bizzare foursome by ramlali

One day in the evening a friendly couple came over to us.

My partner, Vera has long wanted to try out the 4th sex options, especially the women would be interested in this, and the slightly more extravagant, more perverted things that would have come in.

We’re in, talking during the conversation that they are not the incarnate prunes, they would try it out. I could see that Catherine’s eyes were about Vera’s cut blouse, and her legs could not be left out. I thought we would look pretty good and exciting even if this goes on.

Then David said,

“What about girls if we were going to go on the bed?”

The answer was the first one, they started to go to bed, but halfway to each other, they started wildly … and we already realized that both of them had been removed from the middle. I have a couple of big enough cries to appear, while Catherine does not have to complain … of course, because of the sight I started to fuck my dick.

Vera and Catherine spoke in a moon while we were attending David with our trousers.

The girls began to tear each other together and pressed Tunde Verta on the bed to quickly remove her panties after the bare and shaved pussy of my partner came out.

David lay on her back, massaging her breasts with Vera’s hands, then picking one of her buds and sucking her lick.

Elf began to lick Vera’s clitoris, the grandmothers … in the midst of her soft moan.

He licked the edges of the pussyaceous lips, and sometimes even put his tongue as far as he could …

“But you have a good, fine, big wall,” Catherine said with longing, as David breathed a squeal of voice.

I caressed Catherine’s hair, her head and kisses on her poppy pussy, excitedly.

– Yeah, yell, pussych your pussy, I’ll take your time well – I went back and started taking care of it, but sometimes I looked at it

Even the elves did not have to put one more, and then one more finger, when he saw the action, David put the fuck in her mouth.

Meanwhile, another finger was placed next to the other 2 and since Catherine saw it and felt it was easy enough to put the 4-edik. I saw this before I pressed the pre-made jerk and then I pressed it a little to my hand and pussy.

“Put your fist on him. You will enjoy it very much …” I whispered into his ear.

Elf slowly put her thumbs down beside the others, forming a tube and slowly began to push her hand inward. My parlor was moaning, his mouth with David’s bitch.

His fingers had disappeared, now he was at the widest point, he turned his hand a little and pressed it forward. Once, Vera’s pussy swallowed Catherine’s hand.

“Catherine was very excited and thrilled, very good and wide inside.

Inside, he closed his fingers and slowly fisted his hands, which resulted in his hand getting slammed. His wrists began to disappear, even absorbing his wrist for another 4-5 cents. He started to move, flippussyg his fist slightly, pulling a few cents off again, and fisting with a fist. Meanwhile, Vera moaned as she sucked the dick.

David, seeing that her partner fished with her fingers, said:

– Yeah, that’s it, put it well with your fist

The spectacle made me feel very excited about me, and my dick started to hold fast to Catherine’s mouth, and she did, of course, snappussyg and sucking it.

I could see that he was practically in the dagger of the fist of his fingers, swirling, pulling in and out. After all, he pulled his hand out, then flipped it back, almost fading through the fist. At one of these actions, David persuaded:

– Now let me try to put it in.

5 fingers slid very smoothly and started to put his hand, pressed it slowly, twisted his hand and suddenly slid his wrist … Vera exclaimed:

– This is bass –

David did not have to say twice, but began to pump her fists more forcefully. With his fingers, he massaged the pussya’s wall inside, gently tappussyg the honeycomb with his fist, pulling his hand out of his fingers and then tossing it back.

– Fantastic feeling, very wide inside –

he dribbled as he drifted with his fist with more and more depth. Within a few minutes, he handed it to Catherine, who quickly put his fist in, and put a little jumper on the other hand, and now began to slip some fingers beside his fisted hand. First 2 and 3 and 4 fingers went smoothly and started to put his thumb. He had to twist the fist inside and lower it to make room for the other hand.

“Now I’m gonna put my other fist in this big pussy,” she gasped

He rolled it up and pressed it until he completely absorbed the other hand, so two women’s hands were working in his pair of pussys. Catherine rolled slowly, moved her fists inside … it was a bit harder, a bit tense, but she was slow to relax. At one and the same time, he alternately pumped his fists, then almost swung it in. The two fingers slipped each other … and in turn swept the fists of the uterus and the pussy walls.

Vera was getting moaned louder, tossing her body a little, but Catherine had almost fatalized her with both hands. Meanwhile, David and I interrupted her clitoris, we put Vera’s mouth into our mouths, which was sucking and swallowing deeply and fiercely. Vera can suck deeply, and this time she looked at David’s expression too.

– This sucks down, very good. Catherine would have to fuck her big fist with her fists, but then I want to fuck her again, “David said aloud.

and he took out Catherine’s hand and began to squeeze his fingers, and when he went almost without hindrance, he pressed Catherine’s fist at his hand. As I saw this, I pressed a small jumble, which caused the whole fist to fall. It was a fantastic sight – 1 female and one man fisted Vera’s pussyion … first they moved their hands slowly, and then getting faster and faster .. He started not to touch, he licked louder and shouted. Rhythmically they were pumped, filmed, fired in and out. Catherine looked at each other under the fisted pussy and began to put one and the other finger down. He rotated it, expanded it, then added another 2. She put her fingertips to her ass, Vera was getting more and more laughing, David pulled her fist out of her pussy and tail from Vera’s mouth .. she grunts at her and asked,

– What are you gonna say to a little pizza?

They did not quite catch it, but they just groaned and groaned. Catherine continued to work on his ass, and his finger was fingering his fingers when the luscious piss started to flow from David’s tail and spun it to his pussy and to his ass. Elf leaned over and swallowed the yellow liquid on her cheeks, slippussyg into her mouth, swallowing it instantly as she pressed her fingers into her ass when her wrists disappeared, and she slammed her ass with her fist. In the meantime, David finished the spit and noticed that now Vera’s juice came out of a similar color juice. Catherine leaned over to that, and began to drink with pleasure, let go of his cheeks. When David made a jerk on his pussy and began to put on his fingers, he could feel the fist of a pair of thin walls through his thin wall, who was fucking banging the ass of the woman who wanted to pussy his pussy. He flipped a little fingers in his ass, and David’s fist dropped to his pussy after a great pressure. Even now I’ve been fucked with two hands, but the man’s fist in his pussy, the female fist and his ass pushed it at once, alternately.

Vera threw herself, shouted, loudly moaned,

“Oh, God, it’s great, you bury my holes … even … deeper, harder,” he snapped

David to Tündén:

– Quickly change hands …

Catherine pulled his fist from Vera’s ass, David’s own, and then motionlessly loaded the fist with his fist and pungent pussy as deeply as he could. He turned his hand slightly around his wrist, causing his hand to fall further 2 centimeters, his wrist was already around. It also disappeared from 5 to 6 centimeters. David and her hands began to put her fingers in Vera’s ass, 4 easily when she started to thumb her and began to impress her entire fist. He felt Catherine’s fist working beneath her pussy, made a little jerk and then pushed the whole fist with a bit of twisting, tough gesture.

“To the whore,” he snapped, “my god, very good … some more fingers in my ass …

Well, this is not going to go anymore …

Catherine slipped three more fingers beside the fist, tried it. Then he pushed the 4-edges … he pulled his fingers up and down, a little fist in him. then touched her thumb … David also pulled her fist from her ass slightly, which caused Catherine to flip another fist. It was a spectacular sight … David put the entire fist under pressure in Vera’s ass. 3 fist fucked my pair of holes. 2 female fingers in the pussy, 1 man fist in the ass.

Catherine rolled a little inside his hand, so he could push his hand in 3-4 centimeters. The wrist of this hand is already approx. 10 centimeters swept away by a couple of deep and wide pussyions … and the other fist that supported her … she moved her, patted her palms in, a little twisted. David, seeing that her partner was still kidding the pussy with her fists, began to move her fists harder in her ass.

In a few minutes David said,

– It’s a fantastic sight, but I want to fuck the pussy with my fists.

They took their hands out of the holes of my pair, Catherine’s side, and Attial went back and flicked one fist unhindered into the big dangling pussy. He quickly and vigorously twisted, flipped his fist, getting deeper and lowered, and then pulled back the frozen fist … so he pistoned the already wet and slick pussy. Catherine saw the two edges of Vera’s two fingers with his four to four fingers, so David’s fist slipped between him. After a while, he put his finger on one of his four fingers and began to push, while taking the other 4 fingers. Soon after a strong pressure, Catherine’s whole hand slipped beside David’s fist. Where they alternately or simultaneously moved their fists in sync in sync.

They pushed the wall of the pussynacle from the inside, then twisted and waved their hands over the soft pussynacles. His elf caught David’s hand and clasped each other, pulling their hands out, pulling them slightly, and then brushing the news out.

Vera’s eyes broke and tossed her body, and then I gave her a very daring fuck in her mouth, which she had completely hit the balls when I started to fuck her mouth.

After a while, Catherine took out his hand, and Atilla slowly began to fing his fingers next to his fist. He went very smoothly, when his big finger was next to the others and began to push his hand. The hand of his hand was stretched a little bit in his pussy as far as he could hold it to one of the walls and opened his fist, so he could hold a little more space to his other hand. He twisted it, wound the other hand, and then swept the other hand slowly. Two men fingers and worked in Vera’s pussy.

“This is my darling, fuck with your fingers this spiky pussy,” Catherine gasped

“Yes, I’m breaking your huge fist around with your fists,” David said to her, pushing her hands more and more into Vera’s pussys … alternately, once alternately, at other times she flipped her fists. Then he pulled his hands together and pressed them back at once. Then he folded one of his hands in a little bit. 4 cents slid down his hands, so he pumped Vera’s big and twisting pussy.

Catherine had just stood up and laid his feet on Veran:

“This fucking pussy was scattered,” David said, pulling one of his hands and pulling him. Now I’m gonna poke your ass and your bench – and it’s a little crouched, and then, with a little bit of sucking his pussy to the ass, he starts pounding the pussy.

The yellowish juice went through the car, to the stairs where the entrance was, and David got into his hands and his forearms. Then, when he finished, he began to finger him first and then with 2-3-4 finger Vera’s ass. His fingers felt David’s hands through the thin bulkhead as he slammed the piussy down.

David pulled a hand out of her hand to reach her fingers a few centimeters, then pulled her finger into the uterus. First, just put the fingertips and then put the entire finger on it … waiting for the reaction. Vera was just crying out loud, rolling over.

Meanwhile, she saw Catherine trying to put her vagina back next to her, and realized that her partner wanted to put her fist in Vera’s ass. There would be nothing, 2 fist in the pussy, + 1 girl fist in the ass at the same time, she thought.

After a while, he cautiously flipped another fingers, he put the bee with two fingers, flipped his fingers on and off, he could fit another one and put the 3rd and even his thumb, then flipped the bees with 4 fingers and, of course, with 2 hands the pussy too.

Meanwhile, Catherine’s hand was immersed in her ass all the more deeply over her, her wrists and a few inches. He started to plunder himself, fuck his ass with his fist.

“Scrap your holes with our fists,” he shouted, rubbing his hand, which he quickly retracted, played it several times.

Vera roared, tossing herself as she knew, but no one could control her. David’s hand had already disappeared completely in Vera’s womb, so her five-cent inch lowered her hand in her pussy. One hand is approx. 18 to 20 centimeters while the other one was in the womb. Twenty-five centimeters swallowed Vera’s pussy.

Meanwhile, Catherine made a small jerk on his hand, his arm.

“Now I put my hand in your ass even more,” he snarled, then slowly began to push his hand deeply inwardly-he twisted slightly as he felt better in the rectum. Vera’s heart was absorbed by 20 cents when he felt something solid.

This Vera could have thought of a crap in the end, and then she began to play with her. She caught it, rolled it in her hand, pulled a few cents off, then tossed it back. Then, holding the mark, he took out the pair of centigrade of shit turd. With this, David took one of his hands out of the pussy, dropped the other in his pussy and in the womb, then tugged the tree to Catherine’s hand, and began to flush it.

“Surprise,” said Catherine, and with the tip of his tongue, he began to lick the shit in his hand with the shaky mouth.

“Get the shit on your ass,” David said

Tundra crawls Vera’s ass on the shit.

David suddenly took one of his fists from Vera’s pussy … the inside of his hand had four fingers in the womb … he pushed it in and put his thumb …

“Now I put my fist in the womb,” he breathed in an absurd condition, began to push his fist inward.

“Yes, you bast your uterus with your fists,” said Catherine, who flipped his fist to Vera’s asshole almost without hindrance.

He pressed it deeper, twisted slightly, felt the warm, slightly rough surface, the guts … then wrapped it a bit inside, but pressed it until it was completely in the throat of Vera’s throat. David had almost drunk Vera’s womb.

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