Bus ride to school leaves the seat a mess and my stinky panties under the seat.

I love taking the bus, sometimes. It’s almost a guaranteed orgasm if conditions are just right. As long as the seat isn’t too hot and I can get most of my muff on the seat, then the motion does it’s work. That and some good porn on my phone. The bouncing and rocking of the bus always massages my clit. I usually watch gang bang porn for bus orgasms. It works best. Wham bam thank you mam fucking.

Today is a dead zone. I can’t seem to get a good dirty thought in my head. I’ll get partially aroused and lose it. I’ve got my panties partially down and my clit is rubbing on the seat nicely but I’m going to run out of time. I’ll be there in exactly 26 mins. Using my fingers is getting old. Theres one girl getting on the bus, if she sits next to me she’ll get me off. I see another girl too. Maybe I can sit between the two of them? Yeah, that’s it!

I’ve let Sandy finger me before, the girl she’s with too, Jen. . No strings attached, they know I just need to get off. They really know how to work a pussy. Joy. She sat down next to me and the other girl crawled over me. I’m sandwiched!! First thing Sandy says is, “just take your fucking panties off for fucks sakes.” She reached up under my skirt and hooked the crotch and ripped them off. Isn’t that better? Kinda. My whole ass is on the seat though. She scrunched up my panties and tucked them behind me. She pushed back my skirt exposing my pussy and spread my legs. I looked at her. Ummm I’m kinda visible. Big deal. Like you care? True. They started working me over. Jill had my blouse open and tits hanging out for everyone to see. They’re right, I don’t care.

Damn your tits look great today!” Yeah. I used some good cream on them. She got 3 fingers up my pussy. Jen is playing with my tits and sucking my nipples. Everyone can see. I’ve got my head back. Everyone could see these two girls fucking me. Now she has a finger up my bum. Nice! I love that. Im a wild child. Im not even a slut. People just think I’m horny and crazy.

We’ve got about 15 mins left till we get there and I’m 10 from cumming, I think.
We might need one more person. I need an extra filthy thing to get me off. Jen opens her blouse. Good lord Jan, fantastic tits. She lifts her ass then hands me her panties, put those to your nose, that should finish you off. Oh man, fresh stinky panties. “Excellent brand, Jen, they smell great.” Jen goes “yeah, you should taste me sometime”. I started having my orgasm that was 30+ minutes in the making. Everyone saw me getting off but Jen put her hand over my mouth. I used Jens panties to stop the flood too. Sandy’s came off too! Sandy goes “fuck girl, you have a borderline squirt issue! And, Damn, I need sex too, you know??!! We get left out.” I told her “relax I’ll fuck you both in the bathroom at 10. Get a stall, hang your panties over the door so I know which one we’re using”. Jen. “Great idea except all our panties just got used as wet wipes” Sandy says, “relax, I’ve got my emergency period panties in my locker. I’ll wear them and hang them over”. So under our seat is 3 pairs of stinky panties. As we’re getting off the bus we looked back and boys are fighting over our dirty panties. Gotta love boys. I told the girls see them at 10 for some pussy licking fun. Jen goes. The thought is making me mess my dress up. I handed her a tampon.

She u girls later. Thanks.

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