Chronicles of Brian And Krissy NO.1 by shad0walker

Brian:-relaxes by the pool catching to catch some rays before his son’s bimbo girlfriend comes to see him…»hope she gets late or something…i love being naked….

Kristina: – arrives at her boyfriend’s house and rings the bell. When he doesn’t answer she begins to walk around to the back pool, looking straight at his father’s fat naked body. Meeting his eyes with an embarrassed look “oh gosh!”

Brian :-opens his eyes and sees his soon to be daughter-in law staring at him……but doesn’t even flinch….and just stays there…as he holds up a lotion “hey sweetie would you mind applying this on my back….?”

Kristina: – blushes and chews her lip. Feeling a bit embarrassed but nodding willingly “oh.. ummmm suuure.. I guess I can! Do you know when Matt will be here?” gets down behind him and reaches a bottle of lotion

Brian:-smiles as he grins to himself…knowing that his son won’t be back for 3 days… “Ohm he will be here for dinner…” …he looks at you grinning and takes a risk….”did you know the lotion is best applied with a naked pair of tits?”

Kristina: – stops rubbing her hands across his back for a moment while speaking in a surprised voice “oh what? Really? So it is some kind of special lotion? It is oily… I um… I am really worried it will get on my clothes too so… I… I guess it’s all right…” blushing a bit but naively believing it to be true.

Kristina: – tugging off her tight top and letting her huge bimbo tits bounce free against his back, applying a generous amount of on them, dumping it into her cleavage before pressing them against his back and swirling them around “like… Like this?”

Brian :-bites his lip as he feels the big fat tits on his back rubbing…..his cock getting harder by the minute….”mmm yes that’s right do it slowly….only then will that special lotion properly gets bonded to my skin… don’t be afraid to squirt some more if you feel the lubrication is not enough….”

Kristina: – smiles happily as she is just excited to help out, rubbing her tits around on the fat man “oh I see! Well… You do have a big back so I better make sure to use enough!” pours more out and accidentally dumps the entire bottle over her huge perky tits “oh whoops!

Brian:-looks back and smiles at your little mishap… “Quick get on top of me and rub all of that my front…so we can use it and not let it go to waste… “…he stands you up and lays down waiting for you to lay on top of him…

Kristina: – quickly gets up with a worried face and gets on him “oh gosh! I’m such a klutz! i hope it wasn’t really expensive!!” she looks into his eyes with a worrying look on her face while eagerly trying to minimize the damage by swirling her huge round titties all over him

Brian:-smiles it’s okay love long as you manage to get it all over me….and if there is any remaining ill rub it all over you…” he watches you frantically trying to rubs her tits all over him….trying to get as much lotion as she can rubbed into his skin..

Kristina: – smiles in relief while rubbing all over him. doing it so eagerly she doesn’t even notice how she’s grinding her leg back and forth along his cock and practically jiggling her titties in his face “oh good!! Um… i guess. Um… it would be okay if you rubbed the oil on me with your hands so i can keep working on you!!” not even realizing she just gave her bf’s father full permission to grope her tight young body

Brian:-smiles as wraps his arms around your body feeing every inch pretending to rub the lotion all over body. she spends a noticeable amount of time rubbing the lotion around your butt and long legs………… he rubs the lotion around your inner thighs…as slowly inches his hands closer and closer to your pussy….”spread your legs wide a bit love I can’t get my hands in there….”

Kristina :- climbs on top of him closer, not being able to avoid stuffing her huge round tits in his face while clinging to his fat hairy belly, looking at him with a naive and happy expression while spreading her legs even wider for him “oh um.. Like this???”

Brian:-smiles as he takes two fingers and rubs lotion on your slit paying special attention to your clit…getting that well rubbed and hard…»Krissy there is too much lotion in my hand …..Just for your body…I think I’ll have to put some lotion in you as well…”he says as he parts your pussy lips with his fingers….

Kristina: – squeaks out as your fingers spread aparts her pink and fresh young pussy “oh gosh.. Really?? i never knew that was a thing! Um… well… I guess I really don’t want to get sunburnt down there….” chews her lips and keeps her legs spread open for you, her oily tits stuffed up into your face

Brian:-smiles as he buries 2 fingers up to his knuckles into her pussy… with his thumb still rubbing on her clit…”ohm yes if you get sunburnt there it will make having sex very pain full so it’s better to be protected…”…as he starts to push his fingers in and out of your pussy

Kristina: – looks at him and gets up on her knees, letting him reach around from the back while spreading her legs willingly wider. Her juicy round ass pressed up against his hips “oh gosh no! I don’t want that!! Um here… Does this position make it easier?” letting out a soft moan as those chubby sausage fingers go in and out

Brian:-smiles….”yes much better”… he works his fingers in and out of your pussy for a while his other hand rubs lotion on your tummy…he shakes his head after a while….”my fingers won’t reach deep enough enough…i might have to use my cock… quick rub your tits on my cock to get lotion over them….”

Kristina: – looks up at you in surprise with her naively innocent eyes, wrapping her huge tits around you without even thinking. Forming a soft slippery fucktunnel with them while looking up at you with pretty blue eyes… “Oh gosh! Um here… Like this?” she chews her lips while thinking “um god.. i guess it’s all right… um… it’s for the better.. Right?? Do you have a condom though? Me and matt always uses them!”

Brian :-smiles as his hard cock…gets slid between those beautiful tits….”he looks at you…and shakes his head…”it is not good to use a condom with this lotion….it will take away its protecting power love… get my cock thick with that lotion case it will have to apply it all over you pussy walls”

Kristina :- looks a bit worried at the idea of doing it raw for the first time in her life ever but continue to work the oil into his cock while looking up into his eyes “oh gosh… um i guess it’s okay… I know matt wouldn’t want me to get burnt down there either! Umm there’s a lot of oil left down there.. hum I have an idea!!” she gathers up some oil with her hand and slurps it up, putting her lips to the tip and slowly drippling the oil down his shaft, kissing the tip of his cock

Brian:-fights very hard not to moan…but bites it down…. “ohhh that is a great idea love use your mouth on my cock head to get lotion in to it… so i can shoot it into your pussy while I’m in there…”…me grins at you…. “That way i can be very sure than no matter what happens your pussy will never get burnt….”

Kristina: – looks up happily at you as you praise her idea, sitting back, freeing your cock from her tits as she gathers up all the oil she can and fills her mouth before beginning to go down on your fat cock while drooling oil all over it “mffpgh.. like.. slrpp.. thissh..mfhp??” talking with her mouth full of cock while looking up at you with an eager expression

Brian :-nods as he grabs a fistful of your hair…and helps you work the lotion on his cock…”yes that is very good wow you are very good at this…maybe you should make a career out of putting lotion on men…you would make a lot of money…..”…..he grins as he watches the lotion mixed with her saliva…..drip from his balls…

Kristina :- looks up with an eager and happy expression, slurping and slurring on your slick oiled up cock, covering it with her bubbly drool instead of oil at this point, looking up into your eyes she pulls her mouth off with a loud pop and rubs the cock all over her mouth and face “Really!? You think so??? And um… yeah i have a lot of practice doing um this!! Let me show you what i can do!! I’m sure its even better for spreading oil!!” without hesitation she forces her pink young mouth down on your cock in one go. Wrapping her puffy lips around your base while looking up at you. Keeping eye contact at all times to see if you are impressed as she begins to pump up and down with tip to bottom bobs. Fucking her mouth and throat on you like an oral pussy

Brian :-groans….”ohhh my you are very good… No one has been able to take my cock down her throat up to the hilt so far you are a very talented young lady…. Too bad you are wasting your talents on a man like my son…. when i could uses those talents you have to make you a superstar on the INTERNET….”…. he grunts as he tries to hold back the orgasm that is building

Kristina: – looks up and bobs a few more times before pulling off it again “huuuuh?? Superstar?? Um I guess you are right… I didn’t think his father would be *this* much bigger…” rubs it against her pink puffy mouth while looking up at him “um so it’s all oily now! I guess.. I should get on top now.. Right??”

Brian :-grins as he nods looking serious…”yes get on top and sit on it and then start to bounce on it like you are riding a horse that way… The lotion will get rubbed well in your pussy walls…….and protect it from harmful rays…..”. He looks at your lotion covered puffy lips..” and kiss me while you do…you have too much lotion on your lips you can share it with my lips as well….”

Kristina :- smiles and excitedly gets on top and carefully threads her pink delicate lips around your head and slides back on you while looking down into your eyes. Spreading her young and tight fresh 19 year old pussy down on you before leaning down to make out with your fat lipped mouth. “ouhh gosh… all… all right,,, slurps… aumf

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