Brenda and Big James in the office by ashleywood

It was a Friday working day. Brenda was in the middle of her 10-week internship programme, while James just returned to office after being away on a 2-month overseas project.

Brenda and James worked in a same-level office but were from different departments. She was from finance, while he was an operations manager.

During the time that James was away, Brenda had been the only person in the office pantry during lunchtime. She brought her own home-packed lunches to work every day and was used to eating in the office pantry alone. During lunchtime that Friday, she took her lunchbox and walked over to the office pantry. She had expected to be alone.

Thud. Brenda hit someone. She had walked straight into James who was standing just inside the office pantry. James’s chubby dad bod felt soft, like a teddy bear.

It was their first meeting.

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry.” Brenda apologised profusely. She looked up to see who she had knocked into. He looked tall and imposing in front of Brenda.

“It’s ok,” James said. “It’s actually my fault. I shouldn’t be blocking the office pantry entrance like a club bouncer.” James posed, with his arms crossed in front of him.

Brenda giggled. She liked his humour.

“Anyway, I’m Brenda, the intern from finance.”

“I’m James from the operations department. Nice to meet you, Brenda.”

“Nice to meet you, Big James.”

James smiled. He liked his new nickname.

Like Brenda, James also brought a lunchbox. His wife prepared his lunch for him every day in the morning. Since that day, Brenda and James would be the only ones in the office pantry during lunchtime. They shared food and stories. They enjoyed each other’s company.

Brenda was 19, single, available and had five ex-boyfriends; while James was 35, married to first girlfriend and had four young kids.

James grew to like Brenda. Brenda was beautiful, her skin was flawless. James loved her silky long hair. He enjoyed her youthful energy and he felt young around her. James enjoyed hearing Brenda share her stories and her own perspectives. He was fascinated by Brenda’s mix of beauty and brains. She was a breath of fresh air for James. James would date someone like Brenda if he was still single.

Brenda, too, grew to like James. James had neat, short hair and was clean shaven. Brenda liked his boyish charm. She appreciated how James would listen intently to her whenever she spoke. She liked his dependability. His calmness provided Brenda with a sense of security when she’s around him. She hoped to find a husband like James in the future.

Brenda and James looked forward to lunchtime every day. It was their mini escape from work. They were from different departments and didn’t have to talk about work. Time seemed to pass quickly for them. Soon, four weeks had passed.

It was yet another Friday. It was lunchtime. Brenda had one more week of work to go.

“Next Friday’s your last day, right?” James asked.

“Yeah, my internship ends next Friday.”

“That’s sad. I’m going to miss having someone to talk to during lunch.”

“Hey, I’m not just someone ok?” Brenda was irked.

“I didn’t mean it that way. I’m sorry.” James was apologetic. “I didn’t want to say that I would miss talking to you. I thought that would sound wrong, you know. But yeah, I would miss talking to you, Brenda.”

“I would miss talking to you too.” Brenda paused. “I would miss you, Big James.”

Brenda and James were both a little sad. They could sense a strange tension in the air that day. They knew that they liked each other. They knew that if they were to continue spending more time together, things might get out of hand. Brenda didn’t want that to happen. James couldn’t let it happen.

They seemed to have the same tacit understanding: endure one more week, just one more week and they would never have to see each other again. They hoped their feelings for each other would naturally die down.

Later that Friday evening, Brenda rushed home after work. She was all alone in her empty house. Her parents were overseas. She sank into her living room sofa, exhausted. Her mind had been on overdrive the entire afternoon. She couldn’t stop thinking about James after she had told him she would miss him. Brenda closed her eyes. James appeared in her mind again. She tried to erase him from her head, but he would always reappear. Brenda gave up. She decided to let her mind run freely.

Brenda closed her eyes. She imagined James was with her, he kissed her on her forehead, and he hugged her tightly. His body felt warm. Brenda’s face was flushing from this scene playing in her head. She felt hot. She took off her top. She slipped her right hand into her panties and started playing with herself. It felt good. She was wet. She grabbed her left boob and fondled herself. She imagined James massaging her left boob. She circled her fingers around her nipple. It was erect and felt sensitive to her touch. It made her feel good.

“You’re so good, James. Yessssss,” Brenda moaned loudly.

Brenda threw her head back and imagined James was on top of her, looking straight into her eyes. She could see such a guilty look in those eyes. Brenda felt more turned on. Her breathing deepened.

“It’s ok, Big James,” Brenda whispered. “It’s just you and me. It’s our little secret.”

Brenda rubbed herself and positioned her fingers below. She inserted her fingers in slowly, imagining it was James who entered her gently.

“Wuuuuuuuuh. Yessssss,” Brenda moaned as her fingers went all the way in. She felt as though it was James who filled her up. She felt good. Then she started fingering herself. Her fingers slipped in and out of herself easily. Brenda was so wet. She moaned James’s name repeatedly. She loved moaning his name. James’s face seemed to get clearer in her mind whenever she moaned his name. Brenda imagined James pounding her harder and faster. Brenda breathed faster and shallower as she picked up speed. Her heart was racing. Brenda started rocking her hips as she imagined herself meeting James’s thrusts.

“James, faster. Faster. Oh yesssss.”

She imagined James looking deeply into her eyes as he approached climax in her fantasy. She was approaching climax too. The image of James’s horny sex face drove Brenda crazy. She came hard.

“Agggggggh.” She trembled. “Ohhhhhhhh.”

Brenda shook. Her whole body was shaking. That was a good one. She heaved a euphoric sigh of relief. She needed that release. She could finally rest her mind. Brenda was both mentally and physically exhausted. She stayed on the sofa and slowly drifted to sleep.

Over at James’s house that same night, James’s kids went to sleep early. That gave James and his wife some much-needed time alone. James hadn’t had sex with his wife since her last pregnancy. That was almost a year ago. James had always been understanding towards her. However, recent stress at work had caused him to have a lot of pent-up frustrations. He needed to let it out.

That night, James decided to try. He decided to initiate sex with his wife. He hoped his wife would finally be ready. After a nice warm shower, James felt relaxed. He was ready. His wife was lying on the bed. James climbed onto his bed enthusiastically and cuddled his wife from behind.

“I’m sorry dear.” She rejected his advances. “I’m not in the mood for this.”

James would usually feel okay. But not that night. He was very disappointed. He turned away from his wife and tried to fall asleep. James needed an outlet to release his stress. He had an idea. He decided to go for a morning run the next day. James went to sleep, feeling frustrated.

The next morning, Brenda woke up from her sofa and realised that she had left her handphone in the office. She was irritated that she had to go back to the office on a non-working day.

Brenda reached the office and went to her desk. The office was quiet. She took her handphone from her desk and decided to grab a cup of water from the office pantry before leaving. She was thirsty. She reached the office pantry and saw James standing inside, drinking a cup of water. Brenda was surprised. Her face flushed immediately when she recalled fantasising about James.

“Hey Brenda! What a pleasant surprise. Why are you also back in the office on a Saturday?”

“Oh. Yeah. I left my handphone here. I came back to get it. What about you?”

James was happy to see Brenda. She looked different. She was always dressed formally during working days. He looked at her more closely. Brenda was wearing a tank top and tight jeans. James could easily see her cleavage as he was much taller than her. He stared at her boobs. She looked sexy. James felt a sudden tightness in his chest and his heart started beating faster. He was getting turned on by Brenda.

“I just finished a run near the office area. I was nearby so I thought I would drop by to print out some documents. You look good by the way.”

“Hmm, thanks.”

Brenda felt like a shy little girl after hearing James’s compliment. She didn’t know how to reply him. She looked at what he was wearing. James was in his sports singlet and a pair of black sports shorts. Brenda thought those shorts looked too tight on James. Then, she noticed a bulge on his tight wet shorts. He wasn’t wearing any underwear. That made Brenda’s heart race faster. She felt like her heart was beating out of her chest. Her face felt so warm. She was getting turned on by James.

“Brenda? Brenda?”

Brenda snapped out of her thoughts. “Yeah?”

“I have to go now. I’m going to the photocopy room to collect my printouts. See you on Monday.”

James wanted to leave the room quickly. He didn’t want Brenda to know that he was turned on by her. He wouldn’t know how to react.

James bid Brenda goodbye and walked past Brenda. He caught a whiff of her washed, slightly wet hair. James loved how nice Brenda’s smelled. His heart was fluttering. James mustered his last remaining energy and walked quickly towards the photocopy room. His legs had been feeling heavy after the morning run. He reached the entrance of the photocopy room. It was a small squarish room with one photocopy machine. The sliding door was closed. James pulled the heavy door open slowly. He had little energy left. He entered the room, took his printed documents and prepared to leave.


James heard Brenda’s voice behind him. He turned around. Brenda stepped inside the room and kneeled in front of James without saying a word. James dropped his papers and froze. Brenda reached out and inserted her thumbs into the sides of his shorts. She wanted to pull his pants down. She paused. She wanted to see how James would react. She bit her lip, looked up and waited for him to look at her.

James was stunned by Brenda’s sudden boldness. He wanted to run out immediately. He didn’t. He looked down and locked eyes with Brenda. She looked eager, yet she also looked vulnerable, kneeling in front of him. He couldn’t bear to hurt her feelings by running off. He contemplated other options.

James decided to close his eyes and give himself more time to think. He took a deep breath. His cock was feeling cold inside his wet shorts. Brenda went ahead and pulled his shorts down slowly. James wasn’t wearing any underwear. His cock brushed against the smooth inner lining of his shorts. James was aroused. His cock expanded slowly. It was soon getting uncomfortable for James to have his cock trapped inside shorts. His shorts were too tight. Brenda continued to pull his shorts down. James felt the tightness in his chest return. He couldn’t think straight. James didn’t stop Brenda. He didn’t want her to stop now.

“Woooooh,” James moaned as his cock was released from his shorts. Brenda pulled his shorts down to his ankles. James peeked through the slits of his semi-closed eyes. Brenda was doing something with her hair. He closed his eyes again and took another deep breath. He could smell the fragrance of her hair. That turned him on. He felt a strong urge to touch her hair. James waited for his chance.

Brenda had tied her hair into a ponytail. She started stroking James’s cock gently. James liked it. He was fully erect. Brenda wrapped her mouth around his cock. James gasped. Her warm mouth felt good on his cold hard cock. It gave James instant pleasure. He had missed this feeling so much; he hadn’t had a blowjob in years. He loved how warm and wet Brenda was.

James recalled seeing Brenda’s cleavage earlier. He wanted to look at her boobs again. James opened his eyes. He suddenly realised that they were both in the office. The photocopy room door was still ajar. James panicked. He quickly closed the door shut and locked it. Fortunately, there were no windows in the room. And it was soundproof. James felt at ease. Brenda was still sucking on him all this while. James looked down at her. She was bobbing her head and gliding her lips along his shaft. James’s watched on as his cock repeatedly appeared and disappeared from his sight. He was still too shy to touch her. He raised his hands and placed them on his head as he watched on. He liked the view from the top. He liked seeing her boobs jiggle. It was driving him insane.

“This feels so good,” James moaned.

James caught another whiff of Brenda’s hair. He couldn’t take it anymore. He took his hands off his head and placed them on Brenda’s head. He was careful to be gentle. He started lightly massaging her head. Her hair felt so soft. And silky. James loved the feeling of her hair. He ran his fingers through her hair and continued stroking her long silky hair. Brenda loved it. James’s heart was beating faster, and he was starting to breathe more heavily.

“You’re amazing, Brenda.”

After a few minutes, James felt Brenda taking him deeper and deeper.

“Ohhhhhhhhh,” James let out a loud groan with his cockhead first rubbed against Brenda’s throat. He felt a tingling sensation run through his body. His cockhead was feeling super sensitive. He thought it might be due to the lack of sex with his wife. His feet were curled inside his shoes as he grappled with the slight discomfort. Brenda slowed down as James took a few deep breaths. Gradually, James got used to the sensation and he felt better. He was a little embarrassed. He had never gone so deep into someone’s mouth before. That was a whole new feeling to him. Brenda’s throat felt so soft and tender. Her throat was gripping around James’s cock with a strong suction force. James liked how tight it felt. It was driving him insane.

Just as James thought things couldn’t get any better, Brenda took his hands and locked fingers with him. Brenda’s hands felt soft. He loved the Brenda’s touch. James felt like he was in a dream. He was going mad.

Minutes went by, James didn’t want this to stop. But he didn’t want Brenda to tire out. He started moaning louder, hoping it would get him to come faster. The room was filled with James’s moans and the wet slurping sounds of his cock getting deep-throated.

James moaned louder; Brenda went faster. She loved hearing him moan. It was getting louder in the room as the sounds echoed off the walls. Both didn’t mind. They were enjoying every moment of it.

James was fast approaching climax. His cock started to throb inside of Brenda. James’s eyes roamed the room in search of a place to ejaculate. A dustbin at the corner. He prepared to rush over.

“I’m gonna come.” James warned. “I’m coming.”

James squeezed Brenda’s hands to warn her. Instead of letting James go, Brenda kept his cock deep in her throat.

“Uggggghhhhhh,” James moaned as he came inside Brenda.

James unleashed his load down Brenda’s wet and warm throat. It was so tight inside. James came so hard that he felt like he emptied everything he had. His cock quickly turned flaccid after he emptied his final load. It slipped out of Brenda’s mouth. She leaned forward and licked off the remaining cum on his cock. Brenda felt pleased after she cleaned him up. They didn’t even need any tissue.

James was busy catching his breath, surprised that Brenda had allowed him to come inside her. That felt so good. He was satisfied that he could finally release some of his pent-up energy. He felt thankful to Brenda.

Brenda put James’s shorts back on for him, and she stood up. She looked at James. She was happy to see his satisfied face. That gave her immense pleasure. It felt almost as good as her orgasm the night before. Brenda wanted to kiss James so badly. But she knew she shouldn’t kiss him; it would be too personal. Brenda placed her left index finger on James’s lips. She tip-toed and moved closer towards James and kissed her finger that was on James’s lip. She was careful for her lips not to touch James’s. She held her kiss for a few seconds and then she took a step back.

“Bye Big James.”

Brenda turned around and opened the sliding door.

“Wait,” James blurted. Brenda turned around to face him.

James looked into her eyes and asked, “Can I hug you? Please?”

James and Brenda shared a warm embrace. They knew this was the beginning of the end of their relationship. But they smiled to themselves anyway, knowing that they had shared a nice memory together.

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