Chapter 6 – The Beach Show by gregriker

When Leila woke the following morning, she felt slightly fuzzy headed from last night’s wine. Both Fallon and Jem had gone and the house was still. Fortunately for Leila it was a Saturday and she had made no plans. Unfortunately, Jake had work today. Padding naked from the bedroom, Leila went downstairs and out to the terrace. She dived into the pool. Like her sister, she too was an excellent swimmer. Although the sun was up, the pool water was still cool from the night before and she felt her skin goose bump and her nipples harden as she cut through the water. She swam easily and strongly for nearly an hour before hauling herself out to lay dripping on the sun lounger and dry off. Checking her watch, she saw it was nearly 9:00. Jake would have been at the lifeguard station for an hour and she reckoned it would take at least that long to get through town and out to the beach near Malibu.

Leila ate some breakfast and whizzed up a protein shake. She smiled to herself at the thought she’d gotten an awful lot of Jem’s ‘protein shake’ the previous day; her recently de-virginized ass was still tingling and so she went back into the shower room and hunted out Fallon’s pot of salve. As she unscrewed the top the aroma of lavender and aloes filled the bathroom. Dipping her finger in she pulled out a good sized dollop and squatted on the floor inserting her finger into her rosebud. She squatted there a few minutes enjoying the sensation of her oily finger gently teasing the pliant muscle, the cooling salve lubricating her tight hole. She was already getting wet at the prospect of having Jake penetrate her tight teenage ass with his long slender cock. The only question was whether she could wait until he got finished at 4pm.

Jake Michaelson had woken up with the mother of all boners. As usual, his first thought was of Leila, he missed the scent of her naked body in the bed next to him and the fragrance of her cunt juices all dried and starchy on the sheets from their night’s love making. He’d been away on a college field trip for nearly three weeks and not only had he missed Leila but he had also missed her graduation and her birthday. To make things worse, the first day back in town saw him on rota for lifeguard duty. “What’s another day?” he thought to himself as he climbed into the shower, switched on the warm water and let loose a stream of golden piss that splattered against the wall of the stall and gurgled down the drain.

At 19 Jake was a year older than Leila, a freshman at UCLA majoring in geophysics. He was tall, just topping six feet with a powerful swimmer’s body; he’d inherited both his parents’ lean genes and carried no spare flesh on him at all. It was his ripped physique that had first attracted Leila to him when she had seen him in his speedos standing at the front of the watchtower on the beach two years ago. He’d been in the act of pulling his shirt off to sit down on the guard’s chair and the movement had caused Leila to look up as she was heading down the beach to swim. His sculpted chest and tight nipples had already made her tingle before she had even seen the sprinkling of blond hair starting at his navel and disappearing into those tight red speedos or the clean sweep of his obliques as they too disappeared into his groin area. Was that also a piercing pushing out his swimmers?

Over the next few weeks that summer, Leila had spent a lot of time at the beach getting to know Jake and it wasn’t long before he had asked her out on a date. They had been going out for nearly two years now and had spent their together time either at his little apartment or at the Jamieson house. Jake came from a very conservative family and was basically quite shy. There had been disagreements with his family when they had found he was sleeping with Leila, but as Leila had encouraged him to be more confident, he’d blossomed as a person and was quickly accepted by the rest of her family. Jake showered away the sleep from his eyes, soaping his close cropped hair and fine pubic fuzz. Not for the first time he wondered how it came to be that he and Leila had been blessed with exactly the same colour pubes. He looked forward to mashing his into hers later that day as he turned off the water and stepped out of the shower. As he dried off he wondered how Leila would like the new Mayan Sun tattoo he’d had inked on his left shoulder while they were on the field trip.

The downside of being a blond was that Jake had fair skin and it took a lot of effort to keep himself tanned safely. Before going off to work, he carefully covered himself with high SPF butterbean sunblock, and made sure to use total sunblock on his artwork before pulling on his speedos, shorts and yellow polo. He pulled on a pair of Nike dri-fit red ankle socks and his cycle shoes. Throwing his thongs and a full drinks bottle into his utility pack, he headed downstairs to get his bike. From home he cycled down to PCH and out to the County Lifeguard’s office to check in. Today he was going to be out at Point Dume, the southernmost watchtower. He liked that gig as it was usually very quiet and in the evenings it was possible at low tide to go skinny dipping round the point and chill out with a beer at Pirate’s Cove beach. Picking up his pack, radio and panniers. Jake swapped his road bike for the cross-trail ‘official’ lifeguard bike and cycled off down Westward Beach road towards the little white cabin with its raised access way. Securing his bike, he got himself set up and ready for the day, checking in with the next tower up and HQ to make sure his two-way was working properly.

He busied himself running through his checklist, making a list of things to radio through later that day and cleaning his eyeglasses should he need them. There was hardly anyone around today and so getting his phone out he hauled the battered deck chair out to the railing and plopped himself down, shades and sun hat at the ready. As soon as he put it down his phone buzzed. Leila.

– Hey Lover u @ work yet?

– Hi Sexy yes u coming over tonite?

– no, coming to you now – ready to leave where ru?

– sth twr point Dume – left @Malibu County Inn PCH

– ok babe cu in an hour or so xxx

Jake was very happy at the prospect Leila was coming down to the beach instead of waiting until this evening. He shucked off his cycle shoes, shorts and dri-fits and slipped into his thongs then down to watch the few surfers and young couples arriving and parking up along the beachfront. As it was a holiday Saturday, this end of the beach had only a few surfers and young couples, it didn’t seem to be too popular with the families who mostly kept to the middle and northern parts of the beach. Today the swell wasn’t very good either and so some of the early surfers had soon left in search of better pickings elsewhere. That was fine with Jake. He had keen eyes and as long as he kept a good eye out for the bathers, he could often get on with some college work or do some of the admin that always seemed to need his attention.

So far nobody had actually ventured very close to or past the lifeguard tower. He adjusted his long cock in his speedos, making a mental note that he really ought to be getting a bigger pair (if only to avoid the increasing attention his crotch area was getting from a lot of the local girls on the beach – and some of the guys come to that). He knew that one of these days if he happened to get a full-on boner in his suit it would either just pop out the top or rip a hole through the material. It was also fairly obvious to anyone looking more than just casually that Jake’s already long penis was crowned with a hefty PA piercing. He scratched idly at his pubic hair, the top of which was peaking over his trunk where there was a bare expanse of ripped midriff just where his treasure trail disappeared up under his yellow lifeguard’s shirt.

Whilst he’d never considered himself an exhibitionist, Leila had been great at getting to him to come out of his comfort zone, not only in their sex life, but with trying all sorts of new things. The biggest shock he’d had was the second time he went to her parent’s home when Leila dropped him literally in the deep-end at one of the Jamieson family naked pool cook outs. It had taken most of the evening for him to get relaxed about not sprouting a hard on looking at Leila or Fallon or their gorgeous mother, Daisy, all wandering around as it was the most natural thing in the world. Just as he thought he was not going to die of embarrassment, Zac and Amber had shown up with their parents and proceeded to strip off as well. Jake’s first thought at barely age 17 was that he was going to die as Celia and Jason had stood absolutely unself-consciously, drinks in hand asking him really good questions about his studies. It had taken Jake several visits before he started feeling really comfortable, but he found that it had boosted his self-confidence and made him more daring. He and Leila had laughed one evening when she had suggested inviting his parents to the next cookout. “Hell no, they would absolutely disown me,” he’d laughed.

That morning Jake couldn’t stop thinking about Leila, he had seriously considered beating off in the shower but had held back wanting to save his load for her tight hot pussy; in fact he’d not jacked off since leaving for the field trip and had been waking up every morning expecting his belly to be covered in sticky juice, especially given the increasing number of sexy dirty dreams he had been having recently about her. The little vixen had very quietly breathed into his ear the day he had left, in front of the rest of the team, that after he came back she would expect him to be ready to try anal sex. She knew that that would ensure that she stayed at the forefront of his mind while he was away. Jake had climbed onto the bus trying to adjust his shorts without anyone noticing.

In addition to being blessed with a long penis, Jake produced inordinate amounts of cum from his balls. He’d first noticed this a couple of years back messing around with some of the other guys at school. They’d put on a porn DVD and raced to see who could jack off the fastest. Generally it was not Jake but he always used to shoot the most cum; often squirting nine or ten huge globs all over his hand and belly much to the envy of his mates. He smiled to himself remembering the first time he had cum for Leila, jetting his sticky white cum all over her stunning C cup breasts and flat stomach causing her to have hysterics at the amount he’d produced. After that, there was really no way that Leila was ever going to want to be with another guy especially given how much she also loved the taste of his cum.

“Yo Jake, Jake – over here!” He was jarred back to the present as he heard his name being called. It was Kayla and Noemi waving at him furiously from a few feet away. Both girls had been on the trip and he’d forgotten that they lived just east of Malibu Beach. “This is gonna be fun,” he muttered to himself as he waved back. “Morning ladies” he said smiling. He wasn’t in the mood for idle conversation this morning particularly as he’d spent the last three weeks with these two. He sat down in the deckchair, baseball cap turned back and watching as they strategically placed themselves right in the centre of his field of view, barely six feet away from the tower ramp.

“Aww heck” he groaned quietly to himself, “this is going to get messy”. Both girls seemed to have a ‘thing’ for each other and, when he had first met them, he thought they were a couple but it soon became clear that they had eyes for anything with a cock as well, including him. Just this last few weeks there had been any number of seemingly accidental gropes, nipple slips and twice, naked butt and pussy displays from the panty-less girls with short tees on. He had laughed it off, it had been awkward all twelve of them having to share one bunkhouse but he couldn’t deny that the eye candy had been quite appealing. He expected that it was for just that very reason that the girls had chosen this particular spot to set up in, in what was, still, a practically empty beach.

Forcing himself back again to reality, Jake stood up and went into the cabin, ran through his checklist and radioed in before going back outside and running an equipment check. At least it would keep him out of direct line of sight of the others and hopefully Leila would show soon, not that he was sure she would be a better distraction. Coming back round the front of the tower, Jake could see that the fun and games were already starting. Both girls had already taken advantage of the fact that the beach was really quiet to strip off their tops. Jake’s mouth went dry.

Noemi’s pert coffee coloured ass was bent over directly at him as she arranged a beach towel, the tiny triangle of sparkling sunshine yellow material mesh that passed for a bikini bottom barely hid the crack of her very fine ass, her trim thighs and calves already glistening with sun oil. On the other side of her, Kayla’s perfectly rounded breasts and tiny pink nipples stared back at him, her petite waist with its tiny belly button flaring out into an equally impossibly small triangle of translucent white, little bows on either side, begging to be undone, bikini bottom. Jake’s first thought as he stared at them was, coffee and cream. Kayla’s skin was a creamy white showing a hint of red here and there where she’d missed applying sun screen while they were on their field trip. Noemi had what could only be described as perfect skin, smooth, and blemish free. When she stood up and turned to face him, Jake got a full view of perfectly rounded tits, each crowned with a lush dark brown nipple.

“What can we do for you Jake?” said Noemi turning and smiling at him, putting the emphasis on the ‘you’ as she placed her slim hands on her hips. Jake noticed that this had the effect of making her breasts seem even more prominent while at the same time directing his gaze to her pussy. He tried to lick his lips but couldn’t, his mouth was drier than the sand under his feet, his eyes drawn by the strings of amber beads on her bikini ties all the way to the tiny teardrop shape of yellow mesh which did not quite cover her shaved outer pussy lips. “Ladies, you know the rules” he eventually got out hoping his voice was not too high, “either cover up or I have to ask you to leave.” He smiled openly at them, not that he felt that official standing there in his speedos. Did he really just say that? Grinning back at him, Noemi reached down for her top and slipped it over her head. He noticed she’d got her long wavy black hair all tied up today for the beach. Turning her back to him, she asked “Would you mind Jake?” How could he refuse? Deftly he tied first Noemi’s top in a bow and then Kayla’s. Her black fingernail polish was a stark contrast to the translucent triangle of her top, but was the same colour as her shiny black bob of hair. Coconut, he thought smelling the oil, as Kayla leant back slightly causing the swell of her ass to collide with the front of his speedos. “Now don’t let me have to come and tell you ladies off again,” he said in his sternest voice as he retreated quickly up the ramp into the watchtower.

Once inside it was a moment’s work to unload his stiffening prick from its Lycra confinement. Fortunately, he was screened from view by both the wooden font of the tower and the table up against it. He could see Kayla and Noemi rubbing oil into each other and settling themselves down to sunbathe. Breathing deeply and letting it out in a long slow breath, Jake willed himself to relax as his long slim cock reached full erection, the ‘00’ gauge ring making his cockhead look nearly twice its normal size as it strained upwards. “Dammit I hope I do not have to go out there any time soon” he said to himself although the thought did occur to him to just march out there and whack off a load into the faces of the two gorgeous women giggling and messing around not ten feet away from him. “Leila is getting to be a bad influence on me,” he thought sighing.

That thought did nothing at all to help his situation as the potential sight of his cum dripping from his classmate’s chins and running between those two gorgeous racks, their slurping mouths licking his cock at the same time was started to be a real distraction. He considered, for the second time that morning, beating off then and dumping his load over the wooden floor of the tower. Reaching into the cooler for a bottle of water he held it against his throbbing dick, the sudden cold sensation causing his erection to subside enough for him to wedge it back into his speedos. Since he’d been with Leila, he’d learned that a bit of cock-teasing was to be enjoyed as it often led to fantastic sex, but this was just too much. And it was not Leila….

Taking the bottle of water and unscrewing the top, he wandered back outside and stood at the railing just as Leila’s Outback pulled up into a vacant lot at the end of the road. He realised again just how much he had missed her these past three weeks. He watched her as she pulled on her straw beach hat. Even from a distance she was looking knockout, her long blond hair up in a ponytail, her ample tits slung into a plain red bikini top. Round her waist she had a white wrap through which he could just about see the V of the matching red bottoms. He felt his dick starting to swell again and manfully willed it to stay quiescent. She pulled her tote bag from the car and slung it over shoulder setting off towards Jake. It seemed to take an age for Leila to make her way down the beach to the watch tower and as she got closer, she beamed him her dazzling blue-eyed smile. Jake shuddered and tried to lick his lips for the second time that morning and, for the second time that morning, his mouth felt as dry as the beach. Leila veered off and wandered over to where Kayla and Noemi were laying propped up on their elbows reading and chatting. Somehow they’d got their tops off again and were flashing him the swell of their breasts as they chatted with Leila.

Jake looked up and down the beach, off to his left he could see a couple of climbers repelling off Dume Point. In the other direction, the nearest people were over a hundred yards away; a young couple engaging in heavy petting. “Geez, today is the day for raging hormones for sure,” he said to himself. As there was nobody in the immediate vicinity and the nearest family was way up the beach, Jake was not bothered quite so much about enforcing the rules as they were friends. He broke into a huge smile, his steel grey eyes burning into Leila’s ice blue ones as her curvy form sashayed towards him up the ramp. “Hell girl!” he exclaimed in a version of Fallon’s voice, “you sure looking one sexy ladeeee…” he drawled – much to the amusement of the other girls. He was quite sure that, behind their sunshades, they had been eyeing him up and not reading, he suddenly blushed feeling self-conscious again as Leila dropped the tote on the floor and flung her arms around him planting a very wet kiss on his open mouth as she suggestively ground her crotch against his junk.

“Ahhh Sweetie am I pleased to see you” he breathed a huge sigh of relief as they broke their kiss, his arms slipping around her waist. “I missed you so much!” They both said at once. Behind them came a muffled giggle from Noemi. “Ignore her,” Leila whispered her teeth starting to nibble at his ear, “looks like they are being a pair of cock teasers.” “You’re not wrong there” he replied “they’ve already been strolling around topless this morning.” “My poor Jako,” she asked again quietly, “has my stud muffin got blue balls?” “Blue balls, blue cock, you name it.” “Well we will have to do something about that…and pretty soon too,” she winked at him. “Fuck,” he thought, if it were up to him, he’d take over the railing there and then and damn the consequences. What Jake didn’t know was that Leila’s mind was already several steps ahead of his.

Slipping out of his embrace she scooted round him, picked up the tote and took it into the cabin. Jake followed her into the shade. She dug in the bag and brought out a take-out bag and a couple of beetroot and carrot smoothies. “Here, drink this, you are going to need all the strength you can muster!” She smiled knowingly at him. They were now out of sight of the other two girls for a while. He pulled up a couple of stools to the bench as Leila set out two mahi-mahi and an herb and spinach enchilada each from the Coral Beach Cantina. For a few moments, they ate in silence. From here Jake had a commanding view of the beach, there seemed to be nobody else anywhere near the watch tower other than the couple along the way.

Pulling out his binoculars Jake focussed on the couple and smiled, holding the binoculars to his eyes for a few moments. Passing them across to Leila saying, “Check these two out, there must be something in the air today as everyone seems to be at it.” Leila put the glasses to her eyes, after focussing them she grinned at him. The girl was half laying on her partner, her head back and eyes closed while he had one hand under the front of her bikini bottom making a slow circular movement, the other was kneading a large breast under a top which had practically come off. “Shit” said Jake, “If Joe sees them, they will be for it.” Leila said “Talking of making out on the beach, those two have given me an idea – I think it will work as long as it stays this quiet and” she emphasised, “nobody comes along. I don’t want to get you fired but hell, I need to feel that cock in my pussy pretty soon or I’m going to go crazyt” She then started whispering in his ear while at the same time slipping a hand into his speedos and squeezing said long cock.

They quickly finished up their lunch and tidied away, Jake did his checks and radioed in to confirm that Dale was coming on duty at 3pm. That gave them a couple of hours. Leila was bending over digging through the locker at the back of the cabin giving Jake a perfect view of her fantastic ass. “Ahh…yes…that will do perfectly” she announced standing up holding a panel from an old flotation vest. “I think it will fit about right.” She took it outside and found that it fitted neatly into the slightly sagging seat of the deck chair. Anyone sitting on it now would be raised up and tipped slightly forward – which suited the plan that was coming together in her mind perfectly. Casting a glance over at the girls, she noticed that Noemi was now lying on her back with her top completely off while Kayla, who had her top undone but still around her neck was rather sensuously rubbing oil into the coffee coloured girl’s breasts paying lots of attention to the large chocolate nipples. Leila squeezed her thighs together in anticipation.

Back in the cabin she dug in the tote and found her pump bottle of Hawaiian Tropic Oil. She preferred the oil to the dry spray – the lubricating properties of the oil were way more fun as far as she was concerned! “OK stud, are you ready for our little show?” “Let’s do it” he grinned back at her. “Oh I wanted to show you this first,” he said pulling his polo shirt up and over his head to show Leila his new tattoo. “Babe, that looks just awesome” she said looking it over closely, her slim fingers admiring the delicate artwork, it had just healed and she flicked away a tiny bit of dead skin at the top of his arm. She really liked the geometric lines of the sun rays emanating from the middle circle. “One moment,” she said digging once more into the amazing tote which seemed to contain everything to emerge with a tube of Tattoo Goo SPF 50. “Let me just take a little extra care of this.” She flipped the top and squeezed some of the thick semen-like goo onto her fingers before expertly massaging it into his body art.

Reaching down she undid her wrap and folded it on the table, Jake noticed that as there was no lining in her bikini, her pussy juice had already started to leave a darkening wet stain on the material. His cock started to stir again. Grabbing the oil in one hand and Jake’s with the other she pulled him out onto the front deck of the watch tower so that they were standing side on to the girls. A last look to check they were alone and she nodded at Jake. He said, just loud enough for the two girls to hear “Hey Sweetie, will you put some oil on me?” That got Kayla’s interest immediately Leila noticed out the corner of her eye. “Sure” she said reaching up to kiss him full on the lips, one hand snaking around to cup his hard buttock. As they kissed Jake made sure that the girls could see his hand squeezing Leila’s tit and cupping her ass. Jake started to get hard. As they had planned, Leila made a show of getting Jake to lean over the railing so that she could do his back. This had the effect of making Jakes’ cock hang low in his speedos which give Kayla a good view of his hardness as his trunk struggled to contain it.

Jake rested his head on his arms and pretended to look off down the beach. Behind his reflective sunglasses he could see Kayla whispering into Noemi’s ear. Noemi rolled slightly on to her side giving Jake and Leila a full view of her lovely glistening tits which also meant she could now see everything that Kayla could see. Leila was talking away slowly, but Jake could only hear the pounding of the blood in his ears. If they got caught, he would be in serious trouble but the excitement of exhibiting themselves to his friends was such a huge turn on for both of them and Leila had been encouraging for a while to try something like this.

By now Leila had his back coated with oil and was working her way down along his arms. She paused to massage the oil into Jake’s neck and shoulder muscles. “Can you spread your legs so I Can do your thighs please?” She asked in her best innocent voice. Rubbing some more oil between her hands she knelt behind him and started working her way from his foot up his right leg. She loved massaging Jake and being able to feel all his tightly defined muscles right under her fingers. As the back of her hand bumped against his speedos she very deliberately and slowly turned her hand and cupped his balls.

Still looking out the corner of his eye and knowing that Leila was doing the same, Jake saw Kayla slowly slip her hand between her thighs. “This is getting interesting” he said quietly to Leila “Sure is,” came the reply from somewhere between his legs. “Your cock is going to bust those trunks in a minute” she giggled up at him “Hmmm…and whose fault will that be?” he mumbled. Quickly Leila finished his other leg, as much as it would be fun to sit between them while he spattered a load of cum in his trunks and let it drip onto her waiting tongue; that was not on today’s agenda. She stood up and said to Jake “Okay stand up and let me do your front now.” As Jake stretched back and turned slightly to face Leila, the tip of his cock popped out through the side of his trunk below the waist band and pointed directly at the girls. Both Noemi’s and Kayla’s eyes went wide then glazed slightly as they watched the purple head of his cock with its ring pointing out of his speedos just a few feet from their faces.

Pretending not to notice anything, Leila and Jake made small talk while she reached up and massaged oil into his chest paying extra attention to his rock-solid nipples. She had never seen him so aroused before and she wondered if he would lose it and dump his load before they had chance to carry out the plan. Kayla was now sitting with her legs spread slightly facing them, her petite hand very obviously down the front of her bikini bottoms and rubbing at her pussy. Two fingers of Noemi’s free hand were resting over the shimmering teardrop of her bikini pants as well occasionally pushing them against her clitoris. From what Jake could see, her shaved outer lips were shining wetly in the sun as they splayed open with her arousal. Leila ran her hand slowly down Jake’s treasure trail, turning him slightly so that the girls could see as she slid a greasy hand into his trunk to squeeze his straining erection. She held her hand there for a long moment…

“Now it’s my turn, I don’t want you to burn.” Jake said pulling her hand out and now moving Leia towards the rail and bending her slightly forwards, her heavy breasts dangling like ripe, full melons in the red bikini top over the railing. Jake meanwhile pumped a good amount of the coconut smelling oil onto his hands and started working it into her neck and shoulders, once he got halfway down, he reached up and pulled the necktie of Leila’s bikini top undone, reaching round with his hands to pull off the top and encase as much of her breasts in his oiled hands as he could manage. “Hell this feels too fucking good…he groaned into her ear as he thumbed her cherry sized nipples. Leila gushed pussy juice, soaking her bikini pants, the tingle of an orgasm already beginning in the pit of her belly as he played with her.

Jake kept one hand working one of Leila’s nipples as with the other he oiled the rest of her back, firmly palming her lush ass on each down stroke. He now swung behind Leila to reach back and work both her breasts from behind. As he lined up with her ass, he reached into his speedos freeing his cock so it throbbed up towards his navel. He started grinding his boner slowly against Leila’s bikini clad ass, his cock head and ring sticking above her butt crack. At this sight Kayla had all but lost it, her eyes focussed only on the two of them on the watch tower, she had untied her bikini bottom and spread her legs wide so that she could stuff two fingers deep inside her sopping wet hairy pussy. Her other hand twisted and rubbed first one then the other distended nipple, tiny gasps of arousal escaping her lips as she thrust her fingers wantonly in and out of her pussy.

Jake grinned at her as he continued to rub Leila’s breasts and slide his cock up and down her butt crack. Leila looked back at him over her shoulder also grinning in delight. “Oooh…ahh…oh…that is getting me very wet Jako.” She was not the only one, she thought as they watched Noemi also peel off her bikini bottom, spreading her thin inner lips to reveal a large shiny pink clitoris nestling at the top of her totally shaven gash. Reaching into her beach bag Noemi pulled out a hair brush, licked the handle to get it nice and moist and then, spreading her lips with one hand, inserted the handle slowly all the way into her. She sighed as the brush head ground all the way up against her clitoris.

Jake leaned forward and nuzzled Leila’s ear panting slightly, “Well I think we got them now.” “Fuck yes” she answered, “you ready for the grand finale yet? ‘cause I’m about to come myself “she gasped, the sensations in her tummy getting stronger the more Jake worked her tits and nipples. “Uh…one second…let’s see if they cum first shall we?” he panted into her ear. Pulling back slightly, Jake slowed down his caressing of Leila. On the beach below them Noemi was plunging the brush in and out of her pussy jamming the head against her obviously swollen clit, as she was moaned “fuck…fuck…fuck me with your big prick…oh yes…of yes…I am commmmmmingggg…oh shit…oh shit…oh my fucking shit! Jamming the brush up against her pussy one last time she flopped on her back moaning, her lithe brown legs twitching in the throes of her orgasm.

That triggered Kayla. She too had been panting and cussing as her orgasm built, she now jammed three fingers into her pussy and reached down to yank at her thick tuft of jet black pussy hair with the other hand as she came. Oooooooooohhhhhhh…fuck…fuck…fuck” she chanted as she clenched her thighs and collapsed onto Noemi’s belly. Noemi leaned over her and stuck her tongue into Kayla’s face kissing her deeply as she pulled the other girl to her tightly. “Oh no…oh shit” Leila hissed as her own orgasm took her, the sight of coffee and cream locked in an abandoned embrace, kissing wetly on the blanket. “Ah…ah…squeeze them,” she ordered Jake. On cue he took each of her nipples in his slick fingers and squeezed them as he rode her through her come. “Shit…shit…fuck…fuck…fuckkkkk…aieee” Leila moaned through clenched teeth as she came, thrusting her butt back hard against Jake’s now sticky erection.

Jake too was going to come very soon, his cock had steadily been leaking pre-cum through the last twenty minutes and Leila could feel the damp patch at the top of her butt crack where his juice had started to trickle down between her cheeks. It was finale time for their little show. “Hey girls,” he called softly, “why don’t you come up here and get a better look?” Kayla unsteadily got up and pulled Noemi to her feet and picking up the blanket they came up the ramp hand in hand. They both sat down facing Leila and Jake like two first graders at school, the only difference being that they were both butt naked and glistening with a combination of oil, sweat and pussy juice. Leila had already put the deck chair so it would be facing the girls and now she stood up to face Jake, kissing him hard on the mouth, their tongues swirling as they fiercely swapped spit.

Leila pulled back long enough to reach her thumbs into Jake’s trunks and slide them off his slim muscled hips in one go. There were gasps from the girls as they saw how long Jake’s prick actually was when it was hard, the ring and cockhead glistening with his pre-cum, his generous shaven balls hanging like small avocados between his thighs. Kneeling down, Leila took hold of his cock and making sure the other two had a good view, licked up and down it several times smearing her spit and his precum along its entire length, her hand hefting his now very heavy balls as she did so. Jake sat down in the chair, now totally naked, his long prick pointing towards the clear blue sky, Leila shucked off her bikini bottoms, backed up to him and spreading her cunt lips with one hand, fed his long slim cock, ring and all, deep into her pussy. “Ah…fuck…yes…oh fuck…oh fuck…oh fuck” she gasped as she impaled herself on the ten inches of his solid man meat. She ground her pussy down all the way until she felt his balls stopping her going any further. She could feel the end of his ring against the opening of her womb filling her completely.

After a moment of savouring her boyfriend’s prick buried deep inside her over-heated cunt, Leila started to move slowly up and down, pulling up until Jake’s cock almost came out and then slipping smoothly back to bury his shaft deep into her pussy again. She moved up and down, up and down, slowly gathering speed as she started to fuck him hard. Jake’s hand snaked over her thigh to rub her clit as she humped him on the down stroke each one harder and faster than the last. Jake’s other hand reached up to grasp her breast, helping steady her as she gasped riding them both to their climax. “Awww…fuck…fuck yes,” he panted as he now started to thrust up to meet her bearing down on him. “Fuck meeeeeee…fuck me harder” she gasped as his cock battered the entrance to her womb triggering violent jots of electricity that shot throughout her body.

In front of the fucking pair, Noemi and Kayla had become even more turned on by watching Jake and Leila that they were now grinding their sopping wet pussies against each other, thrusting their clits harder and harder at the other as they too humped their way to a climax. They were squirming and squealing as they fucked each other. “Ah…ah…ah…ah…yes…ah…fuck…please…harder…ah…ah…ah they moaned, sweat pouring off their bodies. Kayla had one hand again between her thighs yanking at her bush as she bore down on the soft nakedness of Noemi’s shaven vagina. Leila could see the swollen, distended pink knob of Noemi’s clitoris standing proud from her glistening pussy and knew she was going to have to have that for herself at some point. Both girl’s faces were focussed at the space between Leila’s thighs where Jake’s powerful swollen member was hammering up at Leila’s superheated cunt as she bore down on him.

A rumbling started in her belly, Leila knew it was not going to be long before she climaxed and she knew too that it would send Jake over the edge, she licked her lips in anticipation of the cum load he was about to shoot up into her. Jake was whispering obscenities in her ear as she rode him, their bodies dripping with sweat. They both saw Noemi and Kayla climax, the girls rearing up and holding on to one another, mouths mashing together as they came. Leila felt her own climax rushing towards her as well.

Kayla climbed off Noemi and, slightly unsteadily came over to them. Kneeling at Leila’s left, she put a sticky hand on her thigh reaching out to pull Leila’s face onto her tiny round breast feeding her nipple into Leila’s gasping mouth, her other hand going to Jake’s head, rubbing his short cut hair. “Ooooh…ahh” she moaned. Noemi, not to be outdone, tried to push her head down between Leila’s thighs and lick Jake’s shaft. Girl cum was pouring from Leila’s pussy and Noemi was able to get a couple of licks in before Jake grunted “Fuck…fuck…fuck…I am gonna nut…shit ahh…oh…shit…ah…ahhh…ahhhh…ahhhhh!”

Several things happened at once and it all seemed to the four of them that it happened in slow motion. Jake’s balls contacted sending his first jolt of sperm blasting deep into Leila’s womb as she rode up. On the way down her insides collided with his second explosive blast. That triggered her own climax and she felt herself almost biting down on Kayla’s hard nipple as it crashed over her. Pushing her away, she screamed “Mother fucking hell…!” as for the second time in two days, it seemed that every nerve in her sexually supercharged body was firing. She could not take any more of Jake’s cock in her cunt and pulled his slick shaft out of her pussy just as Jake let loose with shot number three. This caught Kayla square under her chin. The sperm bomb hit her skin making her pretty eyes and mouth go wide with surprise and then splattered, dripping hot boy juice over her breasts.

Noemi reached out and jacked Jake’s cock ensuring that wads four and five shot out and hit Kayla squarely in the chest, covering her even further. Jake was grunting hard, sweat pouring from him as he thrust into Noemi’s hand. Leila’s head rolled back, her eyes glazed in ecstasy as she came and came. Jake thrust extra hard and he slipped out of Noemi’s grasp shooting two more blasts of cum up Leila’s stomach which hit the undersides of her breasts and splatter down her heaving stomach and0 thighs into her soaked and sticky pubic hair.

Not wanting to waste any more precious cum, Noemi quickly shoved her mouth over Jake’s spurting dick nearly gagging as his cockring hit the back of her throat. She got most of shot number eight in her mouth, some of it dribbling down her chin as Jake shot another two loads into her wetly sucking mouth. Jake could see Kayla’s cum blasted tits jiggling as she knelt between his and Leila’s legs. Instinctively Noemi whipped Jake’s cock out of her mouth and tried to feed it to Kayla. She was too slow and jet number eleven splattered into the side of her cheek and across her pretty nose into her eye. She tried to say “fuck,” but Noemi jammed Jake’s cock into her mouth and she got spurts twelve through fourteen as she tried vainly to vacuum Jake’s jism from his throbbing shaft. She swallowed two mouthfuls of hot cum and tried to keep the third mouthful as she let Jake’s leaking shaft drop from her mouth, noticing several more blobs run down his cock and into his bush.

Kayla pulled Noemi back from the deck chair and stood up over her. Noemi tilted her head back and Kayla leaned forward her open mouth dropping cum mixed with her spit into Noemi’s waiting mouth. Noemi swallowed eagerly taking every drop that Kayla could give her. Forgetting the other two for a moment, Noemi stood up and took Kayla in her arms, kissing her face and licking cum from her eyelids, nose and cheek before setting to work on her glistening tits. Using her fingers, Noemi scooped up Jake’s cum and fed it back to her, all the time kissing and licking her friend’s creamy white skin. Kayla kissed her back, her fingers reaching between Noemi’s legs and teasing her clitoris making her gasp and pant again.

Leila stood up unsteadily, cum covering her gorgeous tattooed skin and filling her belly button. She turned and looked down at Jake, it was his turn now to be glassy eyed as he sat there with a goofy grin on his face. His cock was ramrod stiff and cum still leaked out around the bottom of his cockhead where his piercing emerged. Face to face now she could not resist lowering herself carefully back on to his dick, feeling it fill her up again as she settled down on him until she sat on his balls, their pubic hair melding into a sticky cum soaked mess. She playfully rubbed her breasts across his face, smearing sticky cum all over him and then kissed him deeply, her tongue licking across his face.

She sat there until she felt his cock finally start to soften. She savoured the sensation for a few moments more before gingerly lifting off him and going down on her knees to clean his cock with her tongue, taking care to get as much of their combined juices as she could. It was great having her boyfriend back. It had been an enormous turn on to be fucking in front of their friends and neither of them had realised that Noemi and Kayla had such a serious girl/girl thing going or that they were both sperm hungry harlots.

A movement out the corner off her eye caught Leila’s attention and she looked up to see a yellow polo shirt heading down the water’s edge towards the watch tower. It was Dale coming to ‘relieve’ Jake. “Girls!” she hissed at Noemi and Kayla “Get the fuck out of here…we’ve got company.” Quickly Kayla tossed their blanket over the railing while Noemi grabbed the tiny bits of cloth pretending to be their bikinis. Hand in hand the girls ran giggling down the access way and down the beach into the water to clean up and get their suits back on. Leila was pretty sure Dale couldn’t see just how naked they were, they had distracted him for a few moments.

Jake and Leila were running out of time. “Shit,” she said beginning to panic, “my top is on the sand down there and my shirt is in the car.” Jake’s back was to Dale so he was partly shielding Leila’s nakedness. “Quick” he said, “grab your bottoms and go into the cabin, put my shirt on, I’ll stall him.” Leaning forward Jake retrieved his trunks and hauled them over his hips as he stood up while Leila headed for the cabin. Quickly Jake stuffed his softening cock into his speedos and stood up waving to Dale as he got closer. “Damn, Leila’s top” he said and walked as calmly as he could down the access way to scoop it up and ball it into his left hand. “Hi” he called to Dale as he walked up. They fist bumped right hands. “How you doing man?” Jake asked. Leila was still in the shadows in the cabin cleaning up and getting dressed again. She suddenly disappeared and Jake hoped she was alright. Jake chatted to Dale for a few moments longer, hoping he was buying her enough time.

Dale moved up the access way just as Leila popped back into view, her pony tail redone, her breasts looking lush as they strained against Jake’s lifeguarding shirt, nipples still erect, her wraparound tied saucily at one side, bikini bottoms just visible. Jake sighed, relieved. “You go on Dale,” he said, “with you in a moment.” “Dude,” Dale called “you have some very uncool blobs of sun cream on your belly!” Jake froze. “I got this,” said Leila as she reached past Dale to rub the two globs of Jake’s cum stuck on his treasure trail into his hard abs. “Thanks Babe,” he smiled at her, breathing again. At this point Noemi and Kayla re-appeared looking tired and heading for their towels, providing Dale with something better to look at. “Shit Sweetie,” Jake hissed to Leila under his breath, “We so nearly got busted there.” “Mmmmm” she agreed, licking his ear while Dale was not looking, “that’s part of the fun of it isn’t it?”

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