Best First Date Sex

I went out on a first date with this guy. We had made out before but hadn’t done anything further. The date was going really well and we went back to his place, we started talking and talking led into him kissing me again. This time the kissing was going to turn into something, we were kissing like we were each others last meals. Finally, he started to reach his hand down my pants and began fingering my already wet pussy and I unbuttoned his pants and grabbed his rock hard dick in my hand and began jerking it off. Once we couldn’t hold it in any longer he got on top of me, grabbed a condom and shoved his dick right into my dripping wet pussy. It felt like he already knew my entire body with every thrust, kissing my neck exactly how I like it, slipping his tongue into my mouth at just the right times, grabbing my tit in his mouth and sucking just hard enough. I wrapped my legs around his back just as he was about to cum because I didn’t want it to end and he let loose. We both fell into the bed and melted. He made sure I was staying the rest of the night and I went to grab my bag that I packed “just in case” and spent the rest of the night in bed. I don’t think we got much sleep that night because after that we couldn’t keep our hands off each other but I wasn’t tired after that anyways.

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