College Experiments—part 4 by MattTyler

-part 4—

Adam walked over to his bed and while his back was turned I looked at Shane, hooked a thumb towards Adam, and made a questioning face. Shane shook his head but grinned again. Adam was hot. Tanned and Mediterranean-looking. I’d met him just once in the few weeks Shane and I had been hanging out and now I was wondering what he and Shane did here in this room. I’d have to ask him later. Shane was still standing there naked, totally comfortable. I loved the masculine shape of his body. His calves were perfect, his thighs well-muscled, that big cock hanging against heavy balls, thin waist, rock-hard abs, nice pecs, killer smile. I realized Shane was watching me scope out his body and he flashed that smile. His dick was starting to swell again so he finally grabbed his underwear and slid them on just as Adam turned back around.

I shook myself out of my distraction. “Well, I’ll run while the storm has slacked,” I said, “thanks for letting me get out of the damn flood,” I said, trying to sound nonchalant. “Anytime,” said Shane. “Take it easy,” said Adam, as he began peeling off his wet clothes. Damn, I wanted to watch that, but figured that might seem too obvious so I left. I headed back to my dorm, feeling both incredibly satisfied and yet quite horny. I wondered again if Shane and Jack had ever had sex. How could any guy not think about sex with Shane around, I wondered? Damn. About that time, my phone buzzed. The text was from Shane and it just said, “I know what you’re wondering. We haven’t. I don’t think he’s into that.” Shit, he could read my mind. “Too bad,” I replied.

I was still thinking about Shane and his hot mouth on my cock when I got to my dorm. It’d started raining harder again. I opened the door to my room and immediately was met with the sight of Zack’s ass pumping away between a pair of legs on his bed in the far corner. The girl was moaning. “Shit, I’m sorry,” I said. Zack was startled but smiled as he looked over his shoulder and saw me. She was fairly cute, what I could see of her. I thought I recognized her from my English class. She giggled. “No problem,” said Zack. I stepped back out and closed the door as he started thrusting again. I was proud of my roomie. Finally getting some pussy. Damn, I was getting really horny again. I briefly considered stepping back in the room to ask if I could help Zack bang his chick. What the fuck was I thinking? No, that wouldn’t be cool. What was wrong with me? I was becoming a total horndog. I listened at the door for a moment and heard Zack and the girl moaning and heard the bed rattling. Damn. I was so horny I couldn’t stand it.

It was fairly quiet on my floor, but it was a week night and I figured some were trapped at the library by the rain. With not many people around, I considered heading to the shower to jerk off. I had to do something. But that wouldn’t work…I didn’t have a towel and hated to go back in the room and interrupt Zack. I was still standing outside my room, deep in thought, staring at my phone, considering calling April and asking if I could come back over there and bang her when I heard my name. I looked up from my phone to see who had spoken. Patrick , who lived two doors down from me, was standing at his door in a towel, obviously just back from the shower. He was grinning at me. As he unlocked his door he asked, “Forget your key, dude? You’ve been standing there like you’re lost.” Patrick was hot. He had brown curly hair cut fairly short, a nice face, dark eyes, and a killer body. He was medium height like me but built a little bigger than me. Muscular but lean. A baseball player build. We’d talked in passing the way you do with dorm mates, but I didn’t know him all that well. I did know he usually had a parade of women in and out of his room, as did his roommate, Ford. I smiled, “No, got my key but Zack is busy with some chick at the moment.” I stressed the word busy. Patrick laughed. “Good for him. Come hang for a minute,” he said and went in his room.

I walked down to his door and stepped into his room. “You studying tonight?” I asked. “Nah,” he said. “Just chillin’. Ford’s on a trip with the business club so I was thinking about watching some porn.” He laughed again. “Hot, man. No chicks tonight?” I asked. “Nah, nothing lined up at the moment,” he grinned again, flashing a sexy white smile. “So, Zack’s getting laid,” he said. “Attaboy. Storms always make me horny, too.” He was bending over looking in a cabinet and his ass was gripped tightly by the thin striped towel he was still wearing. He had that same easy, confident, sexual energy that Shane had. “Yeah, me too,” I admitted, adjusting the uncomfortable bulge in my sweats. He turned around with a DVD he’d found in the cabinet. His towel was a bit stretched in the front in a very enticing way. “Push that door closed while I pop this in,” he said. I complied and he pointed towards Ford’s bed. “Make yourself comfortable, bro. If you got time.” I sat down on Ford’s bed. He put the DVD in and an image of a big-titted blonde giving a blowjob came on the screen, advertising a 1-800 sex line. I guess he’s inviting me to watch porn with him, I thought. Well, ok then.

As he sprawled back on his bed he said, “Zack get laid often?” “Not really,” I said. I didn’t tell him that Zack was a virgin—or had been a virgin before tonight. Figured that was Zack’s business. “Did you see her? Is she hot?” he asked, making typical guy conversation. “I walked in on them and backed out quickly,” I said, “but she did look cute.” “Gotcha. So they were going at it when you opened the door?” Patrick was full of questions. “Yep, he was pounding away,” I said. “Made me proud,” I chuckled. “Damn, that’s hot,” he said. The movie had started and one cheerleader was getting undressed by two football players. My mind wandered to me and Shane and April and my bulge got even more uncomfortable. I shifted on the bed. Patrick said, “You’ve got to have a signal, you know, like the old sock on the doorknob or whatever.” I laughed. “What do y’all use?” I said. “I see girls leaving here all the damn time.” Patrick laughed. “Well, a blue post-it means ‘Don’t interrupt’.” “Gotcha,” I said. “I’ll be looking for the post-it.” “But lately it doesn’t matter,” he added nonchalantly. “What d’ya mean?” I said, glancing over at him. “Sometimes we take care of business whether one of us is gone or not. I mean, if I get horny enough and there’s a girl sleeping over, it’s not like I’m going to ask Ford to leave his own room in the middle of the night.” That got my attention. I was intrigued but cautious. He was looking at me and I swear he was gauging my reaction. “I hear ya,” I said simply. “What about you?” he said. “You’re a good-looking guy. You get much action?” I thought of recent events and said, “Yeah, I get my share.” “Cool,” he said, “Good for you. You ever fuck a chick with Zack in the room?” Damn, this was an interesting line of conversation. “No,” I said. “Most of my sex is off campus. There’s a girl I know with an apartment.” “That’s convenient,” he said. I was beginning to really enjoy this conversation. Patrick had a free, easy way about him and it was obvious he enjoyed talking about sex.

On the TV the blonde cheerleader was now naked and one of the football players, naked except for his pads, was slowly inching his curved cock inside her while she blew his friend. I was starting to get really antsy. “Look at those tits,” Patrick said. “Damn.” I was looking at the tits, and they were hot. But I realized I was more excited by the big dick the cheerleader was sucking. As if on cue, Patrick said, “And look at her suck that dick.” I glanced over at Patrick discreetly and saw that he’d pitched a full-blown tent in his towel. An impressive tent. I got bold and continued his line of conversation…”so, you fuck a lot with Ford in the room? Is that awkward at all?” “It was a little weird the first time, man,” he replied. “We’d always used the signals before and stayed out of each other’s way. Then one night this girl and I were a little drunk and both fell asleep on my bed. She woke me up in the middle of the night rubbing my dick. Ford was in his bed so I tried to get her to wait, but she wouldn’t. Dude, if a hot chick keeps rubbing your dick, there’s only one thing you can do. I finally rolled over and fucked the shit out of her. I noticed in the middle of it that Ford was watching. I’ll admit I kind of got off on knowing he was watching. The next night, he had a girl stay over and he did the exact same thing. Just got naked and went at it with her. It was almost unbearable watching them without joining in. So hot, man.” I was stunned for a moment by this sexy story from somebody I barely knew. “Like having a live porn show,” he added, glancing over at me.

“So…did you join in?” I asked, finally. “Not that night,” he grinned mischievously. Without even realizing it, I’d been rubbing my bulge through my sweats while listening to his story and watching the sex on the screen. I saw him watching my hand and realized what I was doing and stopped. I think he took that as a signal because then he said, “I can’t stand it. I’ve got to relieve this pressure.” He opened his towel unleashing his massive boner that was pointing straight up towards the ceiling. It was the biggest erection I’d ever seen outside a porn movie. I stared at it. Patrick laughed…”Dude, you’re not going to make me feel weird being the only one with their cock out, are you?” I couldn’t believe this was happening. Might as well go with the flow. “I see why the chicks are in here all the time, dude,” I said. “I mean, damn. What the fuck is that thing?” I teased trying to appear cool while secretly wanting to touch it. Patrick laughed a low laugh. “Some are actually scared of it,” he said. “I’ll bet you can sympathize, based on that bulge,” he said. I knew mine was pretty big, but not quite like his. “Mine’s alright,” I said. I was getting into this and feeling less nervous. Patrick had started stroking, watching the action on the screen. He glanced back over at me. “Relax,” he said. “Whip it out. No judgement. Don’t you like the porn?” “Hell yeah, I like the porn,” I said. And I did. “I just haven’t jacked with another dude before.” But I slipped my sweats down. “Really?” Patrick said, genuinely surprised. “Me and my best friend jerked off together all the time in high school.” And so I pushed my underwear down and my hard-on sprang out. “Yep, you’re horny,” he said. If you only knew, I thought. “Horny as fuck, actually,” I said. “I started something I didn’t get to finish earlier.” He raised an eyebrow at me as he continued to stroke. “Well, finish it now, bro,” he said casually.

On the screen, the blonde had switched positions and was now being fucked from behind by the jock-strap guy while she sucked the guy with the pads. He was working her tits with his big hands. I sat down on Ford’s bed with my sweats and underwear around my ankles. I was horned and no longer at all hesitant, so I pulled my shirt off. I started stroking. I was thinking with my dick and not with my brain and I was throwing caution to the wind. The porn was hot but I kept glancing at Patrick and his hot body and huge dick. That was hotter. I caught him glancing over at me. He winked. “So, you and Ford share girls or just watch?” I was hot and bothered and wanted to pursue that conversation further. “Both,” he said. “Either, I mean, depending on the girl.” “That’s hot, dude,” I said. “You think so?” Patrick grinned. “You seemed a little shy. Didn’t know if you’d be into that.” I chuckled, “I guess I am a little shy at first, but it’s hot banging a chick with a friend.” “You’ve done it?” Patrick asked, clearly intrigued. “A couple of times,” I said. “What’s the hottest thing about it to you?” Patrick asked, stroking a little faster. I didn’t want to say “seeing a naked guy”—didn’t know yet just where Patrick stood—so I said, “honestly, seeing your friend get off. That’s just cool.” “Fuck yes,” Patrick said. He rolled up on his side facing me. Damn, he was hot. He had a trail of hair from his navel to his pubes almost like an arrow pointing to that huge cock. Brawny was the word that came to mind when I looked at his body. Damn. “So you like seeing a guy get off?” he smiled. I hesitated….”well, that’s not exactly what I…” he didn’t look he was judging me…”well, yes. Yep, I do,” I admitted, stroking my cock. I started rubbing my balls with my other hand. He licked his lips and watched me stroke. “You know, it’s even hotter to MAKE another guy get off.” And he looked me in the eyes. I kept stroking. “To make a bud cum,” he said, watching my reaction. I stared at him. Then I decided to go for it. I stood up, kicked out of the sweats that were at my ankles and walked over to his bed, my erection pointed straight at him. “Sounds good to me, man,” I said.

Patrick grinned that sexy grin and sat up on the edge of his bed. “You are fucking hot, man,” he said to me. “I watch your ass in the shower.” Now that was a compliment, coming from this stud. And with that, he grabbed my ass and pulled my hips to him. He slipped his mouth down over my cock. I was so horny I just went from instinct and started thrusting my dick into his mouth. I couldn’t believe that for the second time tonight my cock was in a guy’s mouth. And Patrick was totally into it. He grabbed my ass with his meaty hands and was guiding me in and out of his hot mouth. Damn. I looked down and he was looking up at me as he sucked me. His boner was stretching up between his legs as he sat there and I suddenly wanted to feel him in my mouth. I put my hands on his brawny shoulders and pushed him back on the bed. I maneuvered myself over him, his mouth never leaving my dick, and got to where I could 69. I slid my mouth over his big rigid penis and I was hooked. It had been so fucking hot with Shane because he was my friend, but this was almost as hot and I really didn’t even know Patrick. There was some thrill in that, I admitted to myself. His erection was so big I was choking, but I was on top so I was able to control how much I took in at once. I was thrusting into his warm willing mouth and slobbering on his pole at the same time and it was incredible. Stretched out in front of me were his powerful legs. I rubbed them with one hand while the other grabbed his heavy balls. I felt his hands kneading my lower back and ass. The licking of his tongue on my shaft as I thrust downwards was incredible. His strong hands grabbed me around my waist and turned me on my side so that he could lie on his side, as well. I continued to suck on that huge prick, amazed at how damn hard it was. Of course, I was fucking rigid myself. Patrick took his mouth off me for a minute and moaned. “Damn, Travis. Fuck yes. Suck my fucking cock.” And I did. And he went back to work on mine. After a couple more minutes of ecstasy, he pulled out of my mouth and got up on his knees on the bed. He pulled me up. We started kissing, his tongue fucking my willing mouth. He pulled us close together, grinding our cocks together. He was stroking both of us, my big penis on top of his even bigger one. Rubbing our cocks together. My hands were everywhere on his phenomenal body, but then I focused on that area between his asshole and his balls, rubbing with my finger while he jerked us off. I kissed his neck. His breathing was ragged. “I’m getting close,” he said. I could feel my nuts churning, as well. “I want you to fucking cum on me, fucker,” I said. “Fuck yeah,” he muttered, kissing me aggressively. My dick was getting raw rubbing on his rock hard shaft with his hand wrapped around both. But it felt incredible. And in the corner of my mind, I imagined Shane walking in on us and got even harder, if that was possible. “Holy shit,” he said as he threw his head back. I looked down and saw him begin shooting his load, gobs of cum flying everywhere between our legs. I felt his hot load on my dick as his now slick hand continued to rub and I lost it. “FUCK”, I grunted as my dick began jerking, shooting a massive amount of cum onto his abdomen and cock. I was surprised I had that much left in me. “Damn,” he whispered, and then grinned that grin. He kissed me, his hands now gently tickling my cock and my hands rubbing his muscular ass.

With a last quick kiss and slap on my ass, he got up off the bed and walked over to the sink. I was motionless, still on my knees, watching his muscular frame and cute ass as he washed his hands, not believing this had just happened. He turned back around, his huge cock still semihard. “Holy fuck,” I said, shaking my head. “What?” he looked at me. “I just wasn’t expecting this,” I said. “Well I’m glad you were standing around in the hallway with a boner, dude.” “What?” I asked, surprised. “Yeah, man,” the whole way up the hall from the shower I was watching you stand there looking at your phone and I could see the big bulge in your sweats. Made me want to invite you in.” I had no idea it was that obvious. “Well, let’s just say I’m glad you did, Patrick.” He tossed me a washcloth to clean up all the cum that was drying on my abdomen, balls, and dick. I was nearly soft now, but my penis still hung heavy between my muscular thighs and I noticed Patrick was watching me clean it. “Pop down anytime, man,” Patrick winked, still standing there naked in front of his sink. “Think I’ll be around occasionally,” I said. And I meant it. I slipped back on the clothes I’d borrowed earlier from Shane, told Patrick to take it easy, and walked back down to my room. I knocked on the door and didn’t get a response, so I went in. Zack must have walked the girl back to her dorm, because the room was empty. I was spent. I slipped off my clothes, laid down on my bed, and must have gone straight to sleep….


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