Christmas special

Its soon christmas so i was thinking ill write a story about this nice time i hope this is a good story while we wait for the next installment of my original story.

I wake up a day in at the end of november
And im thinking to myself: damn this rime of year is the nicest of times’’ i glance out my window and it is snowing like crazy outside, thank fuck i dont have work.

I put om my P-J and walk out of my room, i head to the bathroom as i can hear christmas music from downstairs. I take a piss and wash my hands before i walk downstairs

We always start to decorate the house almost way to early but what can i say we Are a christmas family.

Emily: ‘’Hey bro’’ i can hear my Sister yelling from the kitchen

I Peek my head inside and see my 25 years old blonde Sister sitting there drinking something hot

Me:’’ Hey Sis, didnt know you drank coffee? I say with a smirk

Emily:’’ ahah good one, why arent you a comedian? Its tea’’

Me: ‘’because all the ladies i would pull is just to much ‘’

Emily: hahahah yeah right, you probably just jerk off to porn after each show’’

Me’’… Whoa low blow…’’ i try too look sad put my Sister sees right trough me

i Also hope i can take this opportunity to Get closer to my Sister, like i said she is older then me by one year but she is smaller and have som nice tits, and that ass, my god that fucking ass, i would lick her asshole for days

Emily:’’ HEY earth to my idiot brother!!’’

I look at her and try to play it off

Me:’’ at least my dick is big’’

Emily:’’ ahah ohh key’’

I can see she started to stare at my dick outlining

Me:’’Hey eyes up here’’ i say as i gesture to my eyes

She blushes

Emily:’’ at least my body is a temple’’ she says as she stands up,

she is wearing her slik pyjamas and it is almost a little to small for her, she rubs her hands over her nice body and i can feel my dick starting to wake up

Emily:’’ like boobs, How can a girl Get so lucky.. huh’’ she feels her tits outside the pyjamas

Me:’’ ehhm..’’

Emily:’’ or my nice ass’’

She moves her hands down to her ass

Emily:’’ have you ever seen such a nice ass bro?’’

I dont fucking know whats going in here but i will try to continue this conversation

Me:’’ *pfft* yea..yeah right i have a colleague that also have a nice ass, also thats not fair, you have been working out that ass, i cant train my dick’’

My dick is now almost poking out of my pyjamas, i move my hand over my dick and outline it Even more

I can see Emily starting to Get flustered as she look at it.

Me:’’ what.. cat got your tounge?’’ I say with a cocky smirk

Emily:’’ to bad you Are my brother, brother’’ she says before walks past me

Fuck me running, what a tease, i need a coffee, as a pour myself one, i think this christmas can be interresting

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