Boyfriend forced me to swallow his cum

Ok so this just happened and I don’t know how to feel about it. We have been together for about six months and have a very healthy relationship. He is a very considerate lover and always takes care of my needs. He has a much higher sex drive than me and sometimes it’s difficult for me to keep up. I try my best to be a good girlfriend and do almost everything he wants me to do… Almost.

The one thing I don’t like is getting his cum in my mouth. I really hate the taste, but even worse is the texture. It’s all slimey and gooey and it feels like there is stuff floating in it. I let him cum in my mouth once before on his birthday and it was really gross. He still talks about how it was the most intense orgasm he’s ever had.

Anyway last night I gave him a blowjob because I didn’t feel like having sex. I could feel him starting to twitch and throb and get really really extra hard which usually means he is getting close. This is normally when he would tell me he’s close and I would finish him with my hand. I love making eyes contact with him as I stroke him over the edge!

His cock was twitching more than I’ve ever felt and I was thinking I should pull my mouth away soon, but before I could he reached down and grabbed my face. He put one hand under my chin and the other on the back of my head. He started moaning and grunting and he looked me in the eyes and just said “I’m gonna cum. Be a good girl and swallow it.” I was really surprised and I tried to pull away but he grabbed me harder just as his face started to scrunch up.

With a big groan of relief he fired the first squirt of cum into my mouth. With his hand cradling my chin firmly I couldn’t even spit it out or even move really. While he winced through his orgasm he struggled to watch me making sure I was doing as he told. I swallowed the the first load with a loud gulp before he grunted filling my mouth again. Through short pants of breath he kept instructing me “yes, that’s it. Swallow it all.”

He held his grip tightly as rope after rope flooded my mouth. I barely had time to swallow before another shot pumped it’s way in. It was so gross, but I also felt confused and violated. When it was all over he finally pulled my mouth away from his still hard twitching cock, but maintained a firm grin on my face. Still unable to move I just looked up at him with a hurt and confused look on my face.

He smiled warmly and told me I was such a good girl for doing as I was told. It was so… Wholesome? It’s weird. I kinda like that he made the desision for me. Like instead of me giving him something he just took it. It made me feel kinda dirty and used up. I don’t know. I really like that I made him feel good and all, but I still have mixed feelings about the whole thing.

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed it!

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