Call me daddy pt2 (nonfic)

He dried himself and laid on the bed. I took my time drying off my body and hair. I then climb onto the bed. “Ready to suck daddy’s okay” I nodded and as he laid I go between his legs and look at him as I lick the tip. “Good” I feel him relax and enjoy the movement of my tongue. He starts trying put his dick more and I notice this. I start bobbing on his nice hard cock. He moans then grabs my hair. He starts thrusting deep into my throat making me gag and choke on his cock. He fucken tasty cock hitting my throat making me gag. “Come here take a seat” he pulls me to sit on his face.

I listen as I hover over him. “Relax you can sit on my chest or face”. I relax as I feel his tongue moving around my clit. Oh how long has I have my pussy ate. It’s been way too long. I start rocking and moving my pussy on his face. He sticks his tongue out letting go up and down my holes. He sticks his tongue in my pussy. I grab his hair and push him in deeper. I orgasmed on his face. I sit next to him. “ oh you are really wet aren’t you?” He rubs my pussy with anticipation. He starts to rub his cock around. “Please I want that cock” he slaps me “please what?” “Please daddy fuck me with your amazing cock”.

He plunges his hard cock within my breedable pussy. Moaning with each stroke I grab onto his shoulders. Fuck strong shoulders just turn me on so much. I dig my nails into him. “Hey!” I let go. He plows my pussy so good. He slows for a moment. I look at him “please fuck me from behind with your hard cock”. He smile and backs off so I can get on all fours. He mounts me and pushes my head into the bed making sure I arch for him. He starts to drill his dick into me. Every pump amazing feeling my legs shake with pleasure. He pulls out and attempts to push into my ass. It hurts but he knows how much I want to be fucked in my ass. He tries again I can’t do it. He pulls away and spanks me very hard.

“Suck it out of me then” he stands up and i get on my knees in front of him. I start sucking then I stop. “Please fuck my throat” I lay down as he mounts. He starts fucking my throat intensely. I get lightheaded but so fucken wet. He pulls on my nipples making me come the starts to thrust more. Then he shoots his load deep into my throat. He pulls out I sit up to get a couple breathes in then I clean his junk of cum with my tongue. We lay down and knocked out. Happy with his cum in me.

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