College Game Day – Part 2

The opening kickoff is made, and the guys focus on the TV. I feel relief, but my pussy is still wet and is begging to be fucked. As my mind wanders, I try to focus on the game.

I continue my role of angelic hostess during the first half of football. Refilling drinks for all of us, bringing more snacks. Everyone is drunk, including me. As the first half concludes, I stand up and bend over to pick up empty plates. This was an “accident”, but as I bend over, I can feel everyone’s eyes (including Mike’s) on my cleavage. My husband is feeling no pain and says, “If you’re going to show your tits that much, you might as well pull them out.” I scream his name and cover my exposure with my hand.

My husband stands up, and says, “It wasn’t a request. I’m sure Mike has always wondered what your tits look like.” My face is beet-red. My heart is pounding. I know what he plans to do – and he does it. Keeping me facing Dan and Mike, he unzips the back of my dress, pulls down the shoulders of my dress. I am standing in a new Victorias Secret bra from the waist up. My husband reaches around me, and starts to rub my tits, pushing them up, making my cleavage more pronounced as he does. He then releases my bra but doesn’t take it off. Instead, walks around me, sits down, and says, “Continue” as I face all three of them.

I think the shock has worn off Mike as he stares at me intently. I can see his growing cock through his jeans. Dan is far less bashful and is openly rubbing his cock through his jeans. I slowly remove the shoulder straps of my bra but keep the cups covering my tits. This is nerve racking, but I am drunk enough to not quite care. I slowly let the bra slide to the floor, with my hands covering my tits. Slowly, I remove my hands, and expose my tits to three men for the first time in my life. I feel my nipples get hard. I massage my tits and pull on my pink nipples making them harden even more. Mike is squirming in his chair. He is also rubbing his cock, and is clearly enjoys watching me play with my tits.

My husband says, “That’s enough. Take off the dress.” I do as I am told and remove my dress. “Now suck Mike’s cock.” He turns to Mike, and says, “You’re going to fucking love this” as Dan nods his head up and down with a big grin on his face.

I slowly and I hope seductively, walk toward Mike, I kneel before him. Mike is wide-eyed but does not attempt to stop me. I unclasp his belt, then unbutton, and unzip his jeans. I can feel the pressure of his cock against his jeans as he lifts his hips and I pull them down. He still has his underwear on, and I can see a wet spot of precum from his cock. I look up at Mike, and I only see lust. I pull down his waist band, and his enormous cock springs out. Holy shit he is packing. I had no idea. It has to be 8-inches or more, and thick. Oh my God. He is also perfectly groomed. His balls are shaved, with only a small amount of short pubic hair above his package. I look up to him and smile. He smiles back as if to say, “Yeah, I know.”

My husband and Dan are watching intently, as my husband says, “Can you handle that much cock?”
Dan says, “Yes, of course she can. Mike, has anyone ever deepthroated you?”
Mike says, “No, never.” Dan replies, “Today is your lucky fuckin’ day. Throat his cock, slut.” Mike is wide-eyed, and grinning. While I welcome the challenge, I think Dan may have over-sold by capabilities. I don’t think I can throat that monster, but I intend to find out.
To be continued…

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