Called the hot dad

about 10 years ago my wife and I were separated. She moved into a friends house and I stayed at the house with the kids. My 2nd oldest was 19 and would have her friends over on the weekends for drinking games. I would participate every once in a while. Her one friend was a very cute petite Spanish girl who would always tell me me how hot I was to my daughter. I took advantage of her this one evening and and while we were both in the kitchen and everyone was in the family room leaned in a kissed her. I could immediately tell how excited she got by how she started to breath. I wrapped my hand around her waist and pulled her tight to me and put my tongue deep into her mouth. I slowly caressed her her ass and then slip my hand into her pants. I’ve never felt anything that wet before. When I was done I took my finger out and put it into my mouth to clean it off. She looked at me in amazement. I then put it into her mouth and her moan still gets me hard. Latter that night we both waited for every one to fall asleep and then finished what we started. It was one of the best experiences I ever had. That is a whole other story. Over the years it never came out and when we run into each other the looks between us are amazing. I’d love to be with her again and see what experiences she now has but I doubt it will ever happen. She has no moved to LV and I’m back with the wife! lol! As far as I know , no one knows of anything although that group of her friends do look at me as if they know but nothing has ever happened with any of them

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