Best sex I had with not my girlfriend

I was at the bar and was talking to this girl who sent me nudes a while back. I hadn’t talked to her in years but we hit it off and she even showed me her pierced nipples when we were leaving the bar. I got home and added her on snap. I sent her a picture of my dick since she flashed me at the bar while we were flirting. I told her I was waiting for her and she said she was on her way. She got over and stripped down. I licked her ass and pussy while she sucked my cock I buried my face in her ass for so long and didn’t want to stop she was moaning and sucking. She got on top and slide my dick into her pussy and rode it while I grabbed her ass and rubbed her asshole. I laid her down on the side of my bed upside down and throat fucked her and rubbed her pussy. Then bent her over and fucked her doggy style with my thumb in her ass. Laid her on her back on the edge of my bed and put her legs up on my shoulder. Pulled out and pushed her legs up and ate her pussy and ass some more. It was so good I didn’t want to stop the sex my girlfriend and I were having was boring she didn’t give good head and she was sucking it every time it came out of her pussy my sheets were soaked and you could hear how wet she was. After about two hours of fucking I pulled out from doggy style with my thumb in her ass and came all over her ass. She was shaking and she sucked any cum left in my cock out.

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