College Foursome

This happened back in college. My girlfriend Chrissy and her sorority sister Amanda were over at my apartment with my good friend Sam. Chrissy had a beautiful face, tan 5’7 great ass and perfect tits. Her friend Amanda had a very pretty face maybe 5’5 but had huge tits and was known to be very slutty.

We got pretty drunk and somehow we were talking about strip clubs and how they wanted to go they had never been, so we headed to the club. It was so much fun with Chrissy, the dancers were all over her and we went back to champagne room and got a few private lap dances. After awhile we ran out of money and we’re pretty drunk and horny and decided to head back to home.

When we got back to my apartment my friend Sam and Amanda were sitting on the couch. Amanda was flirting with Sam and they started to make out. I was expecting Chrissy to pull me away to the bedroom but she came over to me and we started making out on the other couch. I looked over at Sam and he had Amanda’s shirt off was unbuttoning her jeans. I looked at Chrissy and asked if she was down and with a naughty grin she nodded her head.

We both looked over at Amanda and Sam, she was down to just her panties and he was fingering her. Chrissy stood up and stripped naked. I looked over and saw Sam and Amanda looking at her sexy body. By now both girls were completely naked. Amanda told Chrissy I think it’s the guys turn. We both stood up an were naked in no time. I was so hard and saw Amanda looking at my dick while my girlfriend was admiring Sam’s dick was so hot. We got both girls to sit next to each other while we ate their pussies. Chrissy was dripping wet. They started to make out while we ate them. Chrissy didn’t take long and had an orgasm and moaned like crazy. Amanda didn’t take long after that. We then swapped with the girls while they sucked our dicks. I saw Amanda look over to Chrissy and asked if she wanted to swap. She looked at me and I nodded it was cool. It was so hot watching my girlfriend suck another dick. Amanda was a pro as she sucked me and almost was about to cum.

The girls wanted to get fucked now. We got them doggy style. As I slid my dick in Chrissy pussy I had never felt her so wet. After while of fucking Chrissy had to go pee. I was jerking off watching Amanda and Sam fuck. Amanda looked over at me and said let me keep you hard and started to suck my dick as Sam was fuckjng her from behind. Chrissy then walks in and says damn that’s hot and watches us spit roast her friend. Sam and I swapped places. Amanda pussy was so hot and wet. Chrissy had enough and said it’s my turn. Sam and I spit roasted her. She moaned so loud when Sam put his dick in her pussy. I knew he wanted to fuck her bad anyways. After awhile Amanda said let’s suck their dicks side by side and let them cum on our faces. They both took our loads it was so hot.

We all crashed and the next morning, Sam had to leave early for work so I got both girls in the shower the next morning. This is 100% true story.

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