Came inside the pregnant receptionist

We got a new receptionist about 6 months ago and 2 months ago she told everyone she was pregnant.

This woman is stunning, dirty blonde hair, C cup tits that have gotten bigger, cute round ass and a cute face. These last couple weeks she’s gotten extra flirty with me, even though she knows I know she’s married. It started with polite gestures like getting me coffee, to sitting in my office for an extended period of time while we talked. I’ve gotten to know this girl pretty well, she’s super nice and we share a lot of similar interests. I enjoy her company and she enjoy mine, but I never anticipated she’d feel this way about me. But lately she’s been wearing tighter, more exposing clothes and getting physically closer to me. Last week was the tipping point for us.

Last week she came in with tight fitting yoga pants and a blouse that was a pretty low cut, exposing her cleavage more than you’d expect in a blouse. As she sat with me in my office she rubbed up against my shoulder, I could feel her bare skin and she said sometime we should “get to know each other more.

Fastforward to yesterday she asked if I was going out to lunch which I obviously wasn’t, I had made my own lunch and had work I wanted to look over, and she asked if she could join me. I said sure, confused as I was just going to eat and look at spreadsheets but what she said beforehand rang in my mind. Lunch comes around and she comes into my office, right on the dot and shuts the door behind her. She locks it and asks if I had something for her for lunch. As she said this, she slowly started taking her shirt off and I jumped out of my chair and pulled her towards me.

As we kissed, she quickly and almost unsuccessfully took my pants off and immediately dropped to her knees, asking if she could have this for lunch, she asked with a playful tone of voice then shoved my cock down her throat. She sucked me off for a few minutes, licking my balls and shaft while she deep throated me, moaning as it hit her tongue and throat. She, surprisingly, wasn’t wearing a bra so I watched as her perfect tits jiggled as she bobbed back and forth.

I then stood her up, walked her to the couch in my office and pulled her pants down, asking her if she brought me lunch as well. She said yes, begging me to taste her. I gladly did as asked, grabbing her by her ass and eating her out from behind. Running my tongue through her pussy lips, flicking her clit as I playfully stuck a finger inside. I fingered her slowly as I sucked and licked her clit and pussy. Hearing her moan and beg for more, her knees started to buckle as I intensified my oral on her delicious pussy. As she fell forward, I caught her, asking if she was ready and she whimpered she wanted me so bad.

I laid her on her back as I jammed my cock inside her. I began thrusting, staring at her busty tits, thinking to myself this could not be actually happening. She told me to suck on her tits, saying she was all mine. I obliged, the moment I started sucking her soft whimpers turned to loud moans. I kept thrusting, feeling myself press against her body as her body sucked me in, I could feel her legs lock onto me as she encouraged me to fill her slutty pussy.

As I felt myself get close, I sped up, she started screaming my name, clawing at my back as her body trembled more. She screamed how she wanted my baby, begging me to fill her up. The moment she uttered those words I came harder than I’ve ever came before. Cum started dripping before I even pulled out. After I finished, I kissed her passionately and offered to help clean her up. We got dressed, shared a kiss then actually had lunch together. After lunch she told me she would like to do that again in the future.

We talked today like normal, nothing awkward.

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