Claiming Her by xelzsi

The first visit to Johnny and his sister Alexa was entrenched in my brain. I was only a young adult, 19 at the time, innocent and full of passion for books, literature, and everything related to art. And so I thought was the motive behind my so called ‘bookworm partners’, until, well, a particular event happened which turned my whole life upside down

Johnny and Alexa were playing a game: One person acts a scene in any book of his liking, and the other person has to guess the name of the book. If that person wasn’t able to guess the name of the book, then he has to commit to a forfeit. Now I had been newly introduced to the family, so I wasn’t used to their fetishes, or ‘games’ as they call it.

And so it was that Alexa, handed over the privelidge by Johnny, acted a scene which I presumed to be part of a Shakespearen play.

She busts into the room, wearing only a vintage-looking cloth around her body. She looks at both of us, then climbs a low-hanging closet, only to throw herself down right after. Boom. She was now laying on the ground, one hand laid sideways and the other reaching upwards.

Ophelia, I thought to myself. I had instantly knew where she came from, but her brother Johnny didn’t, unfortunately.

“You have one chance” Alexa said as she jumped back up and sat on Johnny’s lap, straddling him. I looked at them confusedly, but they looked very comfortable with each other.

“First letter of the first word?” Johnny asked

“H” Alexa replied before continuing, “More hints for your uneducated ass: It’s a centuries-old play”. She said as her hands pressed forward on Johnny’s shoulders

Johnny, unable to give an answer, sat there in a hopeless stare.

“Forfeit?” Alexa asked her brother

“I give up” Johnny concluded

She slowly forwarded in front of his, whispering: “Shame on you Johnny. It’s Ophelia from Hamlet, which is one of the most recognisable plays in the world.”

“I KNEW IT!” Johnny yelled back

“Will you do the forfeit” Alexa asked

“If you insist. What is it?” Her brother replies

“I dare you, while we watch, to do the same thing I watched you doing earlier… in front of her!”

“Who’s her?” I asked, but received no reply

Johnny looks at me and lets out a light giggle before getting up and kneeling down infront of a poster of a pornstar, which I presumed to be Riley Reid, and then pulling his jeans & boxers off.

I squirmed in my spot. My eyes popped out and I wanted to leave the room, but Alexa had said earlier that she wanted me to watch Johnny with her. They play very weird fucking games for a brother and sister, i thought to myself.

From my spot, I couldn’t see Johnny stroking his dick, but what I could see was his hand moving very quickly, and I could also hear the sound of his heavy breathing. What confused me the most however was how comfortable Johnny was fapping in front of a guest and his sister. His dick was growing progressively since he started fapping, and Alexa was watching him like a hawk. She then looked at me and smiled, before kneeling down beside him and slipping her hand under the hem of his shirt, driving it up to reveal his butt.

As Johnny finished rubbing one out, he pulled his pants up and left the room, only to leave me with Alexa alone. She stared at me for 15 seconds, which I felt to be 15 hours, but after it was over, she looked back again at the poster, and to my surprise at the time, licked it fully as her brother’s cum was dripping from it. She slowly turned her head towards me smirking. At that moment, I knew that I don’t have any business doing anything here, and I quickly excused myself out of their house.

What a fucking weird pair of people, I thought to myself as I left. They were fun though, so I wasn’t prepared to completely abandon them.

The next day, Johnny and I have lunch at the nearby deli, and he starts the conversation by asking me:

“Aren’t you turned on yet?”

“What the actual fuck dude? What is it you want me to say?” I replied, genuienly fed up. That was so weird. I liked them for their art-loving part, not for their incestuous part, nor in a sexual way, although I had a picture of Alexa as a wallpaper on my phone, but that was only because I saw her as hot, nothing more.

“Nothing. I was just asking you a question.” Johnny replied in a regretful manner

“Why do you let her do such things to you? I saw her look at you as if you wanted to tear her apart” I asked him

“Funny of you to assume I don’t want to do this” He replied

“Your relationship, as brother and sister.. It’s so weird” I told him

He laughed back, and we continued our lunch talking about a completely different subject.

For a while, it seemed as if there won’t be anymore weird games, until that one damned day. Alexa had on a short black dress with black sheer stockings that reached all the way to her thighs, black kitten heels, and cherry lipstick. It seemed as if she was dressed for an occasion, only we were just playing cards. After a few games where I beat her quite roughly, she had given up, only for her brother to break into the door and fall on the ground, pieces of wood flying all over the place. We got genuienly worried at first, until we realised it was another game of forfeit, and she laughingly asked: “What book?”

“Criminal attemps to break in, only to fail miserably. We read it as kids” Johnny replied. “You too Andrew” He continued

“ME?!?!?! WHAT I HAVE DONE?” I Yelled

“Name the book, or play the forfeit” He replied

I desperately looked Alexa for her to help me, only for Johnny to whisper into my ear a few seconds later: “TIME’S UP!”

“WHAT!? I didn’t even have time to answer!” I was screaming at that point. I didn’t know what to do, I thought as I moved my hands to cover my face out of shame.

“What’s the forfeit?” Alexa asked

Johnny took a deep breath before starting, “Because I’m not a sadist, and I want all of us to have fun, I want you both to make love in front of me”

Oh no, I thought to myself, sighing out loud. Alexa was hot and all, but I had to get out of here, no matter how. These people are fucking weird. I removed my hands out of my face, and I was about to speak until:

“Where?” Alexa said laughing

“Here” Johnny replied

“Ok” Alexa said getting up, starting to take her heels off. Of course, the first thing I did was to give a random excuse: “Welp, my phone’s ringing, I gotta go answer” I said getting up and darting out of the room, only to have Johnny running and yelling after me “Andrew!!!!”. Their house was huge, and I think I entered some bathroom before I heard Johnny calling from right outside the door: “This is silly. Come out of there” . I had texted my mom, pleading for help while in the bathroom, and my phone stayed with me in my pocket.

I slowly peeped out, checking to see if Alexa is there. She wasn’t, so I took a victory breath and went out. As I walked towards him, he suddenly jumped in on me, jumpscaring me and pushing me backwards, where I felt a weird thing rubbing on my back.

I look back, and it was, guess what! A naked Alexa, frowning at me, which jumpscared me again and caused me to charge forwards, only to get my armys caught by Johnny, and he was stronger than me, so I was unable to resist.

He was really tough with me, so I pleaded with him: “Dude, I’m not violent, nor am I going to resist. Chill a bit!”

“Ok, then shut up and stay where you are” He said, softening his grip but still holding me by my arms

A naked Alexa then slowly approached me. Her pussy hair was in full effect, it was not little, but it was not too much. Just the perfect amount between these two slender legs of her. Mmmm. She’s hot, I concede, but why the fuck am I doing this?

“You know Andrew, you’re not being very gallant. Is the prospect of making love to me so hateful?” She frustradely asked me as her face got really close, our foreheads even touching.

My phone in my pocket at the time beeped. Alexa quickly pulled it out, “No phone” She warned, like a strict teacher , but just as she saw my wallpaper, the corners of her lips turned upwards “How sweet. You have a picture of me as your wallpaper.”

“What’s up?” Johnny said taking hold of my phone and looking at the wallpaper. He laughed.

I felt very embarassed, and I couldn’t wait till it was over.

Alexa then quickly, and passionately, started taking off my jeans, her tits rubbing on my bare legs as she did so. She then proceeded to pull down my boxers, letting my cock spring out and slap her cheeck, making her laugh. It got progressively harder as she held it in her hand. She first started by letting the tip of her tongue slide from my balls all the way to head of my cock.

She then continued to do the same thing, only licking from different angles, like iceream, until she finally put hers lips right above my head and gave it a small kiss. She then pulled her mouth far away and looked at me giggling while her hand still wrapped around my cock, which made me squirm with anticipation honestly. I actually liked it, and felt pleasure.

She then opened her lips and wrapped it around the head of my cock, looking at me and starting to count. 3, 2, 1, and then she rapidly sunk her head down my manhood making her gag, her saliva showering my cock.

“Oh shit, Alexa” I decided to update her that I actually liked what she was doing, and wanted to continue, as opposed to earlier. I leant my head backwards, closing my eyes as she engulfed my cock.

“Does this make you happy?” Alexa asked

“I love this babe” I told her, opening my eyes to look at her reaction

“Why are your eyes open? Just sit back and enjoy” She said winking

I then proceeded to close my eyes but not before I had taken hold of her head and pushed it downward to my cock. Her hands moved from my thighs up to my balls, playing with them.

“I’m going to cum” I warn Alexa as I almost feel like I’m going to pass out from pleasure

She pulls out and then proceeds to lay down on the ground. This is all while her brother Johnny stands by watching us. I was leaning on the table then, so after a few deep breaths to recover, I laid on top of her, my forearms resting on the sides of her head to support myself, and my cock rubbing her thighs.

After a few seconds of adjusting my head sideways of her, we were able to basically glue ourselves together, our groins crushing each other and my hands grabbing on each of her tits. “You’re going to have to help me here” I whisper into her ear as she smiled.

She helped guide my cock into her pussy, and she moaned right at the beginning, when I had barely entered inside her. She let out a small gasp, probably from the initial contact. She was a virgin, I later found out. Her leg slowly raised itself, wrapping around mine to make sure I buckle real close to her.

As I more deeply introduce my cock into her pussy, I could feel her blood smother my manhood. Finding out I had just broke her hymen, I picked up speed out of nowhere, alarming her, and making her unable to do anything but scream. Her arms were wrapped around me, nails digging onto my back. My hand moved to the top of her head, melting in her hair.

I continued my ferocious assault on her pussy, going deeper with each thrust. I felt like I was going to cum, but I didn’t warn her, wanting to hear her ‘surprised’ moans that I loved so much. My cock then softened up and injected shot after shot of boiling cum into the hot tunnels of her pussy. I felt like her pussy was wrapping around my manhood at that time, declaring my cock as its ownership.

I pulled out and got up, staring at her as her brother Johnny knelt down beside her and touched her pussy. What did he see on his fingers? Blood, the confirmation. They smiled at each other and he left.

I did the same thing, only this time she received me with something that she would never offer her brother:

She sat halfway up, her arms wrapped around me in a romantic embrace, my spasming cock in front of her spasming pussy. I could see passionate tears forming out of her eyes. My hands, tainted in blood, could no longer control their movements. They went right up to her face as she passionately engaged my lips with hers, crying loudly as she did so, a signal of our newly formed love.

We then quickly went to her room, where we spent the night. Shortly, we had another round of sex, only she was on top, riding my cock.

As she did so, she whispered into my ears, confirming my thoughts:

“Andrew, my love. My first Love” before she pulled me into another kiss.

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