Barbra’s Reawakening-Scratching an Itch-chapter 3 by Frodov

Barbra’s Reawakening

Scratching an Itch

By Frodov

This is a story that is based entirely on a true story from my past. Names and a few details have been changed to provide anonymity for those involved. Discretion is a precious commodity and is becoming rarer and rarer every day. I reached a way back to relive this story for everyone; I was in my late twenties at the time. Bear in mind that Cell phones were barely a novel idea at that time. The internet was taking its first baby steps and people were discovering the likes of A0L and to a lesser extent local messaging or electronic “bulletin boards”. How many of you out there remember dial-up modems? Cable TV was still mostly commercial free. Ah, good times. So in that frame of mind enjoy the memory.


I’d gotten out of the shower just minutes ago, after a long tedious night at work I was ready to relax and unwind. After toweling off I made my way to the kitchen and opened the fridge to see what I might find. I had to sigh, it was time to go to the grocery store and buy some food, lots of condiments and some milk but nothing else to eat. Oh sure, there was a half a bag of baby carrots in the crisper but I wasn’t feeling it. “Brrrr” I uttered as I shivered. I was standing in front of the open fridge still nude from my shower. I looked down at my poor shriveled up turtle of a penis that was trying to suck itself up inside of me, to stay warm I guess. Closing the door of the fridge, I opened the freezer… frozen peas, a tin of frozen orange juice and a half eaten carton of frozen sherbet. This last item brought a smile to my face, thinking back to the day it was delivered to me by a wonderful gal who has become a very dear friend with some amazing benefits. Barb has become not only a friend but a nearly insatiable lover; it seemed she wanted to get together with me as much as she could possibly arrange it. Between her schedule and my own and the fact that she was still currently married even though she was going through the early stages of a divorce and we had to be very discreet, it wasn’t nearly as often as either of us would like. So far we’ve been able to keep our activities under the social radar it seems. Of course she encouraged me to continue seeing other people, girls when things didn’t work out for the two of us. I was happy to do this of course but by mutual agreement we both accepted that what we had together was not exactly an exclusive relationship. Technically we were not even dating, only sharing as much time as we could get together. We didn’t have sex every time we spent time together but often it was sex and the most amazing and rewarding sex it was too. “Not this weekend.” I thought. Barb’s estranged husband was in town this weekend so it was a “be good” weekend. Groaning I closed the freezer door and went to my bedroom and pulled on a clean pair of socks, some sweat pants and a tee shirt. Running my hands through my damp hair I sat at my computer and clicked on my dial up to connect to my favorite bulletin board Night Friends. I thought I’d pass a little time before I call it a night and went to bed.

User :



I typed in my password and checked to see who was online, a couple of the regulars for this time of the morning. Most were night owls like me. Normal people or day walkers as we called them were either in school or at work by now. We night owls who work nights were just ending our days.. or nights as the case might be. I checked my email messages and found a note from Todd and Anne wondering if I might want to come down Saturday evening to have dinner and play cards or watch some movies or something. Todd said he thought Anne was trying to fix me up with a neighbor friend of theirs so to be nice. “Oh wonderful.” I thought, but then I smiled and thought..”What the hell? Could be fun..” I typed out a reply saying that I’d let him know later today when I got back up and had a better idea what I had going on this weekend. About the time I hit send I got a private message from another night owl buddy of mine, Angelica.

Angelica: “Hey buddy… what’s up?”

Frodov:” Hi ya gorgeous.. not much, just winding down before going to bed.”

Angelica : ” Rough night?” She asked, kind of feeling me out, some nights at the factory were very rough, or tiring. They were physically taxing and by the time I got home from a twelve hour shift all I wanted to do was clean up and go to bed. Sometimes it wasn’t so bad though, still long as a twelve hour shift but I’d still be up to play a while or run around sometimes. Often we would meet up at a local eatery for a late breakfast, since it was that time of day. Not many places served evening or dinner food at breakfast time.

Frodov: “I’m not bad, last night was number three of three so I’m good if you want to go get breakfast or something.”

Angelica: “ Hmmmmmmm.. or something sounds promising..” she responded with a grin action.

Frodov:” Oh? And things are going well with your new infatuation?” I probed knowing that she had her sights set on a new user here on the board. This guy was several years younger than herself and she was drooling over his profile and the few private chats they’ve had. Of course I knew from experience that she could get very very provocative when she got wound up.

Angelica:” Well…. Maybe… “ she teased.

Frodov:” Maybe? You mean you’ve been hitting on this guy for two weeks and you’ve not got him into your bed yet?” I said and sent a grin.

Angelica:” Hey! I’m not that easy!” she said with a pout.

Frodov:” You mean HE’S not that easy.. or you’ve frightened him.” I sent a laugh.

Angelica:” Damnit! It’s moving too slow! I’m about ready to scream! ARRRGH!!!”

Frodov:” And there she is! The She wolf bares her teeth.” I said with a giggle.

Angelica:” Asshole! “ She sent with a grin.

Frodov:” Asshole? Me… Your favorite naughty hobbit? You hurt my feelings!” I sent a giggle and a grin.

Angelica:” Well an asshole would make fun of me when I’m hurtin… “ she sent with a pout.

Frodov:”Hurting? “ I asked..

Frodov:” How so?” I added.

Angelica:” I’m frustrated and I’m horny… and I’m lonely. There! I’ve said it.” She sent with a pout.

“Boy! She’s laying it on thick this morning.” I thought to myself. Just another round of flirting and teasing, it’s fun mostly but sometimes it gets a little old too, so I thought I’d push her a little more.

Frodov:”And what would you do with some company if you had it?” I sent with a raised eyebrow.

Angelica:”I would make it worth that person’s time maybe…” she said coyly.

Frodov:”And if I called your bluff and came over to keep you company would that make you happy?” I teased, and I waited for her next response thinking that she’d decline saying that she really had to get some sleep because she had to work again tonight. So I was a little stunned when she sent.

Angelica:”Oh I might be Very happy… I think you might be too. But I think you will probably chicken out too. It seems like everyone’s too busy lately.” She lamented.

Sitting there stunned I felt a twitch in my sweatpants as I considered the situation. Angelica, her real name was Susan worked nights just like I did, at the University in the IT department. Most nights it was pretty slow for her so she often got online to pass the time. She was single, recently divorced actually, she didn’t talk much about that part of her life and I figured it was either too soon or just too painful. We had met in person several times at various get togethers with other people from online, Karaoke, movies or just meeting somewhere to eat. I’ve been to her place several times and while we had always been on friendly terms even with all the sexually laden innuendo and flirting we had really never explored any further than that. But lately I’ve been getting the vibe that she’s open to some exploration. Or maybe she’s just horny out of her mind and willing to play with a friend to sate that hunger. I can’t say that I’m opposed to that. And too, there’s something about that girl that just makes any guy perk up and pay attention. Sometimes it’s all about the attitude, someone wanting to have fun and willing to do most anything in the process.

Angelica:” Hello…? You still there? Or did you fall asleep?”

Frodov:”Sorry.. just pinching myself to see if I’m dreaming or did you just dare me to show up at your door?” I sent with a wink.

Angelica:”Well if you were here already I’d be the one pinching you. Or are you just all talk this morning?” She challenged.

Frodov:” Sorry.. I didn’t get that last message, I’m on my way out the door.” I sent with a smile and began disconnecting from the bulletin board.

“Well !” I thought, “This is an interesting turn of events.” I said to myself as I grabbed my wallet and slipped on a jacket. I stopped by a convenience store on the way to Susan’s trailer and got some donuts and a carton of milk. I try to make it a habit of always bringing something to any party or even just visiting a friend. I made it to her neighborhood in just under fifteen minutes but took me another five to find her trailer. I was used to finding it in the dark when most of our gatherings with friends seem to happen, in the evenings or even early mornings. I found her lot though. Her trailer was older than some but it was in better condition than some of her neighbors. Susan says that it’s the best thing she ever got from her ex husband besides her freedom. I only saw her car parked outside though so her roommate must be at work already, or slept over somewhere else last night. Knocking on the door I heard her dial up modem making a connection even as she opened up and let me in.

“Oh look at you! You brought donuts!”

“And milk.” I added with a smile.

“Good thing, I’m out of milk right now. Roomy is supposed to get groceries today.” Susan said as she pecked me on the cheek then took the box and carton to the kitchen.

“You look like you’re dressed for bed.” Susan said with a smirk on her face, and a mischievous sparkle in her eye.

“Well I didn’t feel like getting completely dressed again, especially if time was such an issue as you made it sound. I mean I’d hate to keep you waiting over something so trivial.” I chuckled as I stood by the counter watching her put the milk in the fridge. “Sounds like you just dialed up. Night Friends?” I asked.

“Yeah, just wanted to see if Boom had signed on or left a message.” She said with a bit of a pout.

“You got it bad for this boy don’t you?” I asked thinking that perhaps I had read too much into our earlier flirting and carrying on. I guess I kind of looked a little dejected too.

“Yeah, I’m interested in him, but I’m beginning to think I’ve scared him away.” She said sheepishly as she crossed her arms over her chest and rubbed her hands up and down her arms as if to warm up a little. And an ample chest it is too. A man could get lost in that cleavage, easily… and happily.

Susan sat down in her recliner tucking one leg under her causing her loose pajama shorts to draw up and flare out. Pulling her keyboard into her lap she logged on to the board and checked her email messages.

I knew that she didn’t find what she was looking for from the slight disappointment on her face. From my vantage point sitting on her sectional couch across from her chair I idly flipped through the cable channels with the volume turned down not really interested in watching TV I was more interested in watching Susan.

Strawberry blond is what most people would call her hair color, her skin mostly clear and fair save for a few sprinkles of freckles here and there. Her hazel colored eyes sparkled with mischief most of the time but I’ve seen them harden enough to burn holes in anyone who pissed her off, never me, thankfully. Her cute little nubbin of a nose set in those over those animated full lips.. those model perfect, dentists’ dream pearly white teeth and that cute little button chin. Susan was an ample curvy gal with wide hips a bubble butt atop of shapely even if big legs. She had the cutest little toes on her almost undersized feet. Feet that were as ticklish as my own I had found out early on in our friendship. It was a trait we both shared, being ticklish that is. Those fingers of her could fly that’s for sure, I marveled at the speed she was typing on her keyboard. I guess if you work on keyboards and computers all day or night long you get fast. I noticed that she had just set her keyboard aside and was looking me up and down as I sat on the couch across the living room from her, one hand absently twirling a few strands of hair. Susan had a decidedly hungry look in her eyes and I felt like I was on the menu. Not a bad place to be actually.

“Are you particularly sleepy right now?” She asked as she unfolded her leg from under her and stood up to walk slowly across the room to the couch and stand in front of me.

“Not particularly, no… I am a little wound up though. And from the way you were talking online earlier I got the impression you were pretty wound up too.” I said almost questioningly.

“I was.. and I still am.”Susan purred as she climbed onto the couch straddling my legs to sit in my lap, her modest belly and her more than modest breast pressing into my belly and chest. She placed her hands on the couch back on either side of my head and tilted her head to one side and said. “What can we do about all that tension? “

Raising my hands up from my sides to slide along her sides to her back, I tilted my own head quizzically and asked softly “Well friends are always willing to help out friends.. is there some itch that you need to scratch, a booboo that needs to be kissed?” I gently pulled her towards me a little closer tilting my head a little as she leaned down into me and hesitantly brought her lips to mine, softly brushing one another as if testing. Our eyes never leaving one another’s, I saw her eyes half close as her tongue softly probed my own lips. Susan’s hands moved from the couch to the sides of my head running her fingers through my scalp. My own tongue was chasing hers now as we grew bolder and could feel the hunger growing. Susan grinding her hips on my lap and pressing her breasts into me. I could feel through her oversized tee shirt that she was not wearing a bra and I suspected that she was not wearing any underwear under those shorts either. I know she had to feel me growing hard beneath her, pressing up into her own crotch as she ground on me. The kisses getting wetter and sloppier as the flames of passion were fanned. Leaning back after a while to catch her breath, Susan looked down into my eyes and smiled, her face and neck were flushed red as if she were blushing. I could have sworn her eyes were dilated I wasn’t sure but I was sure that her nipples were hard as little rocks under that shirt of hers.

“Damn son! I didn’t know you could kiss that well!” She said with a half laugh as she licked her lips and dove back in for more. She explored my mouth with her tongue and I hers with my own. She had flawless smooth even teeth her lips so soft and her tongue hot and energetic to say the least. I worked my hands around from her back under her arms and along the sides of those massive twins she had flattened against my chest. Needing to take another breather, Susan leaned back a little but I kept right on kissing along her jaw line to her neck and below her right ear. A couple of soft wet kisses followed by a small puff of warm breath across her neck and I was awarded the first of what would be many low soft moans. I continued kissing along her neck to her collarbone heading beneath her chin to that little hollow at the base of her throat. As I neared that little spot I felt Susan pull my head into her neck and chest and the low moan turned into a throaty groan. I felt her legs and hips stiffen as she unconsciously leaned backwards pulling me with her away from the back of the couch. Fearing she was going to topple on over I reached both hands back around behind her back and pulled her back into me.

“OH GOD JIM! STOP a minute! WHEW! “ Susan stammered as she let go of my head and pushed my shoulders back into the couch separating us a bit. I looked up at her grinning and said

“What? I’m not scratching the right itch or kissing the right booboo? Just tell me what you need and I’ll be happy to help.” I almost growled softly

“Oh No.. you’re doing fine, really! You’re just surprising me that’s all.” She all but giggled.

“Surprising you? You doubted my sincerity or you doubted my ability?” I asked in mock disbelief.

“Hell. I don’t know.. all guys talk a good story, I never know what to expect anymore.” She said smiling that quirky mischievous grin with the twinkle in her eyes.

“Wait a minute.. I never claimed to be anything special or that I was particularly good at anything…” I started in but got cut off by her leaning back in and ramming her tongue back into my mouth and continuing the wrestling match with my own tongue. Her fingers were gripping my shoulders and kneading her fingers deep into the muscles as her hips began that slow grind again. Once more we had to part to catch our breath, both of us panting heavily now and it was definitely getting warmer in the trailer.

“Oh my god I gotta pee..” Susan said with a laugh and stood up off of me. Looking down she saw the tent in my sweat pants and smiled that hungry smile of hers again and I swear to god she licked her lips before extending her left hand to me. “Come on.. the bedroom is a lot more comfortable than the couch..” she said as she lead me down the hall towards the bedroom. She stopped at the door to the bathroom and pointed me down the hall and told me she’d be there in a moment. I walked on to the bedroom and pushed the door open and explored the room with my eyes. Like my own apartment Susan had heavy curtains over the windows to block out most of the daylight so that she could sleep in the day time like I do. There were stuffed animals everywhere, there must have been a dozen of them on the bed alone. I kicked my shoes off but held off taking anything else off until Susan got back from the bathroom. I heard the toilet flush and then the faucet in the hand sink run for few seconds. Alisa came through the bedroom door wiping her hands on a towel and turned to close the door.

“Just in case Lisa comes home… She probably wouldn’t mind a show but I don’t particularly want to have her get any ideas of joining in..” She smiled as she added that last comment.

“Uh.. Joining in? “ I stammered questioningly..” Does that happen often?” I asked.

“Well.. not yet.. but we’ve talked about it a few times.. It COULD happen sometime. It would depend on whether or not she liked the guy.. nothing going on between us.. Why? Does that turn you on?” She asked as she moved to stand close in to me running her hands up my sides and looking up at me head tilted slightly to one side and licked her lips. I put my own hands on her shoulders and running down her sides to her hips to pull her closer still.

“Oh I don’t know, I’ve never been in bed with more than one girl at a time before. I don’t know if I could handle two. One usually takes all my attention. “ I smiled as our lips joined softly again as if starting fresh and testing the waters again. “Not that I would be against trying it some time, but I’d have to get to know both ladies before it got that far… I do have a bit of a personal policy you know.. standards..” I half mumbled between breaths and dancing lips.

“Standards?” Susan giggled questioningly as she poked me playfully in the ribs.

“Standards. “ I intoned solemnly.. “ I never go to bed with a woman I can’t be friends with first. I’m not cheap and easy..” I laughed but had to correct myself.. “Well.. not cheap anyway.” I added with a chuckle. That got me another poke in the ribs.

“Well what does that make me then?” Susan said with one raised eyebrow as she drew her head back to look me in the face with mock severity.

“A friend, definitely.. a very.. hot.. sexy.. friend… “ I said as I pulled her back to me and I leaned in to kiss her again running one hand up to between her shoulder blades and the other down to grab a handful of ass. That got a nice long low moan as she sucked my tongue into her mouth and gently bit it to hold it there. Meanwhile she reached down and grabbed at my hard on through my sweat pants and squeezed it firmly.

“ A very Hot.. sexy.. HORNY friend.. “ Susan purred after releasing my tongue. “I think we are both a little over dressed..” She stated like she was absently talking about the weather, then giggled.

“ I think you are right, it is getting a little warm in here. “ I said stepping back and pulling my tee shirt over my head. Susan watching with rapt interest I started to push my sweatpants down and she pushed me over onto the bed to sit down on the edge then she bent down to grab my sweats around my ankles and pulled them off my legs. Of course my erection sprung out and popped up like a jack in the box.

“Oh what have we here?”Susan spoke as she smiled looking down at my modest package.

“ Well don’t be frightened, it won’t bite.. and if it did it’s too small to hurt much. “ I spoke half disparagingly .

“ Jim, you don’t have anything to be worried about, what you have is more than plenty and very nice if I say so myself.” She said as she stepped closer and reached down to take it softly in her right hand, running her fingers gently over the helmeted head then down along the sides of the shaft only to circle around at the base and run her fingers over my balls and gently lift the sack as if to check their weight. With her left hand on my right knee she pushed my leg wider apart and knelt at the side of the bed before me and looked up at me and smiled slyly licking her lips as if anticipating the taste of an ice cream or a candy of some sort. Susan leaned in and let her wet tongue trace the outer edges of my cock head, right to left and back, never quite going all the way around. Her tongue ran up from under the middle of the head across the slit that was weeping a single pearly drop of pre cum and then her tongue vanished back into her mouth and she let out a low throaty moan that I felt as much as heard.

“mmmmmm “ she said “ That’s nice.. I wonder if the rest is as sweet?”

“I don’t know.” I said lamely as my fingers were digging into the covers on the bed and I was doing my best to remain calm, even though my heart was racing a million miles an hour as I felt her hand still on my balls rolling them around gently in that warm soft hand. Her big breasts pushing into my inner thighs and crotch like super soft, warm pillows. My eyes were half closed as I watched Susan lean back in and lick the head again but this time running down the underside of my shaft from the head to the base then slowly side to side all the way back up where she opened those soft wet lips and engulfed the head. I thought I was going to die right there on the side of her bed. That mouth of hers was to die for! Soft, wet, warm and OH MY GOD THAT TONGUE! I shuddered and moaned. The fingers of Susan’s left hand wrapped around the base of my shaft and she began stroking slowly up and down eventually falling in sync with the slow bobbing and twisting of her mouth and head. Her tongue was like a wild animal lashing and whipping and lapping around and around and back and forth. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I’m not even sure how long Susan worked on me with that magic mouth of hers but eventually she got tired or just too horny to keep up the exquisite torture and came up for air.

“Did you jerk off before coming over here or something?” She asked somewhat incredulously

*gasping* “No… why?” I asked trying to get my breath.

“Because most guys would have gotten off already.. either you jerked off or you’re a freak of some kind.” She giggled

“No.. not a freak.. I’ve just never been able to get off from someone giving me head… I think I feel guilty getting all the attention and not giving any.” I said shrugging

“Well if you feel like you need to be doing something I think we can work something out.” Susan said as she stood up. I reached out and grabbed her shorts by the waistband and pulled them down a little at a time from one side to the other grinning up at her and licking my lips. I leaned forward and brought my face close to her slightly bulging belly and kissed at her belly button and began working my way down towards her crotch. My hand working her shorts now down past her knees. Susan stepped out of them while placing her hands on my shoulders for support. I stood back up and leaned in for a quick couple of kisses to her lips as I took hold of the bottom of her tee shirt and began to lift it up over her head and arms. Those big beautiful round breast plopping out from the bottom of the shirt as it cleared them. Her nipples as big as the ends of my little fingers and hard as rocks looked good enough to taste. Running my hands down the outsides of her arms and along her side to the sides of her breasts I was soon cupping each one in either hand, my thumb stretching to reach and then rub gently over her hardened nipples. As I kissed along the side of Susan’s neck once more, I could feel her tremble slightly as her breath was beginning to get short and her hands traced down my sides to my own hips then to my ass where she grabbed a handful in each hand and pressed her head into my own neck and growled softly.

Releasing my soft grip on her breasts I reached around to her hips and turned her around so that her back was to the bed and I was facing her easing her down to a sitting position then running my hands down her legs to her knees and lifting them up from the floor. I was a little hesitant to push her legs further up to her chest as she was bigger than most of the women I’d ever been with before and I wasn’t sure just how limber she was and if she would be self conscious of her belly in such a vulnerable open position. I needn’t have worried though as soon as she got the idea what I had in mind she reached up and grabbed her legs behind the knees and drew them up to either side of her chest, spreading her crotch into a wide sexy plate with a most delectable morsel sitting front and center. While not completely hairless it was sparsely covered with what I discovered to be the silkiest softest ginger blonde fuzzy hair, mostly at the top above her clitoral hood. I knelt down slowly running my hands along her soft white inner thighs towards her equally soft ass cheeks that formed that oh so sexy set of cushions where her legs met her groin. I leaned in and began kissing her left thigh softly barely brushing my lips against the sensitive skin. My left hand was softly brushing the surface of her skin as I drew it across the join of her right thigh to her crotch, my thumb tracing that soft valley between her pussy and her leg. My fingers skimmed along brushing through the silky soft hair then across her abdomen and along the soft skin of her belly. As I neared that valley between pussy and leg on her left side I moved my head over and repeated it the same way on the inner thigh of her right leg as well. This earned me another long low moan and a gasp. My left hand still stroking gently the underside of her belly was soon joined by my right hand as well as my lips now neared that sensitive skin between her puss and her leg. This time I didn’t withdraw, rather I dipped down and circled under to that super sensitive patch of skin between her anus and her puss I licked her taint and kissed it causing Susan to moan again and squirm. As I licked that sensitive patch I realized that it was already wet with her excitement leaking out of her puss. Those outer lips were swelling and drawing back to reveal the softer pink inner lips that looked so good that it just had to be kissed and tasted. Rubbing my chin now into that sensitive patch I parted those inner lips with my tongue and drew them into my mouth sucking them and pulling them further out. So sweet with a slight tang, Susan’s juices were trickling out wetting my lips and chin. Releasing her inner lips I again reached out with my tongue and glided from the bottom slowly all the way to the top where they rejoined forming the hood over her swollen little love button of a clit, its pearly pink head just barely peaking out as if shy. I circled it with my tongue as if to reassure it was not going to be harmed, but then lashed out and whipped it once, twice, then a third time before sucking it into my lips and pulling gently on it. I immediately felt one of Susan’s hands slap a hold on the back of my head and press my face into her puss as she bucked her hips a couple of times.

“Oh MY GOD!!” I heard her growl between ragged breaths.

My left hand still stroked back and forth across her belly and abdomen pressing gently down into her skin and muscles and pubic bone or hips. I drew the right hand down across her abdomen and along her thigh until it was beneath my chin where I pushed first one then two fingers into the hot wet entrance into her puss, her juices lubricating them perfectly. I alternated lashing at her clit and running my tongue along the separation of her inner lips, tracing the letters of the alphabet, occasionally nipping at and sucking on her lips. I twisted my fingers around and around as if stirring her inner juices, then crooking my fingertips I began scratching at her inner walls as I stroked them in and out of her puss. As I got faster and faster Susan’s hip bucked more and more and her moans and gasps got louder and louder. Under my left hand I could feel her muscles tensing tightly and knew that she was getting close to going over the edge, cresting that build up to a coming climax. I stroked her clit again with my tongue and wrapped my lips around it sucking it into my mouth as hard as I could closing my teeth gently onto it then lashing the hell out of it with my tongue all the while sucking hard. My fingers pistoning in and out making wet squishy noises that were drowned out by Susan’s moans until she finally went ballistic!

“aaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH…. AHHHH…. AHHHHH… OHHHH….MY…. GOD…….” She screamed as she pulled my hair nearly from the back of my head. Her legs shot out and clamped around my ears blocking out all remaining sound but I could feel her twitching and convulsing with spasms.. all the while I was lashing and sucking on her clit and pumping my fingers in and out as the her juices flooded out over my hand and wrist. Eventually her pulling of my hair changed to both hands on my head pushing me away.. as he legs opened up I heard..

“….OP! STOP! STOP!! OKAY OKAY OKAY! STOP! “ she barked hoarsely as her legs continued to buck and twitch.

Looking up from my kneeling position between her legs I could see her belly and her massive tits heaving, rising and falling as she tried to catch her breath. I brought my sticky wet right hand to my face and inhaled deeply her scent and licked my fingers tasting her juices then ran both of my hands softly but firmly along her inner thighs from her crotch to her knees. This caused her to twitch her legs again and add.

“Oh god you’re killing me!” She laughed

“That bad?.. Damn! I thought I was doing something right.. Here, I’ll try again.”I teased as I made to kneel back down between her legs and begin again..

“NO!” she said slamming her legs together and crossing her ankles causing her to groan again. As she ran her hands over her breasts and absent mindedly rubbed her nipples, Susan looked up and me and said. “Come here.. lay down beside me.”

I climbed onto the bed and stretched out on my side beside Susan. I propped my head up on my right hand and let my left hand slowly glide across her now sweat dampened skin from her left hip, over her belly and up to her breasts where I rubbed her left forearm. My fingertips grazed across her nipples as they were protruding just over the top of her arm.

“You like those huh?” Susan said as she squeezed her breasts with her arms making them jiggle and bounce a bit.

“Well sure.. what’s not to like?” I said smiling as Susan removed her left arm from her chest and reached down between us to grab a hold of my still fully erect cock. Her warm soft hands rubbing over the sensitive head and her fingers wrapping nearly around the shaft.

“Seems to me that you’ve still got a lot of stress built up there son..” She said with a smile. “Maybe I could do something about that.”

“ Maybe?” I asked “You’re not having second thoughts now are you?” I asked only half jokingly.

“OH WILL YOU STOP!” Susan giggled and squeezed my cock like she was trying to choke it, and laughed. “ I’ve got you right where I want you…. well… almost… why don’t you roll over and straddle me.” She directed never once letting go of my cock. I rolled up on my right knee and lifted my left leg over her hips and straddled her on my knees. Susan pulled my cock leading me to walk my way up till her hand and my cock were at her breasts.

“ Have you ever been titty fucked?” she asked coyly looking up at me grinning with one raised eyebrow raised questioningly.

“No I have not…. But I’m always willing to learn. “ I said with a grin.

“Good. I get to be your first!” She said with that million dollar smile beaming as she took her right hand and licked her palm then rubbed it over my cock. Releasing it with both hands she let it rest on her chest between her tits and then with her hands she pressed both of those soft magnificent fleshy orbs up and over my cock. Oh my god what a feeling, so warm and soft and I could swear that I felt her heart beating under me. “Well what do you think?” She purred looking up at me with her bottom lip sucked in under her upper teeth.

“Susan… god… I could get used to this. “ I replied almost in a whisper I was so amazed.

“Well don’t just stand there.. move a little bit silly.” She chided. So I did.. I began to stroke in and out of those amazing breasts. It was a feeling I’ve never experienced before now, so soft and warm, and the sight of it was fucking amazing! Looking down at it from my kneeling position atop Susan, her face a picture of amused concentration as her brows were knitted and her bottom lip still held in her teeth, her hands and forearms pressing her breasts together and her nipples being pinched between her thumbs and forefingers. Damn this was so hot! My balls were rubbing along the smooth skin of her chest, the sensitive head of my cock being caressed by all that soft wonderful tit. I started feeling guilty again though as I was once more on the receiving end and not returning the pleasure. So I reached down with my left hand and brushed my fingers over her nipples that were being rolled and pinched in Susan’s own hands, with my right hand I reached behind me to run my fingers through the soft downy hair above her puss and seeking out her still nicely engorged clit between her legs. I’m not sure if it was rubbing her nipples or her clit or perhaps both but Susan closed her eyes and arched her neck tilting her head back deeply into her pillow and let out a long low moaning sigh. Her bottom lip released as she opened her mouth in a silent “Oooooh”. I continued rocking back and forth plumbing that pillowy mound and diddling her clit for a few minutes until Susan again stopped me.

“Okay Jim… I think.. it’s time for you.. to scratch that… itch… Oh GOD! STOP IT!” She gasped as she tried to roll her hips to the side to get my fingers off her clit. She released her tits and once again grabbed my cock but this time with both hands, squeezing and pulling it. “I’ve got a better place for this!” she growled, releasing me so that I could move. I climbed off of her and stood alongside the bed again looking for my sweatpants. “What are you doing?” She almost pleaded as if frustrated.

“I’m getting a condom..” I said matter of factly. “ Safe sex and all that right?” I said.

Laughing she said “I’m on the pill…”

“Maybe but you don’t know where I’ve been or who I’ve been with..” I said sheepishly. “Just being careful for you… for both of us really.”

“Well hurry the hell up! GOD!” She giggled and ran her hands over her body rubbing and caressing.

I found my sweats and dug a condom out of the pocket, turning to stand beside the bed as I tore open the wrapper and pulled out the rolled up sheath. I looked down at Susan as she spread her legs and wantonly rubbed her puss with both hands spreading her lips wide in invitation. That bottom lip back between her teeth again as she eyed me putting the condom on the head of my cock and slowly rolling it down the shaft. I climbed onto the bed on my knees and walked my way up between her legs till I was positioned ready to make my entry into that steaming wet flower that beckoned me. I pushed the head in and thought I was going to have to pull it right back out, Susan was THAT hot! Oh My GOD! I pushed in slow, a little at a time pausing after each little advance. Yeah, okay I was teasing her a little, I kind of have a thing with that. Susan wasn’t the least bit appreciative of my antics however and she reached up with her hands and grabbed my sides and began pulling me in while letting out a long low moan..

“ aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh yes! That’s the spot!” she purred smiling with her eyes closed tightly.

As I bottomed out, our groins meeting skin to skin with all my meager six plus inches inside that luscious puss of hers, I paused only a moment before starting to slowly back out again. Susan was not having any of that though, no more teasing, no more slow and steady, she was ready and took charge of the pace. Raising both of her legs up and locking her ankles together behind my ass, Susan began pumping me and urging me to go faster and faster, her hips bucking up off the bed until we were hammering away noisily. My hands on either side of her chest supporting most of my weight, her hands were on the backs of my arms at the elbows using me as leverage with her own thrusts. This was not about making love, this was about animalistic sexual gratification. This was out and out fucking to be fucking. The room was filled as was the entire trailer perhaps with the sounds of squishing genitals, slapping bodies, and growling and grunting as we both neared climax. Susan’s modest fingernails were digging holes in my arms, her puss was trying to rip my cock right from my crotch, balls and all. Our breathing was labored and short in gasping ragged inhales between grunts and groans.

I could feel my climax building in my balls, my cock getting that last little bit harder and feeling like it was swelling up like a balloon. The light funneling down to a pinpoint as I got the tunnel vision I always experience just before I lose it all together. I was riding a hair trigger.. just a little… bit… more…

“unnnNNNNGGGGHHHHHH AAAAHHHH…. AAAAHHHH…. AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS! OH GOD!….. YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!” Susan screamed as she came. Her puss flooding with her juices and squishing out even more loudly as I continued to pump in and out like a piston until her contractions and inner walls clasping and gripping my cock sent me over the edge.

“Uhhhh… OOOOhhhh… GOD!!!!” I managed to grunt before the light shut down and I collapsed atop of Susan’s heaving chest and my head rested between those beautiful twin pillows of her breasts.

The next thing I was aware of was a soft set of fingers tapping at my forehead.

“Hey.. you okay? Jim?… Hello?..” Susan was asking a bit uncertainly “Helllloooooo”

“ugh.. yeah.. I’m here. Damn! Girl ! you trying to kill me or what?” I slurred as I took in my surroundings and collected my wits. “Whew! That was… AWESOME!” I said as I pushed myself up on my arms reluctantly pulling my head off of Susan’s breasts thinking I was glad I hadn’t drooled while I was in La La Land. My somewhat deflated cock was already out of her puss, whether it slipped out when I lost it or she pushed it out I’m not sure, but there it was dangling below between both of our legs. I rolled over to my left, to lay to Susan’s right. As I lay there I could feel the all too familiar sensations building in my legs and working their way up to my balls. The aftershock was about to hit me.. “Susan… I… needed to warn you… about..” But then it was too late. The racing pulse of energy hit my balls and my spine about the same time, racing up to the back of my head and into my brain, the fireworks exploded behind my eyes, my whole body tensed as if I’d been electrocuted, then everything began twitching and jumping with spasms. Here we go again. Freaking out the lady I’m with because I forgot to warn her in advance… Damn it! Luckily it was more amusing to Susan than frightening, she didn’t freak out at all. I explained that it was what I call an aftershock and I always get them after I climax after having sex. I apologized for not having warned her. She told me she had never witnessed that before with any guy she’d ever known and thought it was pretty neat.

“Yeah… awesome is a pretty good word for it. Damn! Why have we not done this before now?” She asked smiling at me with that contented warm half sleepy smile.

“I don’t know, maybe because we’ve always had something else going on or the timing just wasn’t right.. “ I said with a shrug.

“Well, there is that I guess.” She said then added “But I may have to make better use of our time in the future.. when the need arises.. “ She said with a wink.

“Always happy to help out a friend in need girl.. “ I quipped as I ran my right hand up from her hip across her belly and to her breasts. I couldn’t resist touching them and feeling their weight in my hand, running my fingers over and around her nipples watching them stiffen again and stand up.

“Uuughhhh… Enough! “ She giggled as she captured my hand in hers and held it tightly as if to make it behave. “What time is it? “ she asked looking around to her clock at bedside.

“UGGGGHHHHH!!! It’s WAY past my bedtime! I need to get some sleep or I won’t be worth a damn tonight at work.” She lamented.

“ I can take off if you want me to , I’m off tonight but I know what you mean about not getting sleep.” I said as I started to rise.

“No, it’s okay. I’d kind of like it if you stayed… cuddle me to sleep. “ She said with a bit of a pout and a hopeful look in her smiling eyes.

“Okay, I have no problem with that. Of course I might want to do something with this first.” I said pointing down to the condom still hanging from my mostly deflated cock loaded with my jizz.

Susan giggled and rolled over to reach for a couple of tissues from the bedside night stand. Her plump bubble butt rolling into view.. I couldn’t resist grabbing a handful and giving it a squeeze. Susan gave a little yip and swatted my hand away as she handed me the tissues. I wrapped them around the used condom and pulled it off with a plop, using the second tissue to wipe off my member then wrapping it around the first with the condom in it. Eyeing the wastebasket beside the night stand I tossed it there and grabbed my sweatpants and pulled them on and my tee shirt. I asked Susan if she wanted her shorts and shirt but she declined and said that she just needed some arms to keep her warm. Smiling I climbed back onto the bed and spooned in behind her, that big bubble butt pushing into my groin the front of my legs along the backs of hers, my right arm over her side. Susan grabbed my right hand and drew it up between her breasts and held it there. We must have gone to sleep because the next thing I knew I was hearing Susan’s alarm going off and she was groaning as she stretched like a slumbering cat. We were laying side by side, my left hand under her ass with my fingers interestingly in the crack of those warm soft bubbles of flesh. I gave them an experimental wiggle and was rewarded with a girlish giggle and Susan rolled over to face me, her left hand coming up to run up over my abdomen to my chest, sliding under my tee shirt and running her fingers through the hair on my chest.

“Mmmmmm good morning.” She purred

“Is it?” I asked. “Crap! I was hoping I was still dreaming. “ I smiled. About that time we heard the toilet flush and realized that we were no longer the only ones home in the trailer. Susan’s roommate Lisa was home. “Uh.. is this going to be a problem?” I asked hoping I wasn’t going to create friction between them.

“What? NO… hell Jim! You’re not the First guy I’ve ever had stay over. Please!” She giggled and pushed to a sitting position, her breasts wobbling and swaying enticingly. “And at least she knows you already.” She said as she did that feline stretch again, her arms extending above her head pulling those fleshy pillows up higher on her chest.. OH GOD! I have to go before I can’t walk for the hardon in my pants.

“Susan… ? “


“Thank you. “ I said with a smile, she smiled back and leaned down and kissed me softly on the lips and said.

“Thank you too… I really needed this. It was wonderful.” She said as she stood up and headed to the bathroom to take a shower, walking down the hall butt naked with a million dollar smile on her face. As she stepped through the doorway to the bathroom she said loudly towards the living room “Hi Lisa..”

I looked around for my socks before finding them and slipping them on.. picking up my shoes I carried them to the living room. I don’t think Lisa even knew I was in the trailer till I stepped into the living room, she was sitting on the sofa with her legs tucked up under her gown or sleep shirt with a bowl of cereal watching tv.

“Oh.. hi..” she said almost spitting out a mouthful of cereal.

“Hi Lisa.. how’s it going?” I said a little embarrassed. I pulled on my shoes after sitting down in the recliner. After she realized who I was she just grinned and looked down the hallway expecting to see Susan but she was in the shower at the moment, or at least in the bathroom. I heard the door open and she yelled down the hall, “Save me a couple of donuts!” and closed the door again and we heard the blow dryer turn on.

“Donuts?” Lisa asked looking at me then back to the kitchen.

“Yeah, I stopped and got some and some milk on the way over this morning.” I said. “Susan probably put the box on top of the fridge.”

Unfolding her legs from under her, Lisa stood up and walked to the kitchen putting her empty cereal bowl in the sink and reaching atop the fridge for the box of donuts.

“mmmmm… Jelly donuts..” she smiled as she pulled one out and headed back to the couch. I got up after tying my shoes and got myself a couple of plain cake donuts and looked for a glass to pour some milk into. I was sitting at the table in the kitchen finishing the first donut when Susan came down the hall buttoning up a blouse, pausing to share a look with Lisa, both grinned but said nothing.

“Oh good.. you saved me a jelly donut..” she said and she plucked the last one from the donuts still in the box. I was thinking that those two girls shared more than just the trailer it would seem, and I smiled pondering the possibilities. Susan ate her donut as she got on her computer and dialed up Night Friends to check messages one more time before leaving for work. I put my jacket on and readied to leave as well. I was off that evening but I knew I still had other matters to attend to, like groceries and laundry, oh fun. Susan’s roommate never said anything or asked any questions about my being there but I could have sworn there was an entire silent conversation going on between the two of them, lots of raised eyebrows, knowing looks and grins. I left the same time Susan did, catching a quick hug and kissing her neck in parting.

Later back at my apartment after getting groceries, I settled on the couch in front of the tv to relax a bit. I was just getting into a movie when my phone rang. I went to the kitchen, thinking for thousandth time I needed to get a cordless phone or a couple of other phones to put in other rooms besides the kitchen.

“Hello” I said as I picked up the phone.

“Hi lover…”Purred a smoky sexy voice from receiver, it was Barb.

“Hi babe, I take it Jess isn’t in the room or you’re calling from somewhere else…” I stated questioningly.

“He went to the liquor store, probably going to see his connection for some weed too.” She sighed.

“You okay babe? “ I asked softly hoping she was alright.

“Yeah.. the ass is being almost civil for a change. He’s been pissing and moaning about all the paperwork and things we have to sign to reconcile bank accounts and credit card accounts going into the divorce. I think he’s dragging his feet, probably because he’s trying to hide things.” She bemoaned swearing under her breath.

“I didn’t see you online this evening, you go see Todd and Anne?” Barb asked.

“No, not today, I did my laundry and went to the grocery store… I’m just now getting settled down after putting everything away. I got you some more Massengill. “I hinted.

“Well.. aren’t you thoughtful. Thank you. I just wish Asshole would go back to his whore and I can get over to see you. I need to … get some relief if you know what I mean.” Barb purred in a husky voice.

“I guess tonight is out of the question then..” I extended the implied invitation.

“Sadly, it is. Going to be a long night till the asshole gets drunk or stoned or both and goes to sleep, a hell of a way to spend a Friday night. I guess I could get on Night Friends and we can chat and play trivia later, unless he has to call for work.”

“I’ll probably get on the message board and see what’s up tonight. I don’t think anyone is getting together anywhere tonight. Might be Karaoke somewhere tomorrow night though… maybe you can get out for that.” I hinted hoping to get Barb to come out for a while.

“Nahh probably not, I’m just playing it by ear around the house until HE goes back to where he came from. I’ll be so glad when all this is finalized and I can be rid of him once and for all. “ Barb lamented.

“Todd and Anne invited me down to dinner and watch movies tomorrow evening.. again.. “ I told Barb half heartedly, knowing that she probably already knew that from talking with Todd or Anne on Night Friends. Of all our friends online only they knew about Barb and I fooling around.

“So are you going to finally do it? With them? Heh heh heh. “ Barb chuckled. She knew that Todd and Anne had invited me into their bed for a threesome, repeatedly, but that I hadn’t quite committed to the experience yet. I just still felt a little awkward about it. Sure it was tantalizing but way outside my realm of experience so far. I might still give it a try but I was in no hurry to just jump in.

“I.. don’t know… maybe not anytime soon, but I might sometime. “ I offered hesitantly.

“Well, you might ought to try it.. when you feel up to it that is. It could be fun.” Barb giggled. I half suspected that she too might have been invited by our friends but she hadn’t hinted at it and I wasn’t going to pry.

“We’ll see.. “ I offered lamely “I was about to order a pizza..” I began but was interrupted..

“Damn it, he’s back, I’m going to get off the phone now.. look for me later on Night Friends.. Good night Jim.” Barb whispered hurriedly and then the phone line disconnected. Hearing the dial tone in the receiver I hung up the phone and ran my hands through my hair and stretched. “Damn!” I moaned. Just hearing Barb’s voice stirs thoughts and desires in me that aren’t easily set aside. I could almost smell her perfume and taste her on my lips. Noting the time on the microwave as nine thirty in the evening, I called in an order for a small pizza from the Domino’s around the corner. Grabbing a can of coke out of the fridge I went into my bedroom and sat at my desk and fired up the computer. I dialed up and connected to Night Friends to see who was online and kill some time.




I typed in my password and hit enter, my screen filled up with notifications of email and message requests from a few regulars who were online at the time. I took a few minutes to go through the email and respond, and then dropped down into the trivia game that was running to join several friends playing. I’d been playing and chatting for a few minutes when I saw Barb sign on and within a moment or two I got a private message from her.

Wildone:”Hi there lover…”

Frodov:”Hello beautiful. You doing okay babe?” I asked knowing that she was feeling frustrated and caged in with her estranged husband home for the weekend.

Wildone:” I’m wishing I were there with you.. I could really use some strong warm arms to hold me right now. Jess is such an ass.” She lamented

Frodov:” I’d love to help you out, you know that.” I typed and then heard my doorbell ring.”Be right back, my pizza is here.” I added before grabbing my wallet and heading to the door. I paid for my pizza and spent a minute or two flirting with the delivery girl, Cindy. We had worked together down at the Campus store for a while last year when I was still working for Domino’s. I continued to work for them part time for a while after I had got hired on out at the plant, not having much of a social life to worry about and bills that needed paying a part time job still worked pretty well for a while. I don’t work for them much anymore but technically I’m still an employee, if only an occasional one now. Cindy was looking pretty good tonight and she hinted that we should get together sometime and catch up. She was on the clock tonight and had to get back to the shop but she got my number and gave me hers as well. My my my, the possibilities there. Cindy was a tomboyish college girl with an in your face attitude about most things but always seemed a little shy I thought about things like personal attention. I don’t think she dated much if any really. I know I questioned in my mind several times as to her orientation sexually but she seemed to treat everyone the same way and not really playing favorites to either male or female companionship. Cindy grew up on a farm and was definitely not a girly girl, most would be generous to say she was “rough around the edges”. Blunt was the word I would of have used and did, to her face on more than one occasion and I didn’t back down when she squared off with me to see what I meant. I think that honesty without judgment or hostility earned me a grudging acceptance if not outright friendship from her. That and perhaps that I had never blatantly hit on her or suggested anything sexually. Anyway, it was nice to see her even if only briefly. I had a feeling I’d be hearing from her again soon or maybe I would call her, it was her suggestion after all.

I set my pizza on the counter in the kitchen and grabbed a couple of slices with a couple of paper towels and went back to my computer and picked up the conversation with Barb where I had left off.

Frodov: “I’m back.. miss me?” I asked as I stuffed pizza into my face.

Wildone:” I was beginning to wonder if you had gotten lost or something..” Barb quipped.

Frodov:” The delivery driver was an old friend from when I worked at the campus store.. she had to catch up a bit.” I sent with a shrug action.

Wildone:” She?” Barb left hanging waiting for an explanation..

Frodov:”Yes,”she.” I sent with a laugh. “I do know some other women, you know that.. you jealous?” I asked

Wildone:” Maybe… especially when I’d rather be the one there with your right now.” Barb sent with a pout.

Frodov:” I wish it were you here as well, but I’m all alone anyway. Cindy, her name by the way, is working and she just happened to get my order to deliver. As far as being jealous…”I sent with a laugh. “Nothing to worry about there, even if you really were jealous, I’ve never even held this girls hand or kissed her, we’re just friends, co-workers. In fact, I’ve often thought that she might be playing for the other team so to speak. “ I sent with a blush.

Wildone:” Oh I’m not jealous, well of that anyway… I’ve got no claims on you or anyone else. I will be jealous of other girls spending time with you in a way though, not angry, just wishing it was me that’s all.”

Frodov:”I don’t know if I could play favorites to be honest. I don’t want to hurt anyone, I know what it feels like to put your heart, your all, into one person and then have it broken. I would rather do my damndest to make someone feel good than to lead them and make promises I don’t think I can keep. It hurts too much….” I sent and sat back considering just how much I should open up to Barb at this point. There was so much she didn’t know about me yet. So much that I didn’t know if I wanted to share with anyone yet. Life is so complicated sometimes.

Wildone:”I’m sorry Jim… I didn’t mean to sound harsh or bitchy… I’ve had the idea that you’ve been hurt, deeply, by someone. I guess it takes one to know one huh?” She sent with a sad smile.

Frodov:”Yeah, birds of a feather and all that. I didn’t mean to bring you down Barb, I know you have a lot on your plate right now. I should be making you feel better, not worse.” I sent with a blush.

Wildone:” Don’t worry about me lover, I’m okay. So have you decided whether or not to go down to Todd and Anne’s for movie night tomorrow?” Barb asked as if to change the subject. An odd choice of topics considering what we were just talking about I thought.

Frodov:” No I haven’t decided yet but I should call them in the morning and let them know one way or the other. I’ll have to make a decision before then I guess.” I admitted, but thought to myself that I would like as not decline the invitation again knowing I was just a little too uncomfortable yet for mixed playtime with them.

Barb and I continued chatting in private for a while longer until she had to sign off and go to bed, she’d been up all day whereas I’d only been up and awake since around five o’clock this evening. I hung around and played trivia with a few other regulars on Night Friends for another hour or so and signed off myself around midnight. I moved to the living room and flipped on the tv and surfed the cable channels for another hour or so then said to hell with it and went to bed myself. As I closed my eyes to drift off to sleep my mind was a merry go round of faces and body parts of the girls that have been going in and out of my life of late Anne, Barb, Gail, Susan… Cindy…. Cindy? I thought… I’ve never been with Cindy, why is she coming to mind I wondered as I slipped into the veil of sleep….. Maybe?…

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