Best sex of my life

Posted this in another subreddit and was not given a great response but thought I’d try again. Open to different opinions to start conversations. Story started when my uncle told my dad and I about this girl he hooks up with. She’s not a call girl, had a good job and is respectable, well off. But arranges hook ups as a side hustle, and only with vetted men. Well, my dad’s been going through a hard time, so my uncle gave her his number and she soon reached out. My dad and I are pretty open, so he was honest with me and told me when he was going to a hotel to meet her. He shared a few details but honestly could tell how awakening it was for him. He was suddenly in good moods again, would meet her weekly at this point. I recently have been open about my own sex life, trying new kinks. Masturbation, etc. my dad asked if I’d be open to seeing her, if I’d be comfortable with it. Preferred I experiment with somebody who is tested, known and safe. But on the other hand has hooked up with my dad and his brother on multiple different occasions. Took a day to think about it and then gave my dad the okay to set up something. We met and it was the best sex of my life. Passionate. Raw. Unfiltered. Engaged in anal, went on the balcony, and even creampied. Understand the taboo to this. But wanted to share my experience.

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