Blushing train ride

Read a story on here from a girl that forgot her dildo at her parents place.

My gf (fiancé now) and I went into the city oneday and did some shopping. Ended up at the sex shop to expand our collection. On the way back home just by chance we see my mom in the same train car. Sitting and talking to her. Talked about our day and she sees the bags asking what we got. Gf says clothes and so on. I said some toys with a smirk. Mom immediately ask what we got. Gf getting red in the face says nothing really. I tell her to look.

On full display was an 8”dildo, anal training set and a new gag. With a new cat tail whip as well. She looks at my gf completely red in the face and tells her someone is going to have have and be a GoodGirl.

I’m just sitting there laughing. Got to the station and all she says is” you are a fcking ass” laughing my ass if I drive home.

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