cheesecake fun wild dreams by fancy dream

crystal liked chessecake , strawberry cheesecake was her favorite , hmmm as she wiped her mouth with finger she slobbered on her fingers drooling on her fingers . I just cant get enough chesse cake . she was wearing her sexy high heel shoes and was naked only wearing her panties she masterbated eating cheese cake the strawberrys dripping down her chin and on her soft rosy red lips hmmm she wanted to be a porn star but could not get the job she was a wanna be porn star meaning she couldn’t get the job so she just pretended to be one to make her self look good she took somenaked picts of herself and masterbated woo yuck what guy would like this she thought she needed money but could not get the job life sucks she thought I wish I could get my big break she thought ,the big screen film was just to far away for her she watcxhed a few small clips of women sucking guys dick how do you do that she thought she was very inexperienced but not by choice she layed naked in a hot tub relaxing I am poor she thought but at least I can afford a hot tub. slurp as she drank her margarita and drool goes down her chin she was so relaxed tis feels good she thought my achy joints and bones need this she layed in the warmth water the bubbles touching her body and toes . pour another glass to drink , the hot steam cumming from the hot tub made her horny she was always horny its like why is she like this she is awlways horny but don’t know why, raise another glass lay in the hot tub and masterbate she dreamed of the day she could make a porn star film , wild dreams full of ectasy and fun . she heard the dog barking next door be quite she thought I cant hear myself think , hmm as she lay there in the hot tub pure silence now I love that . calgon take me away she thought she just loved that old commercial and always thought of it when she had a stressful day . she then got out of the hot tub and got out a nice warn towl to cover over her hot sexy body and plump boobs , she then dryed herself off , every inch of her sexy hot body her finger nails had a hot red color nail polish hmm she waled over to her bed . and layed down and spread her legs far apart her red nails toughing her privtes parts and rubbed herself whoo so nice , she thought of the sexy guy at the auto part store hmm who was so hot , she then thought of her body and his body naked together he watching her and getting turned on , the car light go off . she was his car naked the soapy bubbles all over her naked body and breast she then got tired and went to sleep for a bit , but then after a nap she got back up and ;layed on the couch thinking of him again wishing she could have sex with him swat dripped of her body she got so hot thinking of him she then got some water cold water to drink and sat in her favorite chair and dozed of again thinking of him she wondered what his name was could it be bill or dan or tim or tom or who knows she just gussed what his name could be he looked like a bill maybe that sounds good she thought bill it is she sat all day thinking about bill what it would be like to be with bill maybve they could date or get married or have a child together maybe he was more like a kevin she tought yea that’s it its a kevin his name must be kevin . she wondered what kevin could be doing this very min if only she knew maybe she would never know who kevin really was. she could only guess , if only she knew she wished she had his phone number she would call him up and talk sexy to him on the phone . she dreamed abvout what she would say to him hey sexy baby cum over to my place we could have a fun time I am lots of fun I like to get naked on hot days you could be my steamy sexy lover . we could have lots of fun together you and me hmmm. ok that’s about it she thought no more sexy time . I am tired now it just so tiresome to always fantasize about sexmm. sexy hmmm . I womder where he lives she thought maybe next door to me I could watch him nmaked through hios window I could be a peeping horny tom . yea that’s it she thought that’s what I will be I am a horny peeping tom watching him through his window and iam mastertbvating . o yea he is so sexy I cant wait to meet him should I tell him I am a peeping horny tom I don’t know I will think about it , I wonmder if he is watching me msaye I will never know I wonder could he be watching me like iam him no I am to horny for him I am a horny bitch , I guess its me bymyself again tonight fantasizine about him wondering what he is doing all day and night , we got to know she thought can we know or should we guess , she then layed back on her soft couch wondering about him your my dream my wild dream ashe tought I wonder what your up to rgiht now she wonder if she should eek through the window again I wonder what it would be like to just peep one time one time through a window hope the window is clean so I can see real good lets watch him one more time just one more time wait one more time maybe peep through his door

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