Bar Night turns Fun

Long time lurker, first time poster. A story my girlfriend sent me about a fun night she had before we met!

I probably had my little cherry belly button ring in (a stud), starch cruel girl jeans, a tan Victoria secret bra, and my go to dark cream colored pearl snap

I was about 21 and my cousin’s husband was deployed. Neither one of us had children so what do 2 young women do on a Saturday night? Get all dolled up and go out in the town. We loved to go to a little hole in the wall bar’. It’s was a $5 cover and $.50 bottles or $1.50 wells. We walked in on this particular night with nothing in mind but to drink, dance, and people watch. The music was on point and we hit the dance floor double fisting the drinks from the moment we walked in.

About half way through the evening this young shorter sticky guy walked by me wearing tight jeans and a cowboy hat. No idea why he caught my eye but my first response as I quickly whipped my head back around from following him with my eyes staring at his ass was “oh I want him!”. As my cousin responded “well go get him then!” I started to turn around to head in the direction he went. To my surprise he had circled back and met me face to face and simple said “hi there good looking”. I stood there shocked and just smiled and replied “well hi to you too!”. He asked me if I could dance and of course I had a snarky remark. “Guess there is only one way to find out cowboy, you better know how to lead”. He grabbed my hand and quickly pulled me out into the crowd as I tried to get my drinks back to my cousin. During our first song dancing he began the typical questions of “are you married? Do you have kids?” Which of course was no to either. Where he caught me off guard was when he asked “is your momma crazy?” I was so thrown off that I instantly replied “absolutely she is”. He pulled me closer going from one hand in the other with his other on my hip to sliding his lower hand to the middle of my lower back and his other around my shoulder to my back. He held me so tight and his arms felt so strong.

Hours later it was to our surprise that it was closing time and his friend had sat all night talking to my cousin. As we began to exit the club to head to our cars he asked me quietly in my ear “do I get to take you home with me?” I of course had to consult with my driver lol. I was thrown for another whirlwind as she offered to “take one for the team” and agreed. We were in one and they lived in another so it was decided a hotel in the middle would be best for all.

As we parted ways and followed I was in shock of what was happening. Neither one of us knew this would be happening. My little slutty ass of course had condoms in my purse so we were prepared and there was no backing out. We arrived at the hotel and at this point I was so nervous I couldn’t begin to tell you which one we were at but still no backing out. The guys went in and got 2 rooms and we followed them to park. Getting out of the car to see him again I was thinking what in the world am I doing!?

We made it up to our rooms and we had to part ways in the hallway leaving the elevator. Once we made it into our hotel room alone the panic set in. I sat my things down on the night stand and when I turned around I was met again with him in my face. This time he grabbed the back of head wrapping his fingers in my long curly hair and pulled me in for a kiss. His facial hair was soft and his tongue was warm. It didn’t feel like I was kissing a stranger at all and I began to melt as the nerve slowly left my body. He loosened his hand from the back of my head and as he pulled away he sucked in his lips and moaned. I began to take my boots off as he started to unbutton my pearl snap shirt while looking down into my shirt licking his lips now.

He continued unbuttoning each snap and time seems to be standing still. I watched him stare at my body as he slowly folding my shirt back off my shoulders and I was now standing there in just my bra and jeans. He said “don’t move” and went to the table in the room and began to undress himself. He slipped his boots off, his belt, shirt and pulled out his wallet which he opened to remove his condom. In the moment all I could think was “oh he is hairy” but quickly moved past that as he came quickly back to me sitting the condom on the night stand and then sliding his hands now on to my bare skin. I felt the hairs begin to rise and his rough hands searched my body. He began turning me while we kissed and laid me backwards slowly while bringing his body along with mine so contact was never left. I’m now on my back, knees bent at the edge of the bed, his hand placed on the bed between my upper body and left arm, and then I feel this knee start to move between my legs slowly spreading them apart. My left hand has never left his lower back but now I move my right to his neck pulling him back in to kiss me as he slowly moved his body on top of mine. I can feel his breathing change and the excitement builds and with each exhale I can hear a small amount of trembling. He starts to move and begins to kiss my neck and I feel his cock swelling in his jeans as he slowly begins to thrust his hips into mine. He slowly moves to begin kissing my cleavage and then I feel his hands slide to the sides of my abdomen. He firmly squeezes as he slides his lips down to my belly where he find my belly ring. It’s almost as if he just can’t control himself any long and he sits up quickly, looks me in my eyes, and just simple hums “hmm hmm”.

He quickly begins unbuckling my belt, then unbuttons my jeans. As I’m laying there watching him I know what’s coming next. I throw my hands and head back as I hear the zipper slowly moving down. When the sound stops I arch my back to help his begin to inch my jeans off my hips. Once they are now low enough and I’m laying there with just a bra and my clean shaved pussy exposed he moves to grab the legs of my jeans and finishes removing them. I hear them hit the floor and look back at him. He is now unbuttoning his jeans and I can see how hard his waiting cock is through his jeans and then his boxers. He climbs back in bed making sure to get his hands on me as quickly as possible as I slide back the bed placing my head on the pillows. He is now back on top of me getting his lips back on mine as well. He rolls me so I’m now on top of his and I feel his hand slide across my back and his begins to remove my bra. He struggles and his hands are trembling so I push my self up and straddle him so I can do it quickly. As I sit there trying to focus on removing my bra his hands are back on my sides and his hard cock throbbing under my pussy and I can feel his hands getting tighter as he waits. Finally my bra comes undone and as I’m looking to throw it with my jeans I feel his hands on my back pulling me towards him where my nipple meets his lips. He begins sucking on my right breast as I place my hands around his head gripping it tightly and I let out a moan. Hmm fuck the adrenaline continues to flow through both of us as he flips me back onto my back. He pulls away in a hurried manner and he begins to slide down his underwear. I slide my hand down to fill how large his cock is now while he reaches for the condom. I take it from him and whisper “let me”. As he hovers over my body looking down at me I rip open the condom and slowly unroll it down his cock. I can feel the heat from his body and feel every vein bulging for me. Once the condom is one he slides open my legs once again but this time there was no delay. He quickly thrusted his cock into my wet pussy and we both let out a moan. The intensity of the night was fueling our bodies and with each thrust into me I pulled his body closer. I can feel the sweat beginning to build on his body as I dig my nails into his back. He buries his face into my neck and hair and all he can say is “fuck you feel amazing”. I throw my legs up over the back of his with my hands pulling him into me wanting his cock to continue to go deeper inside of me. I can feel his cock begin to throb more each time I get tighter with pulling him closer. My clit is swollen and begins to throb as well. I grab the back of his head with one hand and his back with the other, my legs bent with my feet in his ass pulling his entire body into me as he thrust harder and faster, his breathing had changed and I can tell we are both about to climax. I let out a scream “fuck I’m going to cum” which makes him fuck me even harder thrust his swollen cock into me as deep as he can. I start the cum and scream “fuck me” as I feel his last few thrust change and feel his cock pounding in side my tight throbbing pussy and as my body begins to tingle I hear him let out a loud grunt with one last jab of his cock into my pussy. All the tension leaves both of our bodies at the same time and we lay there knowing we have both came.

He slowly rolls onto his back and we lay there panting trying to catch our breathes. No words spoken just heavy breathing. I get to use the rest room and he gets up to clean himself up. I lay back in bed where he joins me. He climbs back into bed and holds me while he falls asleep. My phone begins to vibrate and it’s my cousin saying it time to go. I wrote me him a note telling him I had a great time and thank you for the evening leaving my phone number incase he wanted to see me again. Received a phone call the next day. Dated for a little over a year.

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