A Political Affair – Part 1

Hello everyone! This is my first story here. It is part 1 of the turning point in my sex life that made me enter the world of elites, all for good. First, telling about myself – I am 21 years old, student, intelligent but filled with kinky sexual desires. I am Intelligent and equally slutty, … Read more

Erotic Fun With A Matured Guy

Hey, friends, I hope everyone is doing fine with work and personal life. I am Aditya. So, let us begin with the erotic fun story directly. The incident happened in 2018 when I traveled to Delhi for a company conference. As it was company work, my stay was arranged in a Roseate House near IGI … Read more

First Time Gay Sex Outside India

Hello guys, before starting with the story about my first time gay sex, let me introduce myself to you. My name is Suru, of 26 years. I am a software professional currently located in Pune. As a software engineer, I have quite a few girls around me. Due to this, I managed to get a girlfriend. … Read more

My First Gay Experience

Hello guys, I am Mayank Aggarwal, age 20 and I am bisexual and a bottom. This story happened when I was 18 years old and was my first experience with a man. So let’s start the story. It was the summer holidays, I was in my 12th standard, and in my neighborhood, there was a … Read more