Bree and I by greydom

“Hello” said a voice behind me and as I turned to look, “Now, can you get out of the way new guy?” This was our first interaction as I started my new job at the community center in our town. She was cold and sometimes nasty with her words yet that mysteriously drew my attention towards her. The staff within the community center was actually pretty close as they tended to hang out after hours and got drunk together at the local bars after work. I tend to keep to myself yet a friend, who got me the job in the first place, encouraged me to hang out with them.

Over a few months, I got to actually know this girl as I found her cold, sarcastic humor to be quite enjoyable and we started to throw jabs at each other. Her name was Bree and eventually our playful jabs started to turn flirty. However, I found out she had a boyfriend yet he did not have much time to spend with her. One day I needed to buy a birthday gift to my sister and asked her , “what would be a good gift to get my sister?”

“You dont have to front, I dont accept gifts.”

“Who said anything about your gift, you’re a girl… wait you are a girl right?”

“I aint no girl, I’m a woman and I am so out of your league.”

“Ha ha, very funny. Just for that, you’re coming with me and picking a gift for my sister for me.”

We went to mall and she picked out some outfits. “Try them out, I want to see how the look on a woman”

She went into the dressing room and came out with a size too small. She usually wore larger close but I didnt notice how small she was. Her stomach was exposed but it was surprisingly toned and she wore her pants a little bit low. She was about 5’4”, roughly 110lbs. As I was checking her out, I started to fantasize what she would look like with less clothes on.

For the next couple of months, we would hang out, just the two of us, as she talked about her boyfriend and about different aspects of her life. We would go on several drinking sessions and hang out as she would lie to her boyfriend about taking care of emergency’s yet hanging out with me.

One day Bree asked, “I have always wanted to go watch the diamondbacks play.”

“But we live in Texas, why arent you rangers fan?”

“Screw the rangers, its all about the diamondbacks!”

“Lets go, I’m down”

“Wait, you cant be serious.”

“Im dead serious, lets go right now. Ill book the tickets.”

After convincing her, I drove her to her home, picked up a few things and headed towards Arizona. I didnt plan to do anything with her as I booked a room and even got 2 separate beds, she still was in a relationship and I didnt want to be a dick. We watched the game, had dinner, went to a bar and headed back to our room.

“You didnt book 2 separate rooms?”

“I already paid for the tickets, gas, and the room so I wanted to save some money, plus there’s nothing to look at and I got 2 separate beds.”

“Dont you even dare touch my bed, we’re sleeping separately!”

I let her wash up first, I did my own thing and it was time for bed. I turned off the lights and said good night…. As I was slowly drifting off to sleep and pretty satisfied that I got to hang out with Bree all day, I started to think what if I can make Bree my girl? “I’ll think of something… sleep…”

“Darren? Are you sleeping?”

“Bree, I almost fell asleep, go to sleep already”

“I broke up with my boyfriend and I dont feel to good, thanks for taking me out to a rangers game today.”

“No worries, are you sure you’re ok?”

“Yeah, ill be fine.” My heart was racing and all these thoughts were running in my head. Should I make a move now? Does that make me look desperate? What if I did make a move and she might think Im some pig?

“Bree? Are you having trouble sleeping?”

“Yeah, a little bit, I think I had a little bit too much to drink.”

“I think you need a hug.”

So I climbed out of my and went in hers. I was extremely nervous but once I made out her figure in the dark and moved closer to her, she extended her arms yet I went for it…

I kissed her.

At first, she was taken a back and she was not responding but as I moved my lips and started to push my tongue into her mouth, she started to take my lead.

“Oh my goodness, you’re a great kisser!”

Then we continued to kiss and thought to myself that I am more than satisfied how the night was going and if it just ended here, it would be fine. But as I leaned it I felt her hard nipple against my chest, shes not wearing a bra! “Should I grab it? Or is it too soon?” After trying to decided, which seemed like forever, I took one deep breath and started to run my hand towards her hips and entered her shirt from the bottom up.

When I got to her breast as my fingers brushed against her nipple, she let off a soft moan. While I continued to work on her nipple with my left hand and kiss her passionately, she asked, “can I?”

“Ofcourse you can.”

She slowly moved her hand into my pants and felt my raging boner.

“Wow, you’re hard already?”

“Well, you are pretty damn hot and we’re kissing.”

“I didnt think you would be, and its not like we’re gonna go any further than this.”

“You sure?”

“Yeah, its not like you have a rubber unless you planned to set me up in the first place.”

“I dont have a rubber but lets see what your other lips think.”

I started to kiss her again and stopped rubbing her nipple and proceeded down her stomach and stopped right at her shorts. She did not protest to the move so I moved down her shorts and her panties. I stopped again at her mound to see what she would do but she did not protest.

What I felt next is wet and open pussy. My cock wanted it so bad yet I tried to stay composed to not slam her back into the bed and rip her shorts and pants right off of her.

I started to play with her clit and she made a different kind of moans. After awhile I asked, “I want to taste you.” She did not respond. I slowly kissed her down her neck, down her chest and stomach. I placed both of my hands on her shorts and panties and carefully removed them. She opened her legs for me go in as I slowly licked her clit.

“I never had anyone go down on me befoo… uugggghhh”

She tasted good and after awhile I ran my fingers up to her nipples and played with them while I was licking and sucking on her clit.

“Ok, thats enough, its starting to get alittle sore”

“You sure you’re not trying to cum?”

“No really, stop.”


Just then, I placed my two fingers into her and started to thrash her tight, wet hole. While I was doing this, I made my way up and started kissing her again. She instantly started to get really wet again so I went hard as I thrusted my fingers harder into her.

She started to raise her stomach up in the air and move sporadically. I thought to myself, “she’s gonna cum soon!” But after awhile she said, “Darren, stop it hurts like a mofo. WTF are you?”

“Oh, I thought you were liking it.”

“WTF! Who would like that? It hurts, fucker.”

“Im sorry.”

Well, there goes my night as I laid next to her caressing her head and said sorry one more time….

Then I felt her hand reach for my dick. “Looks like your little buddy is not going down.”

“How could it after what we did?”

“Does it go down on it’s own?”

“Maybe, but I think its gonna hurt if left alone”

“What do you need to do? It is pulsing and its hot.”

“It needs to let go of it’s load.”

“I can help with that.”

She moved down and pulled off my pants and wrapped her little mouth over my penis. I never had a blowjob in my life and I thought it would feel amazing. It did at first but I didnt feel like cumming.

“Darren, hurry up and fucking cum already. My jaw is starting to hurt.”

“I’m sorry, it just doesnt want to cum.”

“What should we do?”

“Lets see, lay back down.”

She was already half naked with only her shirt on. I started to run my finger down again… “Nope, you’re not touching that again!”

“Im just checking if its still wet.”

“It hurt like hell last time, be careful.”


She was still wet but probably from earlier as I ran my fingers and her pussy was closed!

What should I do? Damn I just want to fuck that pussy… “Hey silly, come and kiss me.”

I started to kiss her and after a few minutes and checked her again… She was more wet than before and it was open. As I was kissing her, I moved on top of her slowly as she moved her legs apart to invite me in. I felt her wet pussy with my penis and wanted to find the entrance as I was kissing her.

She reached down and placed the head of my cock at the entrance. I just wanted to enter her all the way with the built up of this whole night yet I got up to reposition myself.

“You ready Bree?”

“Yeah, why you ask…. ohhhhhh”

I didnt let her finish the sentence as I felt the entrance of her pussy engulf the head of my penis. I wanted to fuck her hard but knew I would last long so I pushed alittle bit more and I was all the way in! It felt so warm, wet, and extremely amazing as I started to slowly thrust her slowly.

“Uuuggnnhhhh, uuuuugggnhhh, uuuuugggnnnh.” Her moans were way different from before and just the sound of it was making me cum.

“Ohhh Bree, you feel wayyy too good.” Yet I felt if I kept this pace, I could hang for awhile.

Then disaster struck. She started to move her hips with me! The pleasure level of 80 shot up to a 1000 and I wanted to concentrate not to cum…. “Fuck Bree, I cant anymore.” And I pulled out and shot a huge load next to Bree.

I ran to the bathroom for some reason and started to wash my penis off of cum… “Fuck, I wanted to make it last, damn Bree that felt way too good.”

“You should have said something, I could hqve stopped.”

“I think I can go again.”

“Really? Guys, cant go twicee.”

I didnt let her finish her sentence as I jumped back and entered her.

“Uuuggnnhhhh, uuuuugggnhhh, uuuuugggnnnh, WTF are you? Why uugggnnhh are you fucking me again?”

It didnt feel that great this time but it still felt good. I started to pick up the pace….

“uuugggnnn, Darren…. give me a second…. ugggggnnn”

The mix of her moan, her warm tight pussy and what she said brought me to the top…

“Im cumming again…”

“Not inside!!!”

I pulled out and shot a larger load onto her stomach and collapsed next to her.

Bree got up to clean herself off and sat next to me. My penis was still rock hard.

She started to stroke my cock. “Its still not down yet, what a strange penis.” It felt a bit sensitive but I did not say anything as our fucking session did not last that long and I knew she was not finished.

“Let me suck you off again.”


She moved her mouth onto my cock yet it felt more numb than before. After a few seconds, I grabbed Bree by the arm. “Bree, go on top.”

“Are you sure? You already came twice.”

“Lets do it.”

So she moved on top of me and surprisingly her pussy stayed wet and open. She slowly lowered herself on me…. It didnt feel that amazing anymore, yes time to get revenge!

I let her ride me and do her thing for a few minutes then I moved my hands on her small waste…

“What are you doing Darren, Oh oh….”

I started to thrust hard towards her and she stood motionless trying to hold the pleasure back…

“Right there, keep going.”

“Bree, why do you feel getting tighter?”

“Shut up, dont stop.”

“Bree, Im gonna cum.”

Then I felt her pussy grab and start twitching. Because she felt weak, her weight was pushing down and I couldnt pull her off of me in time. I felt my penis pump my load into her unprotected pussy as she collapsed onto me.

“Darren, that was good… wait did you just cum in me?”

“You idiot!”

More to come…

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