Caught my roommate (m22) jerking off

I (21f) am on my way home. I just was out buying some needed stuff from the supermarket mostly for me. But also two doses energy drink for my roommate. There are two roommates I live with, one of them I suspect that he is attracted to me. But I am used to that somehow as even slightly attractive woman. I actually said I would go out with friends , but they needed to drop that evening spontaneously, so I went shopping a bit. My roommate thinks that I am out all night probably.
Meanwhile I am arriving at home. I take longer to get the door open, because I am still a bit clumsy with my new manicure, since my nails are a bit longer now. But I like how they look.
After I arriving I drop the bough stuff in the kitchen, while being disturbed by sounds coming out of one room.
The door is left open a bit, without thinking too much about it, I take a glance into it, not expecting what I would find. My idiot roommate thought he was alone all time and is jerking off to porn, wearing his noise cancelling headset. Thats why he did not hear me. As he sees me peeking in, he suddenly realizes what happens, instantly covering his penis and pulling his headset off. He looks like he has seen a ghost. “Bro, chill everything is good, as if I don’t know that you are jerking off like every other guy.” I enter the room. He seems to get a bit uncomfortable with me approaching him. “Your energy drink is in the kitchen, you owe me 3$”. He still does not seem to be calmed down and probably does not care about what I just told him.
“Is your brain still stuck inside your penis or what?” I ask him. “Squeeze it out then”. “In front of you or what??” he answers. I have to giggle because he seems so helpless and a bit cute, too. Actually thinking about it, that is a funny idea, I usually like such plays, and having that control seems to be interesting. “Yep, or are you afraid?” I did not have to say that again, he uncovers his dick which lost a bit of the erection meanwhile, his strokes making it hard again fast. He just strokes up and down in the same way, which I find kind of boring, but maybe he is just a bit nervous. Nevertheless, we need to progress with that. I slap his hands away, “Better let me take over that.” He instantly draws back and places his hands over his head. “Good boy.” At least he knows how to behave, that’s something I can work with. My first stroke already leads to a long drawn moan of him. “Yeah, there we go, seems to be some time ago since someone else touched that, right?” “Yes” he answers, visibly overexcited. I don’t expect his brain to craft something sensible which consists of more that two words anyway right now.
I start jerking him with slow, gentle strokes, holding his balls with a slight pressure. His moaning continues, which is music to my ears. “Better enjoy yourself right now, before I change my mind.” I just love playing with guys. Occasionally I touch other parts of his body with one hand, diversifying the senses I let him experience. As I touch the lower part of his belly with my nails though, he suddenly twitches with his whole body. “Oh, what do we have here?” I continue poking him in that sweet spot of his, each time he makes a noise and twitches up. It is probably my nails, they have a pointy tip. “That’s what I am looking for”. I stop jerking him and crawl that area of his belly with both hands, going up and down, teasing him, stopping it and then starting back again.
I can sense his excitement right now, since he is squirming all the time. “Fuck that’s insane.” “Wonder how long you can handle this…” I wonder if he is ticklish, but that I will find out on another day. Well… that will be fun if he is. I go back to stroking his dick, running my thumb over his head, going slow on him. “I almost forgot how fun this is”, I state in an arrogant manner. “Casual handjobs give so much opportunities”. Apparently his brain has shut off completely now. Without thinking too much about it, I grab his dick and stroking it with a firm grip, while still playing on his body. With a sudden moan he erupts inside my hand, which I did not expect. “Wooow, no control I see. Well jokes on you, less pleasure for you then”. It’s a bit of a pity since I wanted to edge him a bit, but well it is what it is.
I go to the bathroom and wash my hands, thinking about how exciting and funny that was, insecure boys are so refreshing. I wonder if I will do that again, or maybe even something else…

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