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I seen my aunt recently when I hugged her I put my face against her big boobs. After she keep looking my way n locking eyes with me idk if I’m tripping or she’s liking me?.

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So on new years I got to hug my aunt and I was pushing my cock on her and touching her ass but i think she said to stop idk. And I got to smack my aunties thick ass friends ass. n rub my cousins gf legs I was grabbing her thighs she had on a black short sluty dress I saw her panties idk if she did it ok purpose. I stayed over but she had went to sleep with her husband so I was jerking my dixk on her couch I wish she saw me.

I miss cumin in her panties when I was younger.

Update: My aunt is sexy n thick she has a nice ass she likes wearing booty sorts too it looks amazing when she bends over I get so hard she’s in her 40s and this Christmas she was getting drunk and dancing she hugged me then I touched her ass idk if she felt it or not she might’ve been to drunk. I forgot to mention i also touched her ass in a pool she was wearing a bathing suits she was drunk to idk if she felt it or not again. I need help to fuck her.

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