[18f] school bathrooms

I’ve been fucked several times all holes in my schools bathrooms recently I let my black friend use me (message for pics) so as we entered the uni sex bathroom I thought he’d be gentle but he immediately forced me on my knees and made me give him a bj then he took my shirt … Read more

Friends Wedding pt 3

It’s been a few weeks, but I’m back with the morning after. We all lay in bed, exhausted after one of the best nights I’ve ever had. J is on my right, asleep with his hand holding my boob. T is on my left, facing me with his hand resting on the top of my … Read more

My MIL drives me crazy PT 2

The closet is a fairly big walk in. All sides full of clothes new and used. I was looking through everything I didn’t leave one box or bag unturned. In the back corner tucked behind some clothes there was a small night stand. I opened the top drawer to find a bright pink vibrator. It … Read more

I’m so worthless

As long as I can remember I’ve loved being a little taboo slut. My only purpose is pleasuring daddy with my tight little holes. I had some experiences with my dad when I was younger and now I love playing with older daddies online and pretending they’re him. Ddlg is my favorite. Please play with … Read more

I’ve been trading sex favors for Real Estate Flips [26F]

My boyfriend and I run this real estate business. Basically we flip houses – if you ever seen any home renovation/flip TV show, then you have a pretty good idea on what we do. My boyfriend is the numbers/planning guy, and I’m the designer/agent. We typically hire contractors and tradesmen to help with the construction … Read more