Breeder Rape Future – Repopulation Recovery Act by Jenny_Slut

Repopulation Recovery Act – A timeline

After the third world war and the veritable plague that followed, the US population was nearly wiped out. The population of some states had reduced to less than a quarter of what they’d been before. In an effort to rebuild, the government adopted the Repopulation Recovery Act. This was billed as a way to encourage population growth, but it was driven by a concerted effort to eliminate women’s rights, and establish male supremacy and ownership of the female body. It started out relatively small…

2041: Abortion is outlawed, except in cases of incest, and maternity benefits/incentives are increased. Reproductive health is prioritized, and Safe Haven centers are created where women could leave unwanted babies.

2042: Birth control, tubal ligations, and vasectomies are outlawed. Health curriculums in school change to emphasize a woman’s responsibility to get pregnant as young and as often as possible. Males are encouraged to be more aggressive in their sexual advances. Rape laws are relaxed significantly, and it becomes increasingly difficult for a man to be convicted of any sexual crime. Even if convicted, at most a fine is levied.

2044: Marital rape is decriminalized. Any partner found to have attempted to resist breeding is fined. States pass laws allowing husbands to make their wives “available” for potential breeding partners, regardless of the wife’s consent. Divorce and annulments are no longer legal, and ex-husbands are granted sexual rights to their ex-wives. Prostitution laws are relaxed, allowing any male relative of a woman to “offer” her for sex. Prisonlike “breeding centers” are erected to serve as enforcement and punishment for women who refuse impregnation attempts. All children produced are taken to Safe Haven centers and raised as wards of the state.

2044: Breeding centers are created as the ultimate and only punishment for any woman accused of even remotely rejecting an attempt at impregnation. At these centers, women are detained, branded as “whores” and made available for breeding by any male, at any time. Whores at breeding centers are strapped to breeding tables 24/7, allowed neither clothing nor food but rather receive intravenous nutrition. They remain in a breedable position at all times, although male visitors may change their positions as they like. Men are encouraged to visit the breeding centers whenever they like and are given full access to the prisoners, who sentenced to being forcibly impregnated for the length of her fertility. Women in breeding centers a milked continually, and their breastmilk is provided to Safe Haven centers. There is also a black market for breeder milk, and women are encouraged to be lactate continually and donate their breastmilk to Safe Haven centers.

2045: “Age of consent” is lowered. Any person “of breeding age”, defined as having past puberty, is legally fuckable. A fertility test is given to everyone once puberty is reached, and fertility drugs are introduced as part of a daily national regimen. Incarcerated breeding whores lose all human rights, and become available for “sponsorship” for “rehabilitation”. This allows a man to purchase the breeding whore of his liking and treat her however he likes. Sex slavery becomes increasingly common. Safe Haven centers base their education around the idea that women were created to be bred and to pleasure men, and that all girls grow up to be submissive baby incubators and sex objects. “Adoption” of girls who have reached breeding age becomes increasingly common as “adoptive fathers” take in breedable teenaged girls to become their sex slaves.

2047: Rape is fully legalized, if the attacker can reasonably assert they were attempting impregnation. Any person “of breeding age” is required to submit to sexual advances and make no attempt to avoid pregnancy. States begin expanding on these laws to the point that all “barrier to entry” of a woman’s body are outlawed. Females are no longer allowed to wear underwear, pants, or block access to their cunts in any way. While violence is discouraged, it is not criminalized. Sexual attacks on women skyrocket, including in public. Public gangrapes become regular and societally accepted occurrences.

2048: “Reproductive Stimulus” laws are passed. Legislators argue that a man’s reproductive health and virility are increased by regular stimulation, and therefore it is vital a man never be refused a sexual advance. This is the last piece of the deterioration of women’s rights. Now, even if a woman is pregnant or infertile, or the sex act will not result in impregnation (such as oral or anal sex), it may not be denied. All sexual acts by men are legalized, and any attempt to refuse them is punished by a life of imprisonment and forced impregnation. Breeding whores are fitted with permanent O-rings in their mouths so they could never refuse administering oral sex. Incest rates soar as fathers and brothers are now encouraged to begin “training” their daughters and sisters, although inbreeding is still illegal.

While is it is still legal for women to go to school and work, their primary purpose in life is to be fucked, bred, and reproduce.

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