Our neighbours are somewhat younger like late 20s early 30s. Charlotte is the wife and her husband Jeff moved in a few months ago. He’s got a job that sees him gone two weeks or so every month, so he asked if it would be ok to have his wife call if she needed something done that she couldn’t. Charlotte is an attractive lady but I would help even if she looked like Quasimodo.
Sure enough one day I hear a knock on the door and its Charlotte. Charlotte doesn’t have a job, she is a stay at home wife. And today she is dressed like a 1950s lady – you know the nice dress, hair done and make up, in high heels, and stunning. She is not a BBW or a stick woman, but one of those ladies who every man will notice. Curvy with all them in the right places. Charlotte asks if I would come over and unplug her kitchen sink, which is not a difficult task. It only takes a few minutes and its flowing once more. I throw a bit of Drano down it, let it work then flush it. No big deal.
Charlotte thanks me profusely and offers me a drink, well its five o’clock somewhere, right?
One turns into two then three and soon we are laughing and telling stories about our lives and the inhibitions are lowered. I dare to ask why she dresses like the 50s wife? Charlotte says that she believes her role in life is to please men. Not all men, just the ones she chooses to please in her own way. She prefers the style the ladies of the 50s had over the year 2023. I ask if what she wears under is the same as the 50s ladies used to wear. Quiet seriously she confirms it – yes right down to the stockings and garter belts. She stands, turns around and tells me to unzip her dress so I do and in a heart beat its off. There she stands in her underwear, bra and no panties and the nylons and garter belt. I am speechless and kind of wondering what I should do – maybe leave? Charlotte asks if I like it and all I can do is nod. She explains that when she said she likes to please men she meant sexually. She tells me a lot of men who are in long marriages aren’t getting sex from their wives, so that is what she likes to do. To put it bluntly she says she likes to fuck older men and get them off and that gets her off and am I interested? Charlotte walks away and tells me to follow her to the bedroom. When we get there she helps me undress and then pushes me on my back, then starts fondling my cock and sucking on it. It gets hard and her smile is tantalizing. She continues to suck on it and then rolls on her back, spreads her legs and smiles – she says you know what to do – fuck me and cum in me, this is what I was born to do. My cock slides in her – she is tight and I begin to fuck her. Her legs wrap around me as we fuck and she meets every thrust with vigor and pretty soon its noisy body slapping fucking. In no time at all my cock erupts and paints her insides with my jizz and its a decent load too. I roll off her and our first kiss is deep and passionate. She still has her bra on….but I take care of that and her tits are magnificent too.
I am an older guy so it took some time to recover, but I did fuck her again and this time we both blew our load, but mine wasn’t quite as huge. Hers however was quite strong….amazing in fact.
Charlotte asks is there anything else you want to do with me?

Oh yes there is my dear but it will have to wait for another day…..

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