Busted Cheating by Redheadrn

Ok today is Friday April 3rd 2020.

I just found out that my daughter told my husband of 19 years that I have had numerous affairs with co-workers while we lived in West Virginia and that I had not stopped cheating on him after we moved here to Florida. I feel so betrayed by my daughter that she would tell him about more than 10 affairs that she knew of while we lived in West Virginia. She even told him that she knew that I never stopped screwing around on him when we moved here to get away from what I had done in West Virginia. I actually tried to say that my daughter was angry at me because I had turned my back on her for sleeping with our family members in West Virginia. My husband quickly reminded me that he knew about my being a part of having sex with my cousins and my uncle. I said yes you know about that and that it was a long time ago. He then showed me a screenshot of my conversation with her about me having sex with my cousin Mike 3 years ago after his mom’s funeral in his house upstairs while he was downstairs. I have never felt so betrayed in all of my life! My husband showed me about 30 messages that my daughter sent to him providing names of guys who I’ve had sex with over the last 7 years and also a message that I was going up to West Virginia and was going to allow myself to be shared by the guys in the family while I was there! My daughter completely threw me under the bus with my husband and now my husband has told me that if I want to be a slut that he would make arrangements for guys to pay for my pussy so that he can recoup some of the money that he has wasted on our 19 year marriage! I didn’t know what to say after he said that so I just figured that I should let him vent and that he would never try to pimp me out. Well I now know that I’m wrong because my husband made a promise to me that he would have more than 5 guys a night ready to fuck me like the slut that he has discovered that I am! I asked him why he would want me to fuck for money and he quickly said cause if I wanted to share it with other guys that he would make sure that he would allow men to fuck me so he can help me be the best slut that I can be. I said to him that I know that you are hurting because of my infidelity but I would make it up to him somehow someway. He laughed and said that he just wanted me to get ready cause he had invited over 5 guys to fuck me tonight! I said no you didn’t and he said oh yes he did and showed me the messages he sent out to his colleagues that he was arranging a gang bang with me as the cumdumpster! I said I don’t want him to have his friends fuck me so that he can make me feel any worse than I already did. He said well he wouldn’t want me to feel like I should say no! He blurted out that he wanted me to be the best whore I could be! He then said that he thought that if I wanted to remain in the marriage that I would be the piece of ass his friends were expecting! I asked him if he would change his mind and he quickly said no way would he change his mind and that he wanted me to put on the dirty panties he found yesterday with cumin them so that I would feel like the fucking whore that I am! I after realizing that he was not going to change his mind about what he had made arrangements for that I should just suck it up and try to wonder what the guys were expecting me to do. I have this feeling in my stomach that I have made a huge mistake in cheating on my husband and making him have such animosity towards me right now. He handed me the panties from yesterday and a short dress that can be easily allowing my pussy and ass to be penetrated while I had a dick in my mouth. He wanted me to understand that he had already told them that they weren’t to wear condoms and that I would swallow their cum as well as take it in my pussy and ass. I told him that he knew that I didn’t like anal sex and he quickly reminded me that I had told him that I would never cheat again but that as far as he understood that I have had cheated for the last 7 years without stopping like I said that I would! I have come to the conclusion that I should just go along with his demands for tonight and hope that maybe he will have a change of heart after he witnesses me fucking the 5 guys who have said that they were definitely going to come tonight. I have no one to blame but myself for the consequences of me cheating! He has also said that he was awaiting to hear from another 4 guys who he had sent messages to. He said that he hopes that all 9 show up to fuck me. I asked him if I could in anyway make it up to him as to keep the marriage? He said that the only way he would stay in the marriage is if he felt like I had somehow satisfied his hurt with me having cheated for so long. I asked him again if he saw me in pain over having had all of the affairs would he maybe consider therapy for the 2 of us. Well I got my answer when he laughed and said yeah if the marriage counselor was also a contributing donor to the open house party with my pussy! I have sat here outside smoking on the back porch for about an hour now my husband just came outside to have a cigarette also and he told me that only 7 guys had confirmed that they would be able to come but that he had a good idea he had been contemplating. I really didn’t want to know but he told me anyway! He said for me to drop my shorts I had on so I did and he opened the back gate and the neighbor had come in the back yard and my husband said for me to stand up so I did and he pulled my shorts down so the guy next door could see my panties and then my husband bent me over the table and pulled my panties off and said to the neighbor Scott that I was ready for a quick fuck before the guys were going to be arriving in about a little more than an hour’s time. Scott was are you kidding me and my husband said nope and put his dick in my mouth and watched as Scott fucked me!

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