes. Ashley then wanted to try but her asshole was too tight and it hurt her so we stopped on her asshole but tried two dicks in her pussy which we got to work a few times and she moaned.

The girls fucked for hours it felt like and left early the next morning. Amy became a regular gangbang girl we would call up. We did this a few times with different girls and only had one leave.

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