Alabama girl

I have true stories about my dad, my stepdad, my brother, the janitor at my high school, my dad’s friends and a few more. DM me and tell me which one you want to hear. If you’re lucky, maybe I’ll rub myself while I tell it. Who knows, you may even get some pics. No … Read more


I walked to you as you laid there naked. I couldn’t resist what was before me. I knew I had to have it. To taste it. To satisfy it. I wanted so badly to slide my tongue between you lips. I walked to you not knowing what kind of reaction I would get. I knew … Read more

Formative Experiences

We got started together playing silly games. We would lay on opposite ends of the couch, fighting each other with our feet. One of those times, I poked her crotch with my toes. I wasn’t sure how she’d react but she kept playing, so I kept poking occasionally. Those instances helped build a sexual tension … Read more

Public service

It took a while for people to start accepting the new law, for some it didn’t take any time at all. Too many criminals, not enough public service duties. So, the government added ‘glory hole duties’ to the list. Suddenly, there was less sexual assault cases, now people can go into these telephone booth like … Read more

A fun night of Anal play

This happened a few months back. But I’m finally feeling confident revealing my sluttiness to the world, so I figured I would share. A few months ago my partner and I were having a chill night at home. We decided we wanted to play a video game and eat some edibles. Which turned out to … Read more