Bathroom Assault by KinkyLewis

It started off as a normal day, who knew it would end the way it did.

I was only 17 when it happened, and the events in that toilet stall were among my first sexual experiences with another person.

At that age I wasnt a jock, but I had a decent body. I was slim, and my work at the gym was starting to tone my abs. Slight V-lines pointed down to my decent 7 inch dick. I had some amount of luck with the girls but nothing ever went far enough to have sex. At 16 I had been making out with danielle behind the hall at a party, and I had fingered her under her dress while she rubbed my dick through my pants, we were stopped before anything too serious happened.

Blake Wilson was the biggest jock in school, we werent friends but we didnt hate eachother. He had a reputation of being a bad boy and a bully, which may have been the reason all the girls found him so sexy.

I knew he seemed rough but never did I think he was capable of the seemingly unprovoked attack on me that changed my life forever.

I had innocently gone to the bathroom, needing a piss. The teacher of that class was a substitute, he was boring me to tears, and probably wouldnt have noticed me missing. So I took my opportunity to kill some time, went into a stall, sat down, and took my phone out. During class time the bathrooms were empty so I was alone as I began to piss.

While I was peeing I had heard the sound of the door opening and closing but hadnt even flinched from my phone. I heard footsteps but couldnt make out where they had walked. As I finished pissing, I began to feel uneasy as I couldn’t hear the footsteps moving anymore, and there was silence throughout the bathroom. I put my phone back into my pant pocket and prepared to pull them back up when out of the corner of my eye I saw the lock begin to turn. Everyone knew you could unlock the stall doors with a coin, but I didn’t know anyone would actually do it. Probably someone trying to be funny I thought. I stood up ready to pull my pants up but struggled under the pressure.

As my pants slipped from my hands back onto the floor the door swung open and i saw blake standing there with a smug, evil looking grin on his face.

“What the fuck man?, get out!” I shouted as my hands moved to cover my dick.

Blakes smile grew wider as he stepped into the large stall with me. “Not a word”

He calmly replied as he locked the door behind himself.

Now I began to feel uneasy, I don’t know why I didn’t pull my pants up first but in my state of oncoming panic I reached around blake and moved for the door.

Out of nowhere he threw a punch. It caught me right on my cheek and sent me reeling backwards against the toilet. Somehow I managed to stay on my feet but the extreme pain echoed through my head.

“Youre gonna do exactly what I want to, or I hit you again, get it?” Blake said smiling.

I looked up, and without saying a word moved forwards trying desperately to reach the door. It was all in vain and he threw an uppercut into my belly. Again I stayed on my feet but now bent double. Coughing for breath. It was clear couldnt have overpowered him. He was at least 5 times stronger than me. I went into shock, and was left unable to speak. I found myself trying even though i had no idea what to say. In my head I knew screaming would be helpless as we were alone in the bathroom.

While I was bent forward, blake grabbed the back of my head and pushed down. My knees hurt as they hit the concrete floor and I was left looking up at him. Helpless. He gave me another punch to the other cheek and i began to feel dizzy. While I was trying to focus my vision, I vaguely made out blake loosening the button on his jeans. My vision focused in time to see him pull his underwear down. His dick looked huge as it flopped out, only inches from my face. I could see where this was going and looked at his face, shaking my head, still unable to speak.

“Suck it, I don’t wanna hit you again”

I continued to shake my head. He leaned into my face and I could smell the smoke on his breath. He took his hand and grabbed the back of my head. Blake stood up and began pushing my face towards his dick, I locked my lips closed and tried to pull away. He was too strong but my mouth was closed, I could smell the sweat from his balls as his dick was pressed against my locked lips and face. He squeezed my hair and my mouth sprang open to squeal in pain. Blake seized his filthy opportunity and forced his dick into my mouth. I could taste it, salty and sweaty, it hit the back of my throat as it began to harden in my mouth.

I heard him laugh as he grabbed my head with both hands and began to thrust his dick in and out of my mouth.

It was massive. It had gotten even bigger hard and tears were streaming down my face as Blake thrust it in and out of my throat. I began to gag and choke as he continued the violent throat fucking. I began to squirm as I struggled for breath, Blake just squeezed my hair tighter and kept pushing against my mouth, his balls pressing into my chin.

When he eventually let go I pushed off of his legs and fell backwards against the toilet bowl. My face was wet from tears and spit as I looked up at him I knew he wasnt finished with me.

He grabbed my throat and pulled me to my feet. “Dont fight back” he said as he began to squeeze my windpipe. I had given up all hope of fighting back, so nodded, hoping that this experience would be over soon.

He turned me to face the back wall and pushed me against it. I put my hands up to stop my face hitting the wall but blake again grabbed my hair and pushed me against the cold tile. I felt his left hand trace the curve of my ass, before he pulled away. I guess he put his finger into his mouth because it was wet when i felt it probing against my tight, virgin hole. He pushed harder and his finger entered me. The feeling was completely new and hurt like hell, I let out a whine but that only made blake giggle. He pulled his finger out and let go of my head.

“Dont fucking move”

I did as I was told and stayed facing the wall. I felt something wet pushing against my hole but it definitely wasnt Blakes finger this time. I felt the head of his dick pressing against me. But I was too tight for it to slip in easily. I winced, as he reached to spread my cheeks, i knew this was going to hurt. This time when he pressed his head popped into my tight virgin asshole. I began to scream but blake grabbed my mouth with his other hand as he pushed his dick, inch by inch, into me.

It felt even bigger in my ass than it did in my mouth and he was still pushing. The pain was extreme and I felt full. I couldnt feel his balls so i knew he wasnt all the way in when he withdrew and left just the head in my ass.

Blake removed his hand from my mouth and began to choke me as he slammed his dick back into my ass. Again I tried to scream but I couldn’t while struggling for breath. I heard him grunt as he began to fuck my ass quicker and harder.

There was nothing I could do but stand there crying, and weakly squirming as this school bully drove his huge cock into my aching and stinging asshole. He sped up even faster and I could feel his orgasm building.

It wasn’t long before he grabbed my waist and pulled me backwards into him. My legs began to go weak as he pumped me full of his cum. I could feel the warm liquid filling my hole as he grunted and held me tight against him.

When he was done he let go and I fell to the floor. He just pulled up his pants, and left the bathroom, leaving me on the floor, tears streaming down my face, and cum dripping out of my sore asshole. I didn’t know what to feel, I eventually cleaned myself up, and went back to class.

I was right, the teacher didn’t even notice I was gone.

I never saw Blake again. Just after the incident he was moved school. Dont know where he ended up. The experience in that bathroom left me confused and I had no idea how to feel. That was the first gay experience of my life, and deep down I knew it wasnt going to be the last.

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