Bratty Sister’s Corruption PART 1, 2, 3, 4

part 1 – chaste face sitting wake-up (no sex)
part 2 – sister’s first orgasm and brother’s revenge
part 3 – sibling’s deal and public classroom muffdive
part 4 – sister learns what ‘anal’ is
Each part is about 1000 words. You don’t need to read them all to understand so feel free to skip around
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The first part doesn’t outright have sex – every other one does
You heard your younger sister creep less-than-stealthily into your room. You felt the warm blanket around your toned body slide down enough to expose your chest. You watched in disbelief as she climbed atop your bed and atop you. Her bubble butt was barely contained in tight jeans as it hovered above your worried face for a moment.
Then she sat on you.
She giggled in delight as your hands shot out to push against her. You felt the sheer heat emanating from her rear warm your cheeks to a blush. Your lips and nose traced along between her cheeks as her trained thighs clamped down on your head.
“That’s for sleeping in and making me late you slob!”
Her hand came down and caressed your face cruelly. Your eyes peeked above her behind and stared daggers into back. “Oh don’t be like that! You know how cranky I get when you piss me off. You’re going to be sat on until you finally get it through your skull to get up on time! This is the nicest I’ve been to you about this in a long time so don’t complain.”
It was true.
More than a little arousal twisted inside her. She decided to enjoy this. “Now that you’re down there may as well tell me.. who has the better butt? Me or Tiffany?”
You mmph!-ed emphatically. She actually blushed at your compliment. “Gosh thank you – aren’t you the best brother? Now tell me-” she raised her punishing posterior off your face, “Who has the better butt? Me or mom?”
She studied your face as you spluttered out a response that had far too many words and far too few thoughts for her to want to hear it. Your vision went dark again as she settled back. “You’ve earnt it this time wasting all that air in your lungs.”
You heard the sound of a camera shutter and almost died of embarrassment.
“Oh shush you! I promise I won’t send it to anyone – I just want to have this to laugh at if you ever try bragging.” Not one moment later did your own phone start pinging with messages received. You struggled but it only served to have her spread her cheeks through her pants and truly envelop you. You could only imagine who she’d sent it to without a care in the world for what it might do to your reputation.
She took another and forwarded it on. She gasped, “Oh the girls love this one! They say you finally stopped looking down on me but rather up!” She looked back at you and smirked. “Seems about right. Staring right at my asshole if anything..”
She typed another message. “They’re saying I should check your dick out – make sure you’re not a perv for this kind of thing.”
Before you could stop her she’d yanked the blanket off entirely. Your large veiny cock made a large tent in your white underwear – she could even see the tip had soaked through the fabric from the precum.
You felt horror tighten your chest before her cute giggles filled the air. “You’re not supposed to like me silly! I’m your sister. Gosh did my big butt get you all confused?” She tried to push your cock down and you almost moaned – even the slightest bit of contact from her delicate hands on your cockhead drove you crazy. “Ugh gross! It won’t go down.” She covered you again with the blanket but didn’t get up.
Instead her fingers slipped between the rim of her pants and her thighs. She slid her tight pants off. You stared up at her pink girly panties before she planted them on you as well. This time her bare smooth skin clapped against your cheeks and your nose was pressed into her crack. More photos – more laughing – more shame. Finally you wrestled her off you and jumped away.
She slowly walked around you to the door as you stuttered expletives and anger at her. She swayed her hips teasingly as she did – only serving to agitate you further as your hands cupped over your crotch in a bad attempt to hide your throbbing erection.
She paused at the door and turned around. “I won’t tell anyone about this if you promise I get to sit on your face while I watch a movie later”
You nodded shyly biting your lip so you didn’t say anything and make it worse.”Aaand you leave it to ME and not your girlfriend to train all of those perversions out of you. With more sitting!”
She winked.
She slid her hand up her legs to her hips then gave herself a shy slap on the butt. You gazed at the empty space mind spinning.
What did that wink mean?
You’re laying in bed stealthily jerking off to your sister’s panties.
They’re pink, smooth and smell sweet from the fabric softener. They happen to be the exact pair you had sat on your face not one day earlier. She’d left them on her bed when she’d went away for the day to visit friends; probably just to tease you about what had happened.
Your large girthy cock is practically dripping precum at this point. It’s beautiful veiny length is framed by two fat balls churning with cum. You’re imagining holding her down by her wavy hair as you fuck her lithe frame from behind in revenge for your humiliation. You imagine her virgin cunt being filled and ruined on her brother’s cock. She wouldn’t tease you if she came from that; she’d probably be on her hands and knees to serve you everyday.
She bursts out the cupboard where she’d been hiding – smartphone in hand.
For a moment as her eyes trace your impressive cock still in-hand she says nothing – frozen with surprise at the monster her silly brother had been hiding all these years. Then she points a finger at you – and the panties on your face – and repeats her most annoying insult.
Her camera catches it all as you jump up and try uselessly grab it from her. Instead she presses a hand to your chest and pushes you with surprising strength back onto the bed.
“I told you I was going to train those perversions out of you. You promised me – remember? And just because I won’t mention what happened last morning anymore doesn’t mean I won’t mention this. I’d be real nice to me starting right about now.”
You swallow guiltily. If she knew what you’d been thinking about you doubt she would be nice.
Quickly she pulls off her too-tight pants. You know what’s coming – she wants to sit atop her throne – with you as the queen’s stool again.
She isn’t wearing panties.
You have no choice but to let her as her thighs come beside your head and her stuffy ass settles down. This time she positions so she can look down at your eyes as you ‘suffer’; her muff settles over your lips as her ass spills over your chin. You watch her perfect belly flex as she leans back cradling your head in her soft thighs.
Her hand finds your hair and ruffles it up roughly. “Shh naughty. A few hours of this and I’m sure you’ll learn to hate it. Not everyone’s butt should be attractive to you – definitely not your younger sister’s. And stealing my panties to jerk off under – that’s pathetic no matter how you look at it.”
You can feel her nethers drip hotly on your face. However she’s on you so tight it’s like a seal. Her puffy lips smush apart on your mouth and you can only beg her with your eyes to let you cum. You can’t help but taste her even with your pinched mouth shut tight. As you learn your sister’s flavor your cock twitches a final time. Even without stimulation you’re going to finish.
Her thin hand reaches behind her and grips the base of your cock tightly. You struggle crazed and unable to cum. “Nuh-uh big brother – not until you learn your cute sister isn’t for playing with! I don’t care how many hours that takes but it’s barely been 2!” You squirm underneath her but she has you pinned down totally once again. You can feel new waves of arousal slip through her swollen lips and onto your ruined face – she’s really enjoying this for someone who supposedly hates you.
She covers her mouth and tries to calm her breathing. She isn’t sure how long she can endure this without relief. “We’re going to have to speed this up!” She declares – shimmying forward sloppily and wrapping your soaked head with her legs. “You can breath again when you lose that shameful erection of yours!” She grins down at you then with a final shimmy covers even your eyes underneath her. Your world becomes completely of her stuffy ass and you have nothing you can do but will your arousal to go away.
As your breath runs out it only grows.
She watches as your precum becomes almost a constant thin stream – covering her hand still pinching the base of your throbbing cock. She can practically see the steam in the sunlight – her brother must be very hot inside indeed.
You’re about to pass out from your sister’s thighs. Worse – you can tell that you’re about to finish despite her torture. It would be the final humiliation; you could never look your family in the eyes again if they knew you’d sooner fall unconscious under your sister’s butt than not love it. Desperately you part your lips and your tongue shoots out. With a long pervasive lick you scoop up her juices from taint to swollen clit.
Her thighs tense so hard you think your face might be crushed. For a moment she lifts off you enough to breath in air. Everything smells of her when you’re this close and intimate.
“You ass!” She complains. “No-one’s ever touched me down there before. Did you really just lick me?” She straddles your face once again but you’ve discovered her weakness. More punishing lashes of your tongue have her almost sobbing atop you as she still refuses to get up. You trace around and then across her lips – teasingly nearing her more sensitive parts. Occasionally you pause to scoop up all her arousal that gathers – if only to keep breathing. Pressing into her entrance her eyes widen as she realizes her brother had just taken her virginity. You don’t hesitate to tongue fuck her tight hole wondering how it would ever fit your cock inside it. She feels something building all over her body but she doesn’t know what to do or how to stop it. You know what you want instead.
You withdraw for a long tortuous moment without movement. Slowly you move up as she gibbers non-sensical complaints. You flick her clit with your tongue.
She orgasms immediately. She shuts up as it intensifies to an almost-torture; your lips suck on her girly nub as your tongue flicks it quickly and cruelly. Her entire body shakes as the waves of pleasure ruin her dignity. She doesn’t want it to end – she wants to keep you under her for as long as she lives.
In her distraction you slip out from under her. She lets go of your now-engorged cock as you shove her down in front of you and kneel over her gorgeous form.
Your untouched length finally lets loose. You aim over her winking pussy until it’s covered in a white glaze then grab her arms and move over her face. You cum longer and harder than you ever have before. Your hot strings land across her cheeks and panting lips – you know she’s gotten a taste – even making a mess of her hair. Almost unconsciously her hand reaches for your sensitive pulsing balls and massages them gently. She coaxes out the rest of your gift into an open mouth and stuck-out tongue – looking like a whore.
You snatch up her smartphone as you finish. She falls back – her first orgasm slowing as well. You snap a photo of her messy face and a short video of her lying back. She’s so out of it she barely realizes.
“Enjoy the new look princess” You mock while turning her phone screen to her. “White looks good on you – shows us all what a slut you are inside.” She blushes and you toss the phone beside her – she’ll have to look at those and delete them herself later.
You leave her in a shameful heap on the bed. You think it’s over after this as she realizes it’s only begun.
Your embarrassed sister had completely ignored you for almost a week now. She simply buried her head in her school books and studied even as you teased her. Ever since she’d tried punishing you by sitting on your face only to orgasm herself she’d been inconsolable – like her whole image of being better than everyone was tainted.
Worse for her, she hadn’t deleted the photos nor video you’d took. If anything she’d become obsessed with them. She couldn’t believe how aroused they made her – it was insane! You were always in her perverted thoughts now. She wondered what you were doing, what you thought of her and when she could sneek another peak of you working out. She got jealous when you met with girls prettier than her. Her own brother!
She started dressing differently and letting her hair loose around her narrow shoulders. You’d say it was a big improvement – and so the perfect thing to laugh at her about. You didn’t like that she got more attention on social media now but so long as you got to enjoy the photos along with the rest of the horny losers at school it was acceptable.
Exam day rolled around and the two of you took places besides one another. They didn’t have to worry about the siblings cheating – you had nothing in your test she’d want on hers and she despised you too much to help you out. At least she had.
The classroom was kept dark so no-one distracted each other. The two of you were seated at the last row thanks to your sharing a surname. You think you could probably reach over and shove her out of her chair without anyone noticing.
As your pen writes quickly and a-little-too-messily the clock strikes the halfway point. You glance at her paper to see how far you ought to be by now but it’s empty! You look up and almost laugh.
She’s very obviously aroused. Her cheeks are red, her gaze is soft and her breathing is a little ragged. She bites her lip in raw concentration but it isn’t working – the words just won’t come. As the time ticks away she buries her head frustrated in her hands – she’d fail the whole year if she turned in an empty paper. Why couldn’t she even rub two brain cells together and get a single thought straight in her head?
You tap your hand on your desk and she glances at you as if caught. You smirk, she blushes, she cringes, she gets angry and swipes your paper off your desk.
Quietly you go to get it. However, you don’t return to your seat; you slide the paper under your desk as you slide under hers. She doesn’t even notice until your strong hands are gently rubbing her exposed legs.
“\\What are you doing!?\\” She whispers harshly. You respond that you’re helping her out. You lift her short skirt – when had she started wearing skirts? – and gently widen her legs with a press. Your hands come up under her butt and lift her forward rudely so that she’s leaning back in her seat with her crotch exposed. She seems unsure – eyes constantly flicking to the teacher and the students around us.
You quietly explain it’s this or she’ll fail the class – maybe even the year if it continues. What does she want?
Surprising herself as much as you her hands quickly slip her lacy panties off and she spreads her folds with her thumbs. You don’t hesitate to dive in – this time attacking her sensitive clit as you know that’s what she enjoys the most. Her legs quake – already? – as you suck at it. You pull back and loudly separate from her clit with a wet kiss. She shuts her legs in fright and looks around. Of course you aren’t going to make this fun for her without a little revenge..
As you settle in you try coax every sound out of her you can. In just a few minutes she’s already close to orgasm.
You stop. She’s balancing on the edge. You get out from under. She grabs your hand just before you sit back in your seat – stopping you. Her voice trembles as she whispers. You expect an insult or a threat that you’re ready to ignore but instead she begs.
“Please – I know I’ve been an ass. But you can’t leave me like this. I-I need this. I need you.” She swallows her guilt.
You ask her what you get out of this.
“I’ll do anything.” She whispers pathetically.
Not a minute later and she’s shrieking into her hands clamped over her mouth. Some people look over but don’t realize what’s happening. She wants to make up an excuse to them but she knows if her mouth is free for a moment she’ll be all whimpers and high-pitched moans. As she calms down you slide her panties back on and smooth her short skirt. Your face is covered in her arousal which you dutifully gather on your fingers. You lick it up off them as well as her legs and crotch. Soon there’s no evidence.
With only a quarter of the time left you hear her scribbling furiously. She’s like a machine. You pinch her butt interrupting her flow.
You mime fucking her later by making a circle with your fingers and sticking your index inside it. She stares at you but then nods slowly. She’s going to lose her anal virginity – not that she’s realized that yet.
Coming home from the exam you can sense your sister’s ready to throw herself at you. She’s even more stupid from arousal than she’d been earlier. It had required you to sneak under her table and lick her to orgasm in the middle of the dark classroom just to finish her exam.
She’d needed it to concentrate and in return for your ‘kindness’ she’d offered you anything.
She whines in frustration as you ignore her. She’ll have to learn that your world doesn’t revolve around her and she’ll get your depraved attention when you feel like it. Or when she earns it.
By the next day she’s learnt her lesson. As you’re playing videogames distracted she confidently comes around and sits on your lap. She explains she only wants to give you a massage even as she begins kissing your neck cutely. She’s terrible at it – totally inexperienced with romance or relationships – but you let her work. Your erection is rock-hard but she doesn’t need to know that.
Then she does something unexpected. She sits gently on your crotch and grinds herself on it. She’s far too good at it to ignore – probably all that practice she got atop your face – and you quickly have her naked on her bed. She lays on her back letting you appreciate all her curves and her large tits. She’s still shy of your gaze as it explores but she doesn’t dare cover up – only goofily trying to show off her parts with shaking and pinches.
You turn her around so she lays on her stomach and move down to her beautiful butt. You spread it’s round cheeks with excited fingers. Finally getting a good look at her entire body in the daylight you can’t help but realize something.
Her asshole’s perfect.
A small pink thing tucked away and very shy of any attention – you choose your target. You can’t imagine how tight it must be. You ask if she’s ever played with it before and she shakes her head ‘no’ confused. She didn’t even know you \\could\\ play with your asshole. That just makes her day of ruination all the better and all the hotter.
“That’s dirty brother you mustn’t!” Even as she complains you feel her relax and push out on your tongue – coaxing it deeper into her girly asshole. She giggles between anxious exclamations as she gets her ass eaten. She didn’t realize this was what that meant – but if the way you nibble, suck and lap at her rim is any indication then she’d say the description was apt. Your thumbs pressed into her and spread her – trying to loosen the impossibly small orifice to something you could work with. Your cock was much larger than average and you wanted to brutally fuck her here everyday for a week.
You withdrew and watched your work reveal itself under your gaze. She tried to clench herself shut but her muscles were too relaxed. Perfect.
You ask her to spit in your hand and rub it on your cock as you bring it from your shorts. She gets the message and spits in her own hand then jerks you off gently. She wants to see your copious precum – she’s sure that’ll be enough lube. Little does she know that being fucked wasn’t something you could ‘handle’ as much as it was something that made you bite your pillow, cross your eyes and try hold onto your sanity.
“Still think I’m a pervert?” You mock over her as you finger her entrance. She shakes her head. “You don’t think I am? Isn’t fucking your sister’s ass ‘dirty’ too? Tell me what you’d have done if you knew this is what I wanted a week ago.”
A bit of a stuttering mess, she explains she’d probably snitch to your parents after recording your extreme confession for her friends to laugh at together. You ask if that was something they still did and she bowed her head shamefully. She admitted they all had a small crush on the ‘hot brother’ and tried to get your attention that way. She thought it was funny feeling anything for but hate but really that was just how she compensated.
Her hands come to her butt and spread it trying to open her hole more – it feels incredible for her already.
You wonder if you’d ever let her experience it in her other pink and puffy entrance. If she was already exposing herself for you and grinding back on your fingers – did a cute buttslut like her even \\deserve\\ to be fucked vaginally?
You slap her butt harshly making her whimper. You love the sounds she makes now that the two of you are home alone and in private. She’s clearly embarrassed of them but doesn’t dare disobey and hide them.
You bring your excited dripping cock to her butt. You feel her wrinkled hole kiss your cockhead as it winks at you. You instead hotdog your length between her cheeks – giving her a terrifying idea of just how large and how girthy her brother’s cock is on her body.
You bring it back and press in. Her asshole can barely stay intact as it’s spread apart. It feels like you’re working a battering ram inside her she squeezes on you so tight. You worry it’s too much but looking up you see her drooling into her pillow and whispering something over and over.
You grab her neck around the front from behind as your other hand finds her wide hip. You penetrate her as she shakes while swallowing your cock to it’s middle. Her tunnel is never still inside seeming to squeeze and shake or simply pull on you as it tries to adapt. You know it won’t manage. Yet as your sister’s almost-asphyxiated mind cries for it deeper you know you have to comply.
Soon you have two-thirds of your length inside her as you figure this is about as far as she can manage – at least for now. You pull back and worry it’ll be a struggle to fuck her if she’s going to be this tight. However she crazily works her hips back on your crotch on her own as her red flesh seems to want to suck your cock in. You give a short experimental thrust and it only serves to push her over the edge into her first orgasm of the night. She doesn’t let you slow down after that.
You squeeze her neck cruelly as your lips find her ear and whisper dirty things to her. You can tell you’re rocking her world apart. You don’t know if she’ll ever be the same bitchy brat after this but you don’t care. She’ll have found something better than a life fighting against her brother.
“I’m going to give you something. You’re going to enjoy it and beg for more – eventually. You don’t deserve it anywhere else – especially not in your pussy – so get ready pet!”
You cum inside – not even bothering to ask if she’s okay with it as she’d only beg for it – and empty your balls inside her quivering form. You grab her hair and pull her into a rough kiss – dominating her mouth with your experienced tongue. You push balls deep through her last mental and physical resistance and hold her there until you’re finished. She can feel the warmth flood her guts and she loves it. She only wishes her womb could feel the same.
You don’t pull out instead drawing her into a cuddle with you as the big spoon. You wrap your arms around her belly as your hands thumb and play with her soft but heavy breasts. It won’t be long before you can go again – may as well work another orgasm out of her in the mean time. You kiss her pretty neck and know you’ve found another one of her sensitive spots. As you kiss up along it to her chin you find her staring deep into your eyes.
“I love you.” She blurts.
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