My College Adventure Part 7

This is my first attempt starting a story. Let me know what you think and if you like it I can continue. [Part 1]( [Part 6]( My College Adventure Part 7 Over the next week, there was a steady stream of women stopping by my dorm room. I would eat about 4 new pussies a … Read more

‘In the closet’

My wife is by most any measure, traditional and understated. She’s attractive in a reserved, modest sense, and never felt the need to be garish or flashy for compliments or attention. Frankly, I wholeheartedly respect and love those traits in her. In that way, I get the best of both worlds. She’s incredibly beautiful for … Read more

My second threesome

My next threesome. So after our spring break fun a month went by and Liz and I neither one had made mention of the events that transpired over spring break. We were still having sex a lot and spending a lot of time together, but just never said word. About a month after spring break … Read more