College Experiments—part 5 by MattTyler

Chapter 5

I woke up the next morning horny, hungry, and late for class. Zack was already gone…or had never come back. I had no idea which. I grabbed a towel and walked down the hallway for a quick shower, my brain swirling with images from yesterday. Three times I had cum yesterday—twice with a guy. What the fuck. As I lathered up, a lithe blond guy named Parker walked in and got under a shower head across from me. I caught myself staring at his ass and felt my dick getting longer and fuller between my legs. I briefly daydreamed about walking across the shower and putting my hand on that firm butt but stopped myself. “Steady, boy,” I muttered to myself as I left the shower. I swear Parker glanced between my legs as I walked past him. I quickly dried off and walked back down to my room; I passed Keegan in the hall, a really tall guy with curly black hair, great legs, and a nice bulge in the work out shorts he was wearing. After he passed he turned around and glanced back at me as I was opening my door. I came really close to inviting him to come hang out in my room but again restrained myself. I had become a total horndog in just a few days and was imagining sexual signals from every direction.

I’d always been horny, comes with being young, but now was thinking of sex with every cute guy that I saw. I was going to have to get a grip, I decided. Obviously I needed some pussy. That would do the trick. All during my first class I was thinking of April and how I was going to text her later. By my second class, though, my thoughts had drifted back to Shane. And Patrick. Guys whose dicks I’d just had in my mouth. And then guys whose dicks I wanted to see: Adam. And Ford. And Parker. And Keegan. And Zack. Fuck. I’d seen Zack’s dick plenty of times. But I wanted to see it hard. I imagined him fucking that girl but then the fantasy turned to Zack taking his dick out of her and putting it in my mouth. I pushed the image from my head. I’m sure I didn’t hear a thing my professors said that day. Shane texted me mid-morning but I didn’t answer. I was really trying not to think about penises.

As I walked down the sidewalk toward the cafeteria at lunch, thinking about cocks despite trying not to, I noticed a group of three girls staring at me and giggling; I realized that I was completely hard and that I had to be stretching my shorts considerably. I smiled at them and they smiled back as they walked past. Now that’s what I’m talking about, I thought to myself. I swiveled my head around to appreciate their asses as they walked away—one of the girls glanced back at me—it was a great view. I was imagining those asses lined up, waiting for me to pound them, when Shane entered my fantasy with his bobbing erection and slid it in each one of them, smiling at me the whole time. Damn, I was disturbed. I knew I still liked women but I had developed this complete obsession with naked guys.

I finally connected by text with April and she said to come by. Afternoon classes couldn’t be over fast enough and I made a beeline to her place. She basically ripped my clothes off at the door and we didn’t even make it to the bedroom. We had very little foreplay and then we fucked right there on the couch in her living room, me thrusting furiously and her moaning like she was possessed. As she arched up in an intense orgasm, I yelled fuck and pulled out and busted a huge nut on her tits just as her roommate and a guy I’d never met before came out of the bedroom. “You sound like animals in here,” her roommate said, laughing. “Right on, bro,” said the guy and he gave me a high five as they passed the couch and walked out the front door. I swear he looked at my dick. He was really hot, I thought. I cleaned up quickly and left April’s. Here I had just finished some great hot and sweaty sex with a fine girl but instead of thinking back on the pussy, I found myself wondering about the dude that was there. I didn’t know what to think about myself. Instead of relieving stress, the sex had made me more tense.

As I got close to my room, I realized I was a little bit satisfied but even more frustrated. The pussy obviously hadn’t accomplished my goal of pushing sex with guys out of my mind because the whole walk back I was thinking not only of April’s pussy, but of Shane’s cock slipping into that pussy. Damn. I entered the room and Zack was lying on his bed, studying. He glanced up at me and smiled.

“Hey, Zack, you stud!” I laughed as I gave him a high five. Damn. Made me think of mystery dude. “Tell me about it, man!” I said. I wanted to know. Zack and I had gotten close and I was dying to hear the details.

“I’ve been dying to tell you,” said Zack, “but you were out cold when I got back last night.”

“Yeah, busy day yesterday,” I said. And crazy, I added to myself. “Sorry I interrupted y’all.”

“No problem,” Zack said. “I forgot to lock the door. I got so horny when we started making out that I didn’t even think about you coming back.”

“So how’d that happen?” I asked. “Well, we’ve been talking for a few weeks, I guess. She’s the one I mentioned to you a week or two ago that I was hoping I might could get to know better.” “Yeah, I remember,” I said. “I think what you actually said, Zack, was that you wanted to see her boobs.” “Yep, that’s her,” Zack giggled. “Anyway, we were talking last night and I invited her up to study. Next thing I know, we were making out. She initiated it and I went with it.” “It obviously went pretty far,” I said, raising an eyebrow. “Yeah, crazy fast,” Zack said. “Didn’t have time to really think about it. We were kissing and I grabbed one of her tits and she didn’t move away. Next thing I know, her hand was down in my pants.” “No shit,” I said. “She grabbed your dick?” I felt mine move a little. “Yeah, man,” Zack said. “Before I even had her top off, she had my pants down. She sucked me for a bit and then stood up and dropped her clothes on the floor.” “No way,” I said. “Yeah, man, my dick was so hard I could barely stand it. We messed around for just a little bit more and then I rolled over on her and just slid it in her. She didn’t make me stop. She started moving and I started fucking. I know you’ve been with a lot of girls, bro. You ever just have your dick take control, man? Like you weren’t even thinking but your dick was totally running the show?”

If you only knew, I thought. My dick has exiled my brain.

“Yeah,” I said, “I definitely know the feeling.” “Well that’s what happened,” Zack said. “I just couldn’t stop fucking. Even when I heard the door, I couldn’t turn it off. I felt so damn good.” “That’s hot, Zack,” I said. “She seemed to be enjoying it when I busted in on y’all.” “She said she did,” Zack said. “I don’t know why I haven’t done that sooner. It was incredible.”

Yep, Zack had finally had a taste and was hooked.

“I know I should have used a rubber,” he said, “but I didn’t have one. Maybe it’ll be all right. I was caught up in the fucking and couldn’t pull out, you know?” “I know,” I breathed. “Well, I’m proud of you, roomie.” “Thanks, Travis,” he laughed. “I want to fuck her again tonight but she said she has to study.”

I was incredibly turned on by listening to his story. While Zack and I were talking, Shane had texted again asking if I wanted to pop over and hang out. I wanted to so bad but I was so confused by everything that had happened. So I replied that I had shit to do and that I’d talk to him tomorrow. ‘That’s cool’, he replied. When the boner I had from listening to Zack finally subsided, I hit the showers and went to bed. After the lights were out, I heard Zack jerking off again. I came very close to standing up and walking over to his bed but I restrained myself and drifted off to sleep. I dreamed, of course, of penises.

The next morning started off with a shower right at high-occupancy. There were at least six penises in the shower while I was and I kept having this fantasy of sucking all of them. Shit. I barely escaped the shower before a full-blown hardon developed. That afternoon Shane texted that his usual tennis practice partner was sick and that he needed me on the court. That was cool, I thought. I needed a little non-sexual exertion this week. I met Shane at the court and we talked for just a little bit before we started playing.

“Busy day yesterday?” Shane asked. “I couldn’t get you to answer me.” “Yeah,” I replied casually. “Busy.” “So, you asked about Jack the other night after you left,” Shane said. “I thought he was staying at his girlfriends and it surprised me when he came back.” “Y’all mess around?” I asked. “Not yet,” said Shane, smiling. “He’s a tough nut to crack. I think he wants it and he definitely likes sex. He’s like constantly fucking his girlfriend. I stay naked in the room a lot hoping to send a signal but he hasn’t quite made a move just yet.” It was amusing that Shane was confident that he would eventually get his roommate to have gay sex, as though anyone would with the right temptation. I wanted to comment on how hot Adam was, but restrained myself.

We hit the court and volleyed for a while and then played for about an hour and then took a break. “You ok, Travis?” Shane suddenly asked, not quite as breezily as usual. “Sure,” I said. I must have sounded hesitant because Shane said, “Bullshit.” “What do you mean, bullshit?” I asked.

Shane was direct, as always.

“I think you’re having some doubts about things,” he said. “I’ve been there.”

“Why do you say that?” I asked, genuinely interested in his opinion.

“You just seem a bit out of sorts. I knew when I had trouble reaching you yesterday that you were probably in that place I’ve been before where you’re wondering what the fuck is wrong with you for doing shit with guys.” I didn’t say anything. It’s like Shane was reading my mind. “Well, anyway, I think it’s normal,” Shane said quietly. I was silent for a bit longer. Shane sat patiently, waiting for me to collect my thoughts.

“Maybe it has bothered me a little,” I admitted. “What has?” asked Shane. “That you like sex and want to keep your options open?” Seemed like such a simple thought when he put it that way. “Yeah, I guess,” I said, and then was quiet for a minute more. “Or maybe it just seems fucked up that I think about guys more than girls lately,” I blurted out. Shane smiled, not maliciously. “Guys are hot, bro,” Shane replied, boiling it down with those four words. I couldn’t help but chuckle. “Yeah, they are,” I agreed. “I have a plan to help you get over your doubts,” Shane said. And he said it in a tone that was playful, mysterious, and concerned all at the same time. “A stiff dick is a great thing.” I found myself agreeing.

The clouds were piling in again just as they had earlier in the week and rain was threatening. “Let’s hit the showers,” said Shane. “The water pressure here at the tennis center is awesome.” And he smirked. I followed him to the locker room just inside the tennis building from the courts. They were deserted at the moment. Shane quickly peeled down and grabbed two towels from his duffel bag. He threw one to me. He threw his over his shoulder and walked towards the shower. I followed, admiring that muscular ass.

It was another community-style shower and we turned on adjacent shower heads and began enjoying the hot water. Shane was right about the water pressure. Not quite as comfortable, though, was the pressure in my groin. I had made the mistake of watching Shane soaping his body and was beginning to get hard. I tried to ignore it and to stare across at the empty side of the shower, hoping to bring my body under control in case someone else walked in. It startled me when I felt a hand grip my semi-erect cock. Shane was right there beside me under my shower and began stroking me. “Dude, what if someone comes in,” I said, pushing his hand away. “The team had practice this morning,” said Shane in a reassuring voice. “I just waited for you to be free this afternoon. And with the rain, it’s not like anyone else is coming to play.” He sounded so confident that I began to relax. The hot water was hitting my back and Shane’s strong hand was again grasping my erection, now full. “I fucking love your dick,” Shane said quietly as he tugged on it. He was hard as a rock, himself. He grabbed me and kissed me forcefully, our faces and mouths under the pouring water. Being with him was so hot. I felt his tongue forcefully fucking my mouth as I gasped for air. We kissed for what seemed a very long time, our hands exploring each others bodies under the steaming water. He had slipped around behind me and I felt his cock pressed against my ass. He was reaching around and stroking my dick still, slowly jacking me off as his lips now nuzzled my neck. His left hand was roaming over my stomach and chest, tweaking my nipples. My eyes were closed and I was leaning back on him, feeling an orgasm slowly begin to build as he jerked me a little faster. “Fuck,” I moaned. “Fuck yeah,” Shane answered.

I was lost in the moment. Reality came crashing back as I heard another shower turn on. My eyes opened and I began losing my erection as I realized that another guy had entered the shower while I was lost in the moment. Oh, fuck. What the fuck. Busted.

—To be continued

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