Beach beauty from Spain. Small breasts? No problem!!

My last trip to Mexico I met a gorgeous woman. 42 years old and super flat chested. Great rock hard nipples, chocolate brown little knobs, but almost no actual boob tissue. Her ass and rest of her body was perfect. Just no tits. It didn’t bother me at all, jaw dropping woman. She took her top off next to me and walked into the ocean.

I wasn’t the only person that noticed her chest. Her pussy hair puffed out the top of her bikini and travelled up just above her belly button, it also showed out the bottom of her skimpy string 60’s bikini and light hair coming up and out the crack of her ass. It was gold for some of us there. She had short dark hair and steel blue eyes. 5’9” hairy armpits, light side burns but sculpted eyebrows. High cheek bones. A 60’s movie star only childishly flat.
As she walked out of the ocean some woman ran to give her a towel like she lost her top. She was from Spain I found out. She laid on the lounge chair next to me. She wasn’t trying to be sexual but she undid her bottoms to dry off. Likely no big deal where she’s from.

We talked back and forth, there was a bit of language issue. She knew I was flirting though. She stood up and made a drinking motion. I nodded and she came back with an assortment of booze. As we talked I was getting mildly firm. She was looking at it, staring. She looked down at her chest. Looked at me, pulled on her nipples. Laughed. “They’re always happy”
This woman was super hot, flat, and lightly hairy. It was a wet dream I’d had many times. I search porn sites for hairy. Tall, flat, great ass and beautiful brown is a bonus.

Now I had to figure out how to get her into bed. Only I didn’t have to. She made the first move. She picked up her top and reached out her hand. “Come”. I followed her to her room. She came all the way from Spain by herself. She spoke good enough English to convey most things and it’s hard to miss the signal where she goes and lays on the bed and pulls her bottoms off!!

She held her hand up and said “single”. Then reached into her purse and showed me her wedding rings in a ziplock bag. She smiled “single for the next 2 weeks” and winked. “What happens in Cozumel stays in Cozumel? Right?” I dropped my trunks. She nodded, “yes”. I laid beside her and was just gently pulling on her armpit hair and hairs on her bellybutton. She looks at me. “Americans are obsessed with removing body hair. Do you like? Or no?” I told her. “I’m one of the ones that loves it! It’s a turn on. I said her being flat is a turn on too!!” She says, “who’s flat?” And let’s out a laugh. My cock was fully erect this whole time. She says “I fix!” she started sucking my cock. She stops. “I can make you cum fast. Watch!” She was licking the shaft and swirling her tongue around the head. And she’d do super fast strokes on the shaft and then bob her head up and down, then stopping and tonguing the pee hole. All the while tickling under by balls. I came in a couple minutes. I filled her mouth. She looked up at me and swallowed a huge load. She looked at me. “See? Lol.

She went to the bathroom and came back. She got on all fours. I went to slide it into her pussy. She grabbed it and directed it up to her ass. She looked back. “I lubed for you”. I slid it in her ass. She clamped for a second then relaxed and I was in. As I fucked her ass she was rubbing her clit. I felt her asshole pulsing on my cock and let out a long groan. I hadn’t cum. She flipped me on my back. Grabbed a cloth and gave my cock a quick wipe and sat on it. She rode me nice and slow. It was funny. She put my hands where tits would be. Hehe. She laughed too. She said, “don’t be shy. My nipples are very very sensitive!!!” I sucked her tits. Like the rest of her there were cute little hairs around the little chocolate marbles on her chest. Hehe. We both came and she raised herself up and looked down watching the cum drip from her. “Mmmm. I love that part she said” she moved down and started lapping it up. Looks at me, “tastes like me too!!” Lol.

I love it. She’s kind of a dirty girl. Likes anal sex and she’s a cum eater. Hard to find.
She says she’s hot and wants to rest. Then we can go back to the beach, eat or fuck. I said. “Let’s do all three. In that order!” I sat her on my lap and sucked hard on her nipples and fingered her and got her off one more time. She looks at me, “it’s going to be a good vacation. My husband doesn’t need to know.”

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