Blowing my bf

About a week into dating, we went for a drive after dinner. I (22f) really wanted him(25m) to put his hand on my bare thigh and slide it higher but he was such a perfect gentleman, which honestly made it even hotter. I told him to stop by the side of the road, and it was rather dark and secluded. We started making out right away. He had the softest lips and I ran my fingers through his curly dark hair, and then pulled his hand up to my breast.
Felt so good to feel him squeezing and tugging my nipple.
We took it to the backseat and i got on top of him, bouncing on his lap. Slid his hand under my shirt and unbuttoned my bra. He promptly put his mouth on it and started flicking my nipple with his tongue which was the most delicious feeling. I didn’t even realise how aggressively he was going at it because later the bruises he left took weeks to fade. At this point I was soo wet, i thought I might have gotten my period early. I got off of him and got his dick out of his jeans, palming the head, just licking the tip and we just knew we needed to get a room.

In the room, I threw off my clothes and pushed him on the bed, and got on top of him, but he pushed me off and pinned me down with his body. He tweaked my nipple and sucked on my breast, groping the other one. I love watching him slobber over them. He took 2 fingers and traced my lips, then pulled my thighs apart, biting them on the insides. I was slick with my juices and he ran a finger up and down my labia slowly, and dipped it inside my vagina. I moaned into his mouth and as he picked up the pace i started panting. He put his mouth on me, licking slowly, flicking my clit. God, it felt so good, I was pulling his hair, squeezing his head, but he kept me in place with a hand on my ass. I started shuddering as he licked circles around my clit, and I guess he couldn’t help himself watching me, because he started stroking himself too. The shudders passed my breathing slowed, and he came back up to me and shoved his tongue down my throat, grinding his pelvis into mine, and he felt soo harddd. I pushed him off so he lay flat and i gripped his dick in both hands, pumping up and down, thumbing the tip. I bent down, put it in my mouth, first just licking the head, then the shaft, so that it would slide in and out easier. He gently but firmly held the back of my head, pushing it up and down. I swished my tongue around his shaft, flicked over the tip and frenulum every now and then and sucked and salivated over his penis, jamming it as far as it could go. Looking up at his face, seeing him half out of his mind, as he’s moaning softly, it made me soo wet to see that I was making him do that. Then he did my favourite thing, he grabbed my breast with one hand, pulled me sideways and then grabbed my ass, squeezing them both, just using me and feeling me up. Then I pulled him to the edge and knelt on the floor between his knees and picked up the pace, cupping his balls, squeezing his thighs and ass, and back to his dick, with him sighing and groaning. He held my head firmly in place as he came, and didn’t let me up for air until I swallowed it all.

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