Christmas special part 4

Damn what is going on with Emily? I need to go take a shower and jerk off to the feeling of her bare ass on my hands, i walk in to the bathroom, why did she kiss me, her lips was sweet as sugar god damn i would love to feel them around my dick.

I Get naked and start to stroke my cock.. again this day have been full of sex in the air. I stroke it slowly thinking about Emilys round ass and How i almost got to touch her tits, i remember i felt her thong when i moved my hands, her sweet hair smell and the warmth of her breath as she kissed me. I am edging in the shower.

«Knock knock»

Mom: ‘’honey Are you done’’

Me:’’ oh shit, yeah soon, sorry Mom’’

I stress out of the shower and get dressed as quickly as i can, i open up and my Mom is standing in the door talking to Emily, fuck i hope Emily does not regret anything and have told Mom, i walk to med bedrom and lock the door before i yell:

Me:’’ ok its ready for you’’

Mom:’’ thanks honey’’

She does not seem mad so i think i am in the clear, besides it was Emily that started this whole thing, i lay my towel on my bed and i see on my pillow this wet spot, what is it? I put one of my fingers on it and it is still Kind of wet. Thats strange.

«Pling pling»

I check my phone and it is a text from Emily:

«Why did you move your face when i was going to hug you?»

What is this? Nah, she cant really think im falling for this stupid excuse

«Come on Sis, i am not stupid, you grabbed my neck, i could not move»

«Well.. well i wanted to warm your face, i did it because i love you bro, dont be weird»

«it is you who Are making it weird Sis, it was nice, you have soft lips»

«haha thanks i guess, but dont think this will happen again, if i find out you have been making out with a snowman just to kiss me i will tell»

«But me and Jack frost are in love and there is nothing you can do to stop it»

I can hear her laughing in her room

« dork»

I smile as i put my phone away

The day goes on as me and Emily stay in our rooms me just playing games and she.. i dont Even know what she is doing

«Pling pling»

Its from Emily again

«i am bored, want to do something?»

« i am a little busy playing, what did you have in mind?»

«Maybe we can play together?»

Yes Emily we should play together but i doubt you want to play the game i want to play with you i think to myself

«Sure, come on over»

It does not take long before i hear her knocking. I pause the game and open up

Emily:’’ Hey’’

Me:’’ Hey yourself’’

Emily looks over to my pillow and she gets a little red before she lay down and start to look at me playing

Emily:’’ so bro, Are you warm again ?’’

Me:’’ yeah, why ?’’

Emily:’’ just asking, im Kind of cold’’

She takes my sheets over her body and fakes a shiver, i look at her and my she is beautiful.

Me:’’ One more game and we can do something Else?’’

Emily:’’ ooh fine, but you have to come warm me after that’’

Me:’’ of course sis’’

After the game i go over to the bed

Me:’’ Hey make some room’’

Emily:’’ you can come under the covers but you can not look ‘’

Me:’’ ooh key?’’

I go under the covers and we lay down she looks at me before she moves her hands to my face and begin kissing me i am shocked. She continue to look at me.

Emily:’’ Do you like me bro?’’

Me:’’ i love you sis’’

Emily then moves my hand under the covers and to her ass she have taken off her pants i grab her ass and she looks at me before she shows me her thong, my hand start go Get inside her ass and i can feel her asshole, and my other is taken the thong from her hand and start to sniff it

Emily breathes heavy and touches my cock under my pants. I have s finger on her asshole and i feel her pussy lips, her pussy is so wet.

Emily:’’ you have a nice big and fat cock bro, you did not lie ‘’

Me:’’ your pussy feels..’’


Emily jumps in the bed and as she Get caught of guard

Emily:’’ shit we got to go, thank you bro’’

She puts on her pants and jump of the bed

I just lay on my bed with my sisters pussy juice on my hand and her thong in the other

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