big dicks dont live up the hype

! As a more petite type of gal, you might think I would like a massive cock. But to tell you the truth, anything over 6 inches hurts like hell and I don’t really like it.
Last night I fucked a guy with a huge cock out of curiosity. Man, i didn’t like that. It was really awkward, full of pain, and i didn’t feel any pleasure. Felt sore, tired, and didn’t even orgasm.
It seems my body likes something a bit smaller, like 4 to 6 with slight girthness. That’s my favorite!. Give me a cock like that and I’m the happiest little slut, not kidding.
My ex had what feels huge to me and every time we fuck, it hurts. Doggie? can’t happen. If I put my legs up, it’s over.
I really love what some people call ‘normal’ size. So, to like nearly every guy in that ranga: you have nothing to worry about! Don’t let anyone fool you. I’d fuck you over anyone else, anytime. And hey to any girl who likes the same, say so! I can’t be alone in this.

girls speak up!

13 thoughts on “big dicks dont live up the hype”

  1. I have come to the realization that the male ego of having a big dick = more masculine/better in bed is ridiculous.

    As long as you’re of a size that feels good to her, know how to work what you got, be attentive to her needs, and satisfy her, she’ll be happy and want more of you.

    Which was the goal anyway.

  2. Just logistically, it’s over hyped. Half of the length is just out in the breeze the whole time. Sometimes they’re so big the gal can only get the tip in, lol. Good luck getting any kind of real deepthroat action too.

    I feel sorry for you ladies. Adult films have done ya dirty, lol.

  3. As the owner of a well-endowed milk monster, i can say. How you fit together with your partner is key. Also if you got a big dick like moi you better know how to use it or it will hurt her. Pay attention to your, lady. Its not a jackhammer.

  4. It just depends on both sides. If a guy with a big cock knows how to start out slow to loosen her up, later on she might be able to take it better. But some ladies are a little more shallow internally & just can’t take a large cock. Sometimes, guys can eventually make it work…and sometimes they can’t.


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