Cheated with an Old Flame

My dad and Sarah’s mom married when we were both seniors in high school.

Sarah and I ran in the same group of friends. We didn’t grow up together. We met coming into high school and were related on our way out.

Though we didn’t date back then, we did had a habit of going down on each other semi-often. It was a fact we laughed about once we were step siblings.

Jump forward from high school a decade. We were both 28ish and married. Sarah was pregnant with her first and we threw her a baby shower. Normally boys aren’t invited but my dad asked me to help set up at his house.

The party ended and I stayed behind to help clean up. Sarah’s husband and her mom took all their new stuff to their house. I helped my dad load tables and chairs to return to whoever he borrowed them from. He didn’t need me for the unloading, so I stayed behind to keep Sarah company.

She was relaxing on a couch. She had on a loose, flowing dress that highlighted her big belly and massive tits.

I sat next to her and we chatted like we normally did. We did some reminiscing and she brought up some of our naughty activities. She mentioned her husband isn’t big on going down on her.

“What I wouldn’t give to stick my head between your legs right now.” It was one of those thoughts that I figured would stay in my brain, but it came out of my mouth.

She laughed and said she’d take it today.

I don’t think she thought I was serious. But I slid off the couch and onto my knees in between her legs.

“If you want me to, I absolutely will.”

Hers eyes got real big and she looked around. “It’s just us,” I said. I explained where everyone went.

She smiled and shook her head yes. I slid her dress up and pulled her panties down and off. She apologized profusely for not being shaved. I promised her she was fine and started to work.

She leaned back and I put her legs over my shoulders as I began to work her pussy.

I warmed her up around the outside before working my way in. She tasted fantastic. I looked up a few times to see her playing with her breasts as I sucked her off.

Time was limited, so I worked a finger in and sucked on her clit like a mini blowjob. She could barely keep still. My face was a sloppy mess.

It only took a few minutes. She grabbed my hair and squeezed my head with her thighs as she had an intense orgasm. When she came down from it, she released my head and I got up.

She had me help her up off the couch. “Quick,” she said with a laugh, “I’m have to pee!”

We both went to the bathroom. She peed as I washed my face in the sink. I helped her get her panties back on and we returned to the couch.

We laughed and cuddled until our people started returning. I told her any time she wanted, just let me know. It’s been our secret since.

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