Brother and Sister have too much fun together by TightPussyIsBest

What seemed like a blur of a dream, and an overwhelming feeling of a nightmare released me I came to and realized it…

After what seems like hours but I’m unsure cause all I can focus on is the feeling of my plump pussy lips stretching and forming little rolls on each side as I’m spread apart and repeatedly plunged into. Far deeper than my pussy has experienced before. Looking down as he pulls his hips back and my cunt gushes onto the bed, my vision blurs and my pussy, hungry for more fills my body with pleasure and forces my inner slut tendencies to come out. And just remember his text “I’m 10 inches, I’ve measured it” well well he’s fucking 3 fingers thick too as my eyes widen as a powerful and swift buck forward of his hips echos through the empty house followed by my groan/scream/moan as our hips collide and I can feel the enormous head of his cock seem to nearly hit my womb. “His cum will be shot straight into your womb Shannon, you HAVE to tell him to pull out”. I couldn’t help but frantically think but as his paces quickened and I knew his load was on it’s way I lost myself in lust and my own climax as his hips shoved against mine and kept pushing as he was shoving me and my thick hips/thighs and ass up the bed till my head met the wall. He threw his head back and moaned with honor and dominance “F-F-Ffffuck lil sis, I-I-Im cumming nut ddddeeeep again! You’re just TOOOO FUCKING TIGHT” and I just lost it. My legs went nuts, my heart pounded, my pussy trembled and pulled his cock somehow deeper into me as I started to squirt onto his bare and sweating hips as my pussy’s inner inches feels his thick head push in till there was just no pussy left and as his nuts slapped against my asshole I felt his sack tense up and then the flood of emotions we both felt began to erupt like a while fire as the literal flood began to flow and quickly and violently fill at the back of my pussy. As I felt a strong stream of cum hit against my womb, them another, then another, then the sound of my overwhelmed and overfilled pussy gushing his cum out between the tight and hot boarders of my pussy’s outer lips and his throbbing thick cock as he continued. Strong stream hitting my womb immediately followed by my pussy lips stretching beyond her limits long enough to gush hot, taboo seed out….back and forth as our eyes meet and he can just tell I’m speechless by the sheer amount of how full his nuts were as I lose control and my eyes roll back into my head, my back arches and my climax peaks as his cock throbs uncontrollably and keeps loading my pussy that was already full of cock but now was getting bloated and practically inflated by hot cum from the most naughty…..slutty…..kinky…..dark….and taboo source imaginable….the neglected, full and aching nuts of your older brother. As my pussy quakes and he begins pulling out he shoots a few more hot streams to fill in the empty space then….pretty much MADE me his cum slut for life he SLAMMED back in every inch as my pussy wildly, like a fountain gushed his cum out and all over my bed, my thighs, my plump pussy lips and his cock. As he moaned loudly and he collapsed onto me as his lips meet mine and we embraced as I could feel my pussy already getting sore from how much he inflated her from his hot seed but I loved it. Every bit of it….As he used his strong and toned arms to force my hands together and tightly gripped them as he held them above my head and I let out a whimper and asked “B-bret… you still need more?” And his started to grin ear to ear and replied “well maybe….or maybe I’ll need some thing for later”. Before I could react he pulled his phone from under him and quickly snapped a close up picture of his cock still buried ball deep inside me as our cum covered our skin. “Holy shit sis, that’s better than ANY porn or nudes I’ve recieved”. I began to fight to try to get my arms free, to no luck cause my big bro has worked out nearly his whole life. As I panic and close my legs as tightly as I can, and luckily my thick thighs cover my pussy. He glares and demands “Now sis….either you spread your legs as wide as you can and lift them towards your head or I….” he pauses as he fingers dance around his phone as he turns his screen to me. “Or I text that picture to your boyfriend you were already cheating on AND post it on all my porn site profiles”. My legs, still shaking as my arms give up fighting I mutter in defeat “You must really have enjoyed my pussy” as I shamefully begin parting my legs. My thick thighs having a string of cum and pussy juices connecting them from my plump pussy lips squeezed between them, forcing our hot juices out of me and covering my legs, lower belly, ass and asshole and bedsheets. Just my cum and his cum covered me. And before I can finish spreading them he drops his phone and forcefully yanks them wide. Each of my thighs now pressed against the bed on each side of me. He looked into my eyes and with his overwhelming dominance and strength in his voice said “Now I’m going to release your hands, and I want you to spread your fucking fat and slutty pussy lips so I can see your clit and remember I already got a picture to expose you”

So as he released my hands and grabbed his phone and aimed it so it could view up inside me and see his shaft still stuffing me. I gulped hard and bit my lips and already filled with embarrassment and shame begin to reach for my pussy. Admittedly my pussy and brain were at war….my pussy for some reason kept filling my body and brain with pleasure and told my body to shut up, enjoy it and to really expose everything to him so he can use the pictures as he wishes. And my pussy just got turned on again and, still drowned in his cum wanted fucked again as my slutty urges took over me. So I said “hey bro” to get him to look up away from the very incestuous and very hot sight he obviously had as I used my hands and pushed my tits together, stuck my tongue out and closed my eyes as I heard it. *click*

Then I reached down and grasped onto his cock’s shaft that wasn’t buried inside of my hairless cunt and yanked him a few times and again. *click*

Then I released his now reenergized and hardened cock I placed two fingers from each hand onto my plump soaked pussy lips and using all my strength slowly spread myself open. I swear I could just feel my inner pussy walls being exposed to the light of the room as I heard it. *click click click*

“Just a few…more intimate slutty pictures Shannon” as I threw my head up and gasped because he very quickly without warning yanked his cock out of my pussy, it felt like he nearly turned my cunt inside out. As he hands guided my hips to roll over and hang off the bed so I was now simply leaning over the bed and….*click* “Such a fat slutty ass lil sis”

I’ve never experienced anal and never send that exposing of pictures of my asset alone my assHOLE so I hated it when I heard him say “Ok slut, I mean sis reach back and spread those huge asscheeks” I nearly cried and whispered as I slowly listened. Him growing “And don’t forget I already have like 20 exposing, slutty pictures so don’t disobey”. Filled with fear and somehow pleasure from my inner slut STILL enjoying exposing any part of myself to even my brother’s camera as my hands not even being able to cover half of my asscheeks a peice pulled myself open and fir the first time In my life my unused asshole, glistening from his cum coating it was exposed to him and his fullly erect cock as I tightly shut my eyes and heard it. *click click click*

Then I heard him prop his phone up on my dresser, looked back to see the lenses pointed directly at my ass so filled with embarrassment, shame and lust quivered as I asked “what are you doing?”

He placed his hands around my hips and gripped and pushed me down, causing my bed springs to squeak and proudly said to the camera “Now this sluts fat ass will get its first taste of cock. A cock still covered by her cum and my cum that was mixed inside her pussy”

And in an instant as I was overwhelmed with panic, embarrassment, shame, intense pain, feeling worthless, exposed and finally being filled with overwhelming pleasure and the urge to be the sluttiest girl my brother has ever fucked. Those feelings starting in my pussy and flooded all over my body as I give into him taking my ass’s virginity with his super slick and cum soaked cock. I grunt as I collaps onto my bed and using my hands I tightly grip each asscheek and pull them apart as far as possible as my brother’s hips are able to get closer and closer to mine and his cock is able to feel the warm innocent embrace of my ass deeper and deep as my brother moans and I groan.

As my sluttiest fantasy comes true. I’m being blackmailed to expose my asshole to a camera recording my brother’s cock fucking the virginity out of his slutty sis. My fat ass embraces his thick incestuous cock to the hilt, filling me with pain as his throbbing cock ruins my last bit of innocence and virginity as he violently violates me and guarantees I have no choice but to accept that I’m the sluttiest bitch he’s ever fucked and my ass will be his cock’s fleshlight whenever he asks. As his phone captures the moment his cock feeds my deepest and tightest untouched depths with his cum as he moans as his orgasm overwhelms him “Fuck! Lil slutty sis virgin ass is the BEST place to cum” as he finishes and slaps my ass as he yanks out of me again. Causing me to loudly groan. He grabs his phone and on his way out looks back and giggles as he said “My phone was streaming as it was recording. Look for your first anal on your favorite porn sites shortly sis”

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