Back from college by sandstorm3636

Owen was sitting at the dining room table, trying to make sense of the books spread out in front of him. He grabbed his head and pressed his forehead to the pages in front of him. The subject he was studying was giving him a headache.

His situation was helped even less by the sound of his younger sister humming as she watched TV in the living room, which was pretty much an extension of the dining room with not even a door to separate them.

“Can you please turn that down?” Owen asked as politely as he could. McKenzie had been told more than once by their parents that she should respect her older brother’s need to study. He had one chance to get into a prestigious college and they had high hopes for him.

McKenzie muted the TV and stood up to stretch. A moment later she was hovering over Owen’s shoulder, trying to see what exactly he was studying. “Go away,” he groaned, still with his face pressed to the pages of his book. When he turned his head slightly he caught sight of the blue triangle that was his younger sister’s panties. “What are you wearing?” he finally lifted his head.

“It’s hot,” she gave a generic excuse for her attire. She was only wearing a t-shirt and her panties, leaving her slender bare legs entirely visible. He eyed the valley of her crotch for a moment before looking her in the eyes and sighing.

“Ew, are you getting turned on by looking at your sister?” she teased him.

He shook his head calmly, keeping his stoic expression. “I’m just pitying whatever boyfriend you get in the future,” he responded in a monotone.

“Don’t lie. You have vulgar thoughts about your little sister all the time, don’t you?” she continued to pry.

“Fine, whatever.” He stood up and placed both hands on her waist before lifting her off her feet. She tried to resist as he slung her over his shoulder and carried her to the downstairs bathroom. “If you’re hot, take a shower.” He set her in the tub and turned on the showerhead, drenching her; clothes and all.

She starred down at her now see through t-shirt with wide eyes for a moment. When she looked up at her brother again, all she saw was his back as he walked toward the door. Frowning she threw her wet shirt at him, slapping him in the back of the head with it. He turned around just in time to get slapped in the face by her soaked panties next. Rolling his eyes he turned off the light to the bathroom and closed the door. He could hear her screaming at him to come back but he just smirked to himself as he took her wet clothes to the kitchen and dumped them in the laundry hamper.

Though he found his little sister adorably cute, she was four years younger than him. He did not find himself attracted to her in the way she often accused him of. She had only recently hit puberty and was finding herself more aware of their difference in gender. Right now she only teased him but soon she would be embarrassed to even be near him, or so he assumed. Luckily he would be moving out at the start of his first semester of collage. He would not have to worry about his sister growing out of her adorable phase.


After waking up late, on the first day of summer, McKenzie descended the stairs to the kitchen and opened the fridge in search of something to drink. She grabbed a carton of orange juice and tipped the contents into her mouth while rubbing her stomach under her pajama shirt.

“Use a glass,” Owen scolded her from the kitchen table. He was looking down at his Ipad, reading a news article.

“Why? Mom and Dad don’t care,” she argued.

“They sure have spoiled you,” Owen sighed.

McKenzie continued to rub her stomach as she shuffled toward the kitchen table, still drinking straight from the carton. Suddenly she gulped down the last mouthful in a hurry to keep from spitting it out. “What the hell?” she shouted at her brother.

“Took you long enough to notice,” he laughed at her.

“When did you get back?” she asked excitedly. “Summer only just started.”

“My flight came in last night. I took an uber from the airport. I’ve only been here about an hour.”

“Oh my god, I can’t believe you’re back.”

“I come home every summer, don’t I?” he reminded her.

“To visit but then you always go back saying you have your part time job and everything. This time you’re here to stay, aren’t you?”

“Basically.” He nodded. “I’m searching for a job in my field. As soon as I get one I’ll see about getting my own place too.”

“Don’t worry about that. Stay here as long as you want. You can’t just erase yourself from my life entirely.”

“I did not think you’d missed me this much,” Owen was quite pleased with her attitude. He had not been home much in the four years since he went off to collage. His impression of his sister was that of a stranger at best. She had grown quite a bit. Her spindly legs had grown into gorgeous femme fatteles. She was probably extremely popular in high school.

“What are you looking at?” McKenzie asked as she followed his gaze. He was definitely eyeing her fuzzy pajama shorts. “I see you’re still a pervert,” she laughed at him.

“You’ve got something to flaunt now at least,” he teased her back. “How many boys do you have wrapped around your finger yet?”

“I’m busy studying,” she made an excuse for being single. “You know our parents. I’m supposed to at least get into a collage like yours.”

“Ugh, I remember those days of endless studying,” he groaned. “This time I get to bother you.”

“And this time I’ll get Mom and Dad to side with me and make you be quiet,” she laughed again.

“You don’t have to worry about me. At least not today,” he assured her.

“You’re going out?” McKenzie was slightly dejected. She had wanted to catch up with her brother.

“I agreed to meet some friends already,” he explained. “I’ll be back just before dinner. That should give you plenty of time to study.”

“Right,” she sighed. She knew he had not seen his friends for some time but she still felt she should’ve been higher on his priority list. She sat down in the seat across the table from him just as he stood up.

“You look so depressed.” Owen ruffled her hair as he headed for the door. “We’ll have all summer together. Don’t worry.”

“Until you get a job and move out,” she reminded him.

“Like anyone’s gonna hire me that quickly,” he scoffed.


Owen met his friends at a diner they used to frequent during high school. He was the first to arrive as he was the most eager to see them. They were not, after all, his closest friends. These were just the boys he knew who did not go off to collage or move away. To be honest, these were the losers in his group of high school friends; the ones that did not amount to much.

The second to arrive was Nicolas, a rowdy boy who hung around Owen a lot when they were younger. Owen recalled often being annoyed with his loud voice. His opinion of him had mellowed during their time apart though.

Nicolas greeted him with a high five and a fist bump before diving straight into the diner menu. Owen greeted two more friends, Louis and Travis, before Nicolas even brought his head back up from the menu. “Hey, call that cutie over here,” he whispered to Owen while gesturing to the waitress serving a table nearby.

“Our waitress will be here soon,” Owen assured him.

“I want her to serve us,” Nicolas insisted. “Don’t you recognize her from school? She was a freshman when we were graduating. Ain’t she a fine piece of meat?”

“Um…” Owen was not a stranger to ogling girls but he had refined his taste since attending collage. Also, hitting on a freshman from school seemed a little taboo to him.

“Hey thick thighs, we’re ready to order,” Nicolas called to the waitress. Her face turned red when she recognized Nicolas. Owen watched as she went to tell a different server to handle their table.

“What the hell,” Nicolas grumbled when a middle aged woman arrived with a pad and pen.

“May I take your order,” she tried not to take offence.

“Yeah, just send Sarah back to our table in just an apron,” he suggested jokingly.

The waitress rolled her eyes as she realized why Sarah had refused to serve this particular table. She glanced at Travis and then Louis in case they had a serious order before finally coming to Owen. “Sorry, I’ll have the club sandwich set,” he gave his order properly. Led by him, the other three boys soon gave the waitress their orders.

“You’re no fun,” Nicolas teased him as the waitress walked away. “Are you shy? Maybe you’re into older women.”

“Maybe Sarah just doesn’t turn his head,” Travis suggested. “He does have that bangin’ younger sister at home. I know what I’d be doing every night if I lived with her.”

“Hey, don’t talk about McKenzie that way,” Owen was understandably annoyed.

“She’s not a kid anymore, bro,” Nicolas reminded him. “She’s a young woman and oh boy does she flaunt it.”

“What do you mean?” Owen frowned at him.

“She’s got legs to kill for and she knows it. She walks around in shorts and skirts whenever she can. She likes to bend over in front of the boys and even some of the male teachers. Rumor has it she’s done it with half the school.”

“Why are you still chasing rumors when you graduated years ago?” Louis asked. “Don’t listen to him. He doesn’t know a thing about your sister. He just made all that stuff up after seeing her mowing your parent’s lawn in cargo shorts once.”

“Way to spoil the fun,” Nicolas scolded Louis. “Say, is she single?” he turned his attention back to Owen. “What’s her number?”

“Why would I give you that?” Owen furrowed his eyebrows.

“Oh, he’s mad at you now,” Travis laughed at Nicolas’s expense.

“I’m serious,” Nicolas adopted an annoyed tone. “I’ve been wondering how to hit that for a while now. Honestly, it was the first thing I thought of when you said you were back in town,” he admitted.

“I’m not her pimp,” Owen grumbled. “Ask her yourself. No, don’t ask at all. You’re five years older than her and she’s still under age.”

“Don’t be stingy. She’s probably already done it with at least one teacher, looking like that. Compared to Mr. Read, I’m young as fuck.”

Owen gritted his teeth at the mention of Mr. Read. Back when he was in high school, the story of Mr. Read trading good grades for sex from the female students was famous. It was made worse by the rumor that he was hung like a horse. The rumor was that girls who cheated on their boyfriend’s with him would soon become unable to please because nothing could compare after he destroyed their cunts.

“That’s gonna be the first thing I check when I get her pants off. Ima see how loose Mr. Read left her.”

“Can you stop talking about my sister like that?” Owen snapped at him.

“You know you want to hit that too. Don’t worry, I’ll loan her to you once I make her mine.” From the expressions on Louis’s and Travis’s faces, Owen could tell Nicolas was talking big. He probably had poor luck with girls. McKenzie was way out of his league. Owen had nothing to worry about. Still, he wanted to punch Nicolas’s smug face. Just having him thinking about his sister felt improper.

Nicolas’s vulgar behavior only worsened after the group began to order drinks. He downed 3 in less than an hour and proved to be an absolute lightweight. He kept reminding Owen how they were gonna be brothers in law after he nailed McKenzie.

“Alright, I mean it this time, knock it off,” Owen finally lost his temper.

Too drunk to back down, Nicolas stood his ground. “Nah man, I’m serious. That girl is mine. I don’t need you to give me her number, I know where she lives. I’ll just invite myself over.”

“Like she’d even let you in,” Louis scoffed.

“I can probably kick in a locked door. Hinges are weaker than the bolts anyway. Who cares if she says no, I’ll just be real convincing. Once she’s had a taste she’ll learn to like it.”

Owen clenched his fists. That was the last straw. Nicolas was basically admitting his intent to rape McKenzie. Louis moved to sit between the two of them before Owen could actually hit him. “I think you should go home,” he suggested to Owen. “Maybe check up on McKenzie and make sure she’s okay. We’ll drag this wastrel back to his dump of an apartment.”

“What did you say?” Nicolas could tell he had been insulted.

Owen wanted to say something but he thought better of it. So far, all Nicolas had done was talk. Owen desperately wanted to knock his teeth in but he knew he would be viewed as being in the wrong. Reluctantly, he took Louis’s advice and left the diner, not before letting the staff know that his food and drinks would be covered by Nicolas though.


Owen was still fuming when he flung open the door to his parent’s house. He was caught off guard when McKenzie wrapped her arms around his shoulders a moment later. “You’re finally back,” she cheered excitedly.

“Did I miss dinner?” he asked.

“No, it’s only five, but you were gone since breakfast, so I was worried.”

Owen enjoyed the scent of her shampoo for a moment before realizing that something was wrong with him. Blood was rushing to his groin in anticipation of something. He quickly pried her arms off of him and pushed her away. It was then that he realized what she was wearing. “Why do you have my hoodie?” he demanded. “Did you go through my stuff?”

“I unpacked for you,” she explained. “Everything else is in your closet upstairs.”

“But why are you wearing that.” He unzipped it a little but stopped when he realized she only had a bra on underneath. Looking down he saw that she was in her panties as well. She was not wearing any proper clothing apart from his sweater.

“I thought it would help me get the feel for life at your collage,” she made an excuse. “I think I might try for the same school as you.”

“Why bother? I’ve already graduated. You might as well try for something closer,” he suggested.

“Why? We could both move out there together. Wouldn’t that be fun?”

“Why do I have to take care of my kid sister?” he spoke his mind a little too bluntly.

McKenzie tried to force a smile but he could see redness forming around her tear ducts. With a sigh he hugged her again. She wiped her eyes on his shoulder but jerked back when she felt his hands resting on her butt. As she was only wearing her panties she could feel them quite distinctively. She stared at him expectantly, waiting for his excuse. He just stared back with a slightly dazed expression. “Have you been drinking?” she gasped.

Owen smirked at her. Back when they lived together he used to have to beg her to keep it a secret whenever she noticed he’d been out drinking; now she had no power to blackmail him. She quickly realized that he wasn’t underage anymore as well and calmed down slightly. “That’s not an excuse to touch me,” she scolded him.

“You’re walking around dressed like that, aren’t you trying to seduce me?” he teased her.

“Maybe I am, but you’re supposed to be responsible,” she teased him back.

“Maybe I don’t want to be,” he laughed. She laughed too. She was convinced he was joking. Though it had been years, his reaction to seeing her half dressed had always been the same; playful indifference. He saw her as a child and nothing more. Even when she was completely naked in front of him, he always took care of her like a proper older brother.

Owen’s mind was filled with different thoughts though. It had been four years for him. Though she spent everyday walking around in her underwear and receiving not so much as a word of scolding from either of her parents, he had completely forgotten it was something she used to do. To him there could only be one reason why this teenaged girl would be flaunting her panties and wearing his sweater no less. He was convinced she was trying to hit on him.

Owen’s thoughts were also still filled with his earlier encounter with Nicolas. Though, at the time, he had not wanted to think about his sister as a girl at all, he still had imagined each image Nick spouted. He had to agree with his so-called friend that his sister was indeed quite the looker now that she was almost an adult.

McKenzie could practically feel her brother’s gaze on her body and she began to back away cautiously. “I’ve still got to study,” she made an excuse before turning and trotting up the stairs. Somewhere in his mind Owen knew he had done something wrong but he was still too drunk to really care at the moment. He would have to rectify it when he was sober and could think straight.

He had just sat down on the couch and turned on the TV, when the front door swung open. “Come and help me with these,” his mother called to him.

Trying his best to mimic the motions of a sober person, he stood up and swaggered his way into the kitchen. She had several boxes of takeout food piled high in her arms. He took most of them from her and set them on the kitchen island before giving her an expectant look.

“I’ve fallen out of the practice of cooking for every meal,” she explained the reason for the food.

“You used to say that meals should be eaten at the table with everyone,” he reminded her.

“That’s still true,” she assured him. “Where’s Kenzie? She needs to eat with us.”

“I think she’s studying in her room,” he answered.

“Can you go and get her?”

He nodded before making for the stairs. It was harder to act sober when climbing to the second floor of the house but his mother was not paying very close attention anyway.

He paused at the top of the stairs to reorient himself. He had come upstairs the night before to sleep for a little bit after getting in late but it was dark then. Now he could see the same familiar hall from his childhood and it brought back memories. He opened the door to his sister’s room without even knocking, an old habit.


McKenzie was sitting at her corner desk, leaning over her school work with her headphones on. Owen did not try to hide his footsteps but she still did not hear him at all. She nearly jumped when he touched her shoulder. “What the hell are you doing?” she gasped.

“Mom wants you to come down and eat with us,” he answered.

“In a minute. Let me finish this equation first.” She picked up her pencil again and returned her gaze to the paper in front of her.

He peeked over her shoulder as he waited. “I think you’re answer is wrong,” he interjected.

“Okay,” she was not concerned.

“I could give you the correct answer,” he suggested.

“I’m not just filling in blanks, I’m studying how to do equations. I’ll figure it out myself.”

Shrugging he directed his gaze down from her shoulder. She was learning far enough forward that he could see her back and even the shape of her butt. In fact, he could even see the crack slightly. In a matter of seconds, he had an idea which he completely discarded, knowing it was wrong, but then reasserted because he was too drunk to care that it was wrong.

McKenzie suddenly squealed when she felt his hand sliding into the back of her panties. She straightened her back and looked over her shoulder at him. She waited for him to say something but all he did was stifle a laugh. She laughed as well, assuming he was joking.

He then grabbed the back of her panties and pulled them up, digging them into her crotch slightly. She started to giggle as she continued to assume he was pulling some sort of prank on her. To her, nothing had changed in the past four years. She still lived in the same house and still dressed the same way. She could not imagine that Owen felt any different.

Even when he pushed on her back, learning her forward so he could slide her panties down and uncover her entire butt, she still just giggled. She gasped when she felt him poking her crotch. Her cheeks turned red slightly as she kept her eyes fixed on his. Sooner or later he would have to give up the joke.

Slowly her rubbed around the outside before working his way inside. A shudder went down her spine as she felt him actually push into her cunt. She definitely felt the sexual nature of his prank, but she still could not fathom it being anything more than him just going all out to mess with her. She tried to pretend not to be bothered. Her eyes fluttered a little as he worked his fingers in and out of her. She even moaned a little with each push.

She did not perceive anything wrong until she saw him unzipping his own pants. “What are you doing?” she was immediately on guard.

“What does it look like?” He asked while lifting her up and sitting down on her chair with her in his lap. Looking down at her crotch she saw his cock protruding between her legs. It was still engorging and as it did it rubbed against her already moist cunt.

“You can’t put that thing inside me,” she warned him.

“Why not?” He lifted her a little and rubbed the tip against her opening.

She breathed out heavily, nearly letting herself get turned on by the feeling of something warm and thick pressing her private parts. “You’re my brother,” she pointed out the obvious.

“Does that mean I’m not human? Every one of my friends talks about getting inside you and I can really see why. He took a moment to examine her thoroughly confused face. She had freckles and slightly tan skin as she was part of the track team. Her hair was black in color and just past shoulder length. She always cut it at the start of each track season and then let it grow out. Her face was slightly round like their mother’s and her cheeks were a little full like a chipmunks. He had always found her adorable but now he was looking at her as an attractive teenaged girl.

She could tell exactly how he was looking at her. Reminding him of their relationship was not going to stop him. Whether or not it was because he was drunk, he did not care at the moment. “I don’t want to get pregnant,” she made another excuse. “It’s nearly exam time. I don’t want to have to sit out a year, or worse skip collage all together.”

Owen appeared sympathetic. McKenzie smiled when she thought she had gotten through to him. He seemed to be letting her off his lap for a moment. However, her hopes were quickly dashed when she felt the head of his cock pushing against something else entirely. She had barely opened her mouth to complain when she felt the head pop inside of her tight anus.

McKenzie’s mind practically exploded with confusion. Never could she have imagined her own brother sticking his cock inside her asshole. Not even when he was touching her and pulling off her panties. She still felt that he would pull back at the last second and play it all off as a drunk joke. The pain of having her tiny hole stretched caused her head to hurt as her vision went white for a second.

When she was finally able to focus, she turned her head so she could face him. He smiled at her as he swept her hair away from her face. She could not understand what he was so happy about. She swatted him in the chest extremely hard. “Pull it out,” she demanded angrily. He just shook his head before grabbing her waist and pulling her down onto his cock even further. She grabbed her stomach and groaned as she felt him sliding up inside her bowels.

It was then that she realized she could not rely on her brother returning to his senses to get her out of the current situation. She had to fight back. She grabbed the armrests of her chair and pushed herself up and off of his lap. She let out a loud groan as Owen’s cock slipped out of her asshole with another pop.

She stood in front of the chair, panting for breath of a moment. When she felt Owen’s hands trying to grab her, she swatted them away and stepped forward to distance herself from him. “What are you doing?” he asked coyly.

“Getting away from you,” she spat back at him. Owen seemed confused as to why she would want to. Somewhere in his mind, he had convinced himself that she wanted this as much as he did.

“Let me finish first,” he suggested.

“Are you out of your mind?” she was flabbergasted by his request.

“I’m just having a little fun. You can beat me up for it later.”

“Owen, you’re not making sense. This isn’t a joke. We are related. We just have a one night stand or anything.”

“Why not?” he responded with a shrug. “As long as no one knows, then it’s just two people having sex. We don’t ever have to talk about it again.”

“If we’re never gonna talk about it, how about we just don’t do it,” she argued.

“Because I want to do it.” He stood up and wrapped his arms around her from behind. She tried to squirm away but he pulled her arms behind her and tied the sleeves of his sweater into a knot so she could not hit him anymore.

“You’re gonna rape me just because you want to?” she spat angrily.

“You make it sound like I’m hurting you,” he was slightly annoyed.

“You don’t think raping someone hurts them?” she was confused.

“I love you, McKenzie. I would never hurt you. I just want to show you how much I love you.”

“Can’t you express your love like a normal brother,” she suggested. His response was to lift her right leg and press his cock against her anus front behind. “Go get a girlfriend and fuck her,” she suggested.

“I don’t want another girl. He kissed her neck at the same time he pushed into her butt again.

“This isn’t fair,” she whined. “Why do you get to control my body? I’m not a toy.”

Ignoring her complaints entirely, Owen unzipped the hoodie and slid his hands underneath her bra, cupping her breasts and causing her to gasp. With his hands supporting her upper half, he leaned backwards, pushing up against her butt and lifting her off her feet. Her mouth hung open as she felt his cock sliding even further inside her. He was literally supporting her with his dick inside her asshole. Were it not for the knowledge that what they were doing was wrong, she would definitely find it somewhat amusing.

“You’re stretching my asshole,” she moaned in a slightly delirious voice. He seemed proud of himself, rather than apologetic. He moved his hands from her breasts to under her thighs and lifted her off of his cock again. Her eyes crossed and her tongue stuck out of her gaping mouth as she felt her anus sliding along his shaft. It felt very satisfying to have his thick pole moving out of her, like going to the bathroom after holding it in for a long time.

Her drool clung to her tongue, sticky from her heavy breathing. Suddenly, Owen sat down again, dropping her on his lap in the process. She screamed out as his cock slid all the way back up inside her. He covered her mouth quickly, trying to keep her voice down. Realizing that screaming for help was what she should have been doing from the start, she bit him. As soon as he moved he hand she began to yell for their mother.

“Stop it,” he hissed while covering her mouth again. This time he made sure she could not bite him. With one of his hands busy, Owen could not keep moving McKenzie by her waist and she was left just sitting on his lap as he tried to buck his hips up into her. She rolled her eyes as she let him essentially hump her for a moment. When she got bored of it though, she pulled her arms out of the sleeves of the tied sweater and let it fall to the floor, leaving her in nothing but her askew underwear.

She pried his hand off of her mouth and turned to glare at him. “Can you please just knock it off already?” she begged him.

Defiantly, he plunged his fingers back into her cunt and pulled upward, stretching her hole and making her gulp in pain. “We’re already doing this. Whether we stop or I finish makes no difference,” he voiced his intention to continue. The solemn look she gave him suggested she somewhat agreed with him. The sooner she just let him take what he wanted, the sooner she could forget about it.

Taking her silence as permission, Owen set about accomplishing his goal, thoroughly fucking his sister. He leaned forward, forcing her to lean as well. His fingers continued to tug on her cunt confusing her as the pain of his cock in her asshole was mixed with something not entirely unpleasant.

When Owen leaned back again, she leaned back as well, sliding back down on his cock once again. The soft sigh she let out suggested she was getting used to him moving inside of her. Owen did not want her to get used to it though. Pulling up on her cunt and pushing on her butt with his other hand, he lifted her a good three inches above his lap. He then thrust back up into her. She yelped from the pain of something sliding into her asshole in an unnatural direction but then gasped in relief as his hips dropped back down a moment later.

Before she could even wrap her head around the differing sensations, he pushed back up into her. “Oh god,” she groaned as she felt him pistoning in and out of her asshole repeatedly. It took her several minutes to get used to it again, all the while her eyes rolled around in her head in apparent delirium.

The moment she felt she could stand him thrusting into her butt again, he stopped supporting her from below and let her fall back down at the same time he was pushing up. She let out another groan as he placed both hands on her waist and began to pull her down onto him in tandem with his upward thrusts.

“Yeah, you’re really fucking me now,” she gasped. “You’re fucking your own little sister.”

“Watch your mouth,” he scolded her. She almost laughed at the absurdity of his order. “Do you like getting fucked that much?” he decided to tease her.

“Every time the tip hits the side of my bowel I can feel it in my whole body. You’re straightening by intestines with your cock and then letting them relax so you can straighten them again. It’s like you’re punching me in a place your fist shouldn’t be able to reach. Not to mention you’re not even using your fist. I’m being gut punched by your cock of all things. Somehow the absurdity makes me feel it even more sensitively.”

“It sure sounds like you’re enjoying it,” he snickered.

“Why would you even ask that?” she scoffed. “Why would anyone enjoy having their organs rearranged likes this. I’d have to have a fetish for being abused and raped to enjoy this. Are you enjoying it? Are you enjoying abusing and raping me?”

Owen wrapped his arms around her stomach and pulled her down onto his cock extremely hard at the same time he thrust up. The tip of his cock hit a bend in her bowel and straightened it, scrapping the side the whole while. McKenzie had to cover her mouth to keep from throwing up. Owen leaned close to her ear and whispered to her.

“I absolutely love fucking you,” he admitted. “I love having your insides wrapped around my cock. You feel so warm and delicate. I just want to keep plunging into you until you scream. Even if it hurts you, I’ll know that you’re just feeling me inside you.”

McKenzie began to tremble as she listened to his terrifying words. “I don’t know why I waited this long to fuck you. When you were young you had so many openings. You were practically begging for it walking around half naked. I bet your tiny body would’ve felt so nice impaled on my cock.”

Just hearing him talk about it put the image in her head. She could see herself, running around the house in nothing but her panties until her older brother grabbed her and slammed his cock into her tiny asshole. Her cunt became wet as she imagined it. “Why’d you wait this long,” she accidentally spoke her mind.

“Did you want me to fuck you back then?” Owen was surprised.

McKenzie frowned instead of answering. Back when she first hit puberty, she became aware of sex and the fact that she and her brother were of the opposite gender. To say she never thought of having sex with him back then would be a lie. In fact, she had quite the crush on him. Unfortunately, he could not see her as anything other than a child. He was unfazed by her in the slightest. Now, years after she had forgotten about it, he was finally showing a little too much interest in her. She could not say she hated the attention but she was still mad at him for deciding, on his own, that he had the right to avail himself to her body.

McKenzie was brought back from her thoughts by Owen turning her head and kissing her on the lips. She could taste the alcohol on him. She suddenly felt a little less angry, knowing that he was not exactly in control of himself. She closed her eyes and tried to enjoy the kiss as much as she could. He was not wrong, even if they stopped now, they had already crossed the line and there was nothing she could do to change it.

Owen felt her relaxing in his arms and even felt her asshole loosening around his cock. He held her tightly and began to thrust even faster. He was getting close to his orgasm. “You’re finally enjoying yourself,” he asked coyly.

She did not want to give him the satisfaction but she could not argue. She had no prior experience with sex. Even if he was raping her, as long as he was not hurting her, it still felt like nothing she had ever experienced before.

“Don’t worry, we can do this a lot more from now on,” he finally said what she had been dreading. Considering how drunk he was, she was not sure if he would even remember this when he sobered up. He might regret it if he did. She could not take his promise seriously and she was not sure she wanted to.

Again, her chance to respond or complain passed her by as she felt something warm splashing inside of her. She sighed contently as his thrusts finally slowed and his cock slipped out of her. She stood up and turned around to face him. She could feel her slightly gaping hole exposed to the air and felt embarrassed. She was still just wearing her askew underwear while standing in front of her brother.

Owen just smiled at her, adoring the sight of his almost naked sister. She was caught off guard when he pulled on her wrists, making her sit back down on his lap. He kissed her again while running his hands up her bare back and eventually running his fingers through her hair. He then began to play with her breasts, massaging them with one hand while keeping her face pressed to his with his other hand on the back of her head.

McKenzie thought back to when they lived in the same house and how often he picked her up or touched her in general. She was no stranger to being handled by him but he always maintained the appropriate distance when it came to touching her body. It felt weird to have him intentionally touch places he used to avoid.

Despite the fact that he had just raped her, she did not feel any danger sitting on his lap. What more could he do at this point? She only began to panic when she felt his cock getting hard again. The moment it rose, the tip began to press against the wet opening of her cunt. If she did not resist, she was definitely going to lose her virginity the proper way in the next few minutes.

She broke away from their kiss and stared at him with her mouth slightly ajar, searching for the words to get him to stop. Somehow she did not know what to say. Every second that passed, she felt his cock getting harder and harder beneath her. He was slightly rocking his hips, rubbing it against her cunt intentionally.

If it was four years ago, she would be giggling and gyrating her own hips. However, she was no longer naïve. She knew that incest was wrong and she just could not enjoy the situation the way she would have back then. However, the knowledge that it was wrong gave her a different thrilling feeling as well. She wanted so badly to egg him on but she knew the moment she did she would lose any ground she had to reprimand him later. All she could do was sit and wait for him to make the first move.

The moment he became fully erect, his cock aligned with her opening and slipped inside. She moaned as she sank down until the tip touched her hymen. Her eyes began to water as the thin piece of flesh stretched inside her. She sucked in a deep breath and waited as he began to lift her by the waist. He was about to drop her back down when the voice of their mother rang up the stairs and through the door. “Are you two building a barn up there? The food’s getting cold.”

McKenzie stood up immediately and snatched her sweater from the floor. Owen fumbled to zip up his pants before following her out of the room. She was just about to start down the stairs when she felt a hard slap on her butt. She turned a blushing face toward her brother, planning to scold him. “Just you wait until tonight,” he warned her before she could complain. All her thoughts left her and instead she simply nodded, practically agreeing to let him do whatever he wanted.


Downstairs, their mother was waiting at the kitchen table with a plate full of untouched food. “Mom, you don’t have to wait for us,” McKenzie sighed.

“I can’t believe we are using tableware for takeout,” Owen snorted.

“When you’re father and I first had you, I quit my job and decided to become a full time parent. I promised I would make food every day and we would eat at the table for every meal.”

“Yeah, that lasted until that time you got real sick and I tried to cook for you, but nearly burned down the kitchen,” Owen reminded her.

“Ugh, don’t remind me,” she groaned. “If I didn’t know better, I’d say you did it on purpose.”

“Maybe I did. It was weird hearing my friends talk about getting to eat takeout when I’d never even heard of it.”

“I feel like I’m not welcome in this conversation or something,” McKenzie interrupted them. “Mom has barely made more than a meal or two a week since you moved out.”

Owen hugged McKenzie from behind and rested his chin on her shoulder. “I guess her promise was only for the first child,” he suggested.

“I don’t remember making any vows when Kenzie was born,” their mom made an excuse.

“I guess I’m not special enough,” McKenzie continued pretending to be offended.

“Blame your father. He didn’t keep any of the promises that he made when Owen was born so I figured it was pointless.”

“What promises did he make?” Owen asked.

“He promised to balance his work and home life and to always make it home for birthdays and holidays. He also promised not to sleep with my younger sister or the neighbor’s wife or his secretary.”

“Um, which of those promises did he break?” Owen asked with visible concern.

“The first two,” his mother answered calmly.

“Was that a joke, Mom?” McKenzie was just as worried as Owen.

She smirked at both her children. She felt incredibly clever to get them both so worked up. “Gosh, you two sure are close,” she commented on their behavior for the first time.

“I haven’t seen my cute little sister for so long.” Owen squeezed McKenzie gleefully.

“You two always got along so well. I don’t know what my sister means when she says her kids hate each other. Apparently Lucas put a tarantula in Debby’s hair once. You’d think she was raising a pair of devils.”

“You’ve told us that story before.” Owen nodded. Lucas and Debby were their younger cousins. They were the literal definition of sibling rivalry. Owen and McKenzie got along perfectly in comparison. The most probable reason was of course their four year age gap. Owen grew up having to look after his sister more than just being her companion. Even if he got annoyed with her he could not get away with fighting with her. He had to be responsible.

Owen was giggling to himself as he playing with the zipper to McKenzie’s sweater. He was enjoying the fact that he no longer had to baby her. She was about to become an adult like him. Their age difference would only be a factor for a few more months.

Their mother watched her children with blissful ignorance. She could not fathom her responsible son having anything more than a brotherly love for his sister so everything he was doing at the moment reflected that way in her eyes. To her they just looked like they were happy to see each other.

She did not notice anything amiss throughout their entire meal. Almost immediately after sitting down, Owen began to kick McKenzie under the table. She kicked him back, less playfully. He then ran his foot up her leg and pushed against her crotch, causing her to cover her mouth to keep from gasping. She scooted back a little to get away but he simply slid down further in his chair to close the distance again. Not wanting their mother to notice anything, she decided to endure.

He kept pushing the cloth of her panties inside her and pinching her clit with his toes. He then stroked the inside of her thighs and made her shiver. Their mother could tell McKenzie was acting strange. Her face was flushed and she was sweating quite a bit. “Are you okay, sweetie,” their mother was starting to get worried by the end of their meal.

“I’m just tired from studying all day. I wanted to go out with Owen today but he abandoned me first thing this morning.”

“Owen, why don’t you spend the day with your sister tomorrow,” their mother suggested in a hopeful tone. She assumed she was asking him to do something he did not want to.

“If you insist.” Owen grinned at McKenzie. He had no qualms about hanging out with his adorable sister normally and definitely none after today.

McKenzie blushed as several images flashed through her mind. She had a feeling she was not going to be getting much rest for the next few days. She opened her mouth to protest but the words just wouldn’t come out. If she really did want Owen to leave her alone, she could just tattle on him right now. She did not want to though. She definitely did not want to ruin his life by outing him as a rapist.

“I’m going to go take a shower,” she excused herself from the table.

“I remember when you two were young enough to bathe together,” their mother sighed as she recalled a fond memory.

“I think I’ll take a shower too.” Owen stood up and followed after McKenzie. She rolled her eyes as she realized immediately that he did not mean that he would be showering in his own bathroom. He was definitely going to barge his way into hers. Rather than complaining, she just resigned herself to her fate.


McKenzie unzipped her sweater before she even got up the stairs, and tossed it along with her bra onto her bed. She slid her panties to the floor and stepped out of them before turning on the water to her shower.

As she assumed, Owen was right behind her. He leaned her against the bathroom counter and kissed her bare shoulders as she waited for the water to warm up. It was not long before she felt something hot and stiff sliding between her legs from behind. “Are you just going to follow me around like a puppy dog the entire time you’re home?” she asked while looking at his face in the mirror.

“Feeling self conscious?” he asked coyly. “Don’t worry. I wouldn’t be doing this if I didn’t like your body.”

“Back when I was just your bratty sister, you wouldn’t give me your attention for even a second,” she reminded him. “It’s a little sudden for you to treat me like an actual person for the first time.”

“I guess you’re right,” Owen agreed. “I’ve been looking at you like a girl finally. This is how I treated my girlfriend in college.”

“Well, I’m not your girlfriend. I’m still me… even after all this.”

“I see.” Owen nodded. “I’m sorry.” He could tell what was bothering her. Did he really like her at all, his younger sister, or had he forgotten who she was and just began treating her like any random girl. “How about we do what we always did before.” He steered her over to a plastic bench next to the bathtub and pushed on her shoulders until she squatted down on it. She giggled as she recalled how he used to wash her hair for her every time they bathed together.

He took his time lathering his hands with shampoo before gliding his fingers through her hair. She leaned back so she could see his face. She smiled happily when he poked her nose with his soapy finger. This was the brother she remembered, the one she had wanted to hang out with since that morning.

After massaging her scalp for several minutes, he washed his hands and lathered them with body soap instead. She was a little confused as he had not often washed more than her hair when they were young. She somehow knew that the first thing he planned to touch on her body were her breasts. She sucked in a large breath when his soapy hands contacted her sensitive nipples.

“You’re so mean,” she whined. “You won’t leave my body alone for even a moment.”

“Just because I want to touch you does not mean I don’t recognize you,” he tried to put her mind at ease. “I’m still just an older brother taking care of his little sister.” McKenzie nearly burst out laughing. There was nothing brotherly about the way he was treating her at all.

Then again, that wasn’t her complaint. She herself was the one tying the two things together. Just because siblings should not have sex, she was acting like he was not the same person she knew four years ago. If she removed that one societal rule, then everything else about today would fall into place just fine. She met and had sex with a boy she used to know and had known for all her life. Perhaps if she tried thinking of Owen as an older childhood friend, everything they were doing would seem less out of place for her.

“I can see your eyebrow twitching as you try to think of what to say,” Owen teased her. “You’re too flabbergasted to even respond.”

“And whose fault is that?” she spat angrily.

He pinched her nipples to tease her even more. She winced in annoyance but the pain was short lived as they slipped out of his grip far too easily. “Why aren’t you stopping me?” he asked.

“I don’t know. I feel like this is my fault. If I wasn’t a girl, or if I hadn’t changed, you wouldn’t be treating me this way. If I didn’t react when you pinched me, then maybe you’d stop.”

“Don’t do that. Don’t act like it’s a bad thing. What is it that you want me to say? Do you want me to have been attracted to you before? Do you wish I’d molested you when you were younger?”

McKenzie thought for a moment before nodding. “I would’ve definitely loved it back then. Maybe I’d have grown to hate it by now but I know I really wanted you to look at me. I tried to show you so often but you just wouldn’t look.”

“What if I apologize,” Owen suggested. “What if I admit I regret it? I wish I’d done so much to you back then. Do you want me to admit I had these feelings about my kid sister? I just controlled myself better back then.”

“Okay, fine. So you’ve admitted you’re a pervert. How am I supposed to reward you? Is this the part where I bend over and beg you to fuck me?”

“That would be nice.” Owen slid his hands down her front until her reached her crotch. He then pulled her legs apart, exposing her cunt and making her squeal.

“Well too bad.” She tried to force her legs closed again. “All you’ve done is convince me this was your intention. You weren’t just horny for any girl; you really wanted to fuck your own sister. However, you haven’t convinced me of even one reason why it would be a good idea for me to let you.”

“I have all of forever to convince you later. Right now is my only chance to do it.” He pulled her to her feet and dragged her toward the running water of the shower. She squealed excitedly as she allowed herself to be manhandled. They’d already had sex once today, so there was no reason for her to resist so much. She could decide to be angry at him later.

He made sure to wash all of the shampoo out of her hair and the soap off her body before pressing his stiff cock in-between her legs from behind again. She leaned forward to give him better access to her butt. However, she somewhat regretted it when he pulled on her hair and forced her to face upward, straight into the spraying showerhead. She closed her eyes and focused only on the droplets hitting her face and the warmth between her thighs.

With one slippery thrust, his cock was inside her and her hymen was torn. Her yelp was drowned out by the water hitting her face. Her legs wobbled as she lost strength in them. The sensation moved through her whole body in a matter of seconds and somehow left her joints aching like she’d just run a mile.

It was definitely different than the anal sex from before dinner. Before, it was her actual anus that hurt from stretching and being rubbed. This time she could feel the tearing of her hymen. Also, her insides felt different in general. Before, her bowels felt stuffed and mistreated from having something forced inside instead of being forced out like usual. This time she could tell that the inside of her cunt was made for accepting a stranger’s intrusion. However, her pain made it too difficult to enjoy anything as of yet.

It took several minutes of panting and clenching her teeth before she was calm enough to even let Owen move inside her. He was very patient, playing with her nipples and even her clit to pass the time.

Finally, with a shy expression, McKenzie looked back at Owen over her shoulder and nodded to him. He smirked and pretended to ignore her. “You can move now,” she urged him.

“You have to say it right,” he teased her.

“You can fuck me now,” she responded in embarrassment.

Her words were nearly cut off by him thrusting inside her, forcing the air out of her lungs. She glared back at him in annoyance. She was thoroughly confused by how rough he was with her. When they were young, he got scolded by their parents if he was ever even slightly mean to her. She felt he was taking back years of built up anger with interest.

When he got tired of her glaring at him, he yanked on her hair again, forcing her to face the stream of water from the shower head. At the same time he used his knees to push her legs apart so he could thrust into her faster.

McKenzie closed her eyes to keep the water out of them. She let the drumming of the droplets drown out the sound of his thighs slapping against her butt. What a weird situation she had found herself in. It was not that she never planned to have sex in her life, but she was still a virgin that morning and had planned on staying that way at least for the whole day. How had her plans changed so much?

Again she tried to apply a rose colored filter to her current predicament. Wasn’t sex a wonderful way to greet someone? She could get her brother all the welcome home gifts she could afford but he probably always just wanted her to meet him at the door on her knees with her mouth open. She could have been making him happy this way for four years.

McKenzie felt Owen’s cock sliding inside her with more ease as her cunt became wet from thinking about the years gone by. She pushed two fingers into her mouth and sucked on them, daydreaming of what it might be like to give her brother a blowjob. Would he relax and let her do all the work or would he use her ears as handles and pull her onto him? Considering his recent behavior, she assumed he would probably pull on her hair a lot. She pushed her fingers in far enough to make herself gag and caused her whole body to convulse at the same time.

Owen grabbed her shoulders to keep her from falling over. He turned her head and saw the adorable sight of his sisters watering eyes as she struggled to keep her fingers where they didn’t belong. Her neck flexed as she gagged, making him extremely curious if he could fit his cock inside.

She seemed to know exactly what he was thinking. In just a few movements she had pulled herself off of him and squatted down while turning around. She pressed her face to his cock so the head was on her forehead and the shaft was against the bridge of her nose. She opened her mouth and pulled her fingers out, dragging saliva and mucus with then. She stared up at him with her eyes crossed to see past his cock with her mouth agape like a guppy waiting to be fed.

Without thinking, Owen voiced his opinion of her expression out loud. “Dumb slut.” He grabbed her bangs and yanked her head back so the tip of his cock was in front of her mouth. McKenzie tried to keep from giggling as she kept her mouth open so he could slide the whole thing inside. When the head reached the back of her mouth, he pulled her hair back toward himself. His cock popped into her throat loudly, causing her to squeal. Her hands went to her neck instinctively, trying to massage it from the outside.

“Do you like that?” he asked.

She did her best to nod while shifting from a squatting position to a kneeling one. She stuck out her tongue and slid it along the bottom of his shaft as he pushed her face into his pubic hair. He could tell she was struggling but she did not show any intention of pulling back.

Unlike before, she was definitely into it this time. Having sex with her own brother was mind boggling but a blowjob was feasible. She had to have wanted to do this on some level before today. Owen felt he had missed out by not trying to make her suck his cock much earlier.

When he noticed her face turning red from lack of breathing, he pulled her head back off his cock. She immediately lunged forward though, burying it in her throat again with a squelching sound. He tried again and once more she slid back on all the way to the base. They continue with a type of tug of war for a while until she got too dizzy.

When he finally successfully pulled her off, she just stared up at him with thick saliva all around her tiny O shaped mouth and her eyes still crossed. Looking down he could see a stream of pee hitting the bottom of the tub as she lost control of her bladder in the course of her relief.

“What a terrible face.” He gawked at her. “Why have we never done this before? I bet I would’ve been motivated to study harder for college exams with a brat under my desk trying to swallow my cock.”

McKenzie was still panting for breath but her expression was definitely that of glee as she imagined what it would’ve been like to be her brother’s personal cock hole back then. Her hand traveled down to her cunt and rubbed the outside and her clit in anticipation.

Owen watched her eyes flutter as she nearly brought herself to orgasm with her own thoughts. He quickly sat down on the tub floor and pulled her up onto his lap. She gasped as his cock slid along her slit and popped into her wet cunt with ease. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pressed her face into his shoulder as she moaned loudly.

“You can’t just be a mouth whore,” he scolded her. She tried to nod to show she agreed but was interrupted by him spreading her butt cheeks and pushing his fingers into her anus.

“No.” She shook her head rapidly.

Owen just nodded. “You have three holes, Kenzie, and they are all mine.”

“Why?” she whined.

“Cuz I love the way your face looks when you’re ass is impaled on my cock. I love watching you squirm and shift and try not to cry as I demolish your insides.”

McKenzie let out a crying laugh. It was weird to hear her brother talk of doing things to her but she felt special to be the center of his attention. With her legs on either side of his waist, she slid them closer together, rising off of his lap and pulling his cock out of her cunt with a pop. “Good girl.” He ruffled her hair before pulling her closer to his chest by the waist. She felt him pressing the tip of his cock against her anus and sighed as she slowly lowered herself down.

It was just as painful as she expected when his cock popped into her asshole. She bit his shoulder to keep from crying out. Owen wiped tears from her eyes and patted her head, soothing her as best he could. The only thing he did not do was pull his large member out of her tiny hole. “You’re the best sister ever,” he whispered in her ear right before grabbing her butt and proceeding to lift her up and slam her back down on his cock repeatedly.

Her eyes rolled back into her head as she let out repeated squeaky huffs of air. Her head flopped from side to side and she grabbed her stomach as it churned with the sensation of something hard jamming into the walls of her bowels. Owen held her head still by her hair with one hand. “God you look so sexy,” he cooed.

McKenzie tried to smile but ended up just sticking her tongue out and panting like a proud dog. She realized rather vexingly that Owen enjoyed her pained and duressed expressions. He found her sexy when she was getting messed up by him.

Owen was caught off guard when she kissed him. Her tongue wound around his and explored every corner of his mouth before she broke away. “You’re such a bad older brother. How can you treat your adorable little sister this way?”

“It’s because you’re adorable that I want to see you this way,” he admitted. She lifted herself up and slammed herself back down on his cock, letting out a pained yelp. He took hold of her butt again and began to help her. Over and over he thumped inside her, bruising her bowels with his hard cock. Finally she shrieked when she felt the warmth of his cum spilling into her. She fell over backwards, hitting her head on the edge of the tub.

Owen did not stop thrusting the entire time he was cumming. Every shot made it inside her body. That’s what her holes were for after all, to be filled by him. Her head thumped against the wall of the tub with each thrust until she managed to get her hands between them. The sight was a little ridiculous, a girl trying to protect her head as her brother fucked her asshole in a tiny bathtub. After a while he slowed down and McKenzie realized water was getting in her nose and mouth from the showerhead. She sat up, using her abdomen muscles. At the same time her brother’s softened cock slipped out of her asshole with a pop.

She sighed with relief but quickly began glaring at Owen. “That hurt like hell,” she spat angrily.

“Yeah, but you looked so cute. I wish I had a picture of your face.”

“I can look cute choking on your cock too,” she argued. “You don’t have to tear my asshole.”

Owen nodded but still argued. “You’re so willing to let me fuck your throat that it’s not as fun. I kinda want to fuck your asshole so much because I know you hate it.”

McKenzie puffed out her cheeks to pout. More annoying than the fact that her brother literally wanted to aggravate her because he thought it was cute, was the fact that she was probably going to let him. She did not have the willpower to deny him any part of her body.

Owen watched as she began to rub the outside of her cunt in anticipation again. “You’re just going to keep fucking me forever,” she moaned. “You’ll fuck my ass until it bleeds and then do it again an hour later. For the rest of my life, I’m gonna be nothing but you’re fuck hole, aren’t I? I was born to be raped by you.”

“Isn’t that wonderful?” Owen asked gleefully.

McKenzie gave him an appalled look as she continued to rub her own cunt. When she began to cum she began to scream. “Yes, it’s wonderful. I’m gonna be you’re cock sleeve no matter what. Just fuck my poor asshole until it breaks.” Clear liquid gushed out of her cunt as she turned herself on with her own obscene words.

Owen hugged her and kissed her as her whole body shuddered. If he could get hard again, he would have shoved his cock inside her but twice in two hours was enough.

As he held her shaking body under the water of the shower, he tried to think back to what his sister was like four years ago. All he could imagine was a younger version of her bending over and prying her own asshole open for him and or kneeling under his desk with her mouth shaped in an O with drool running down her chin and cum spraying out of her nose. He had forgotten what kind of existence she had before he turned her into a whore. She was supposed to be studying for college but he could not see her as anything but a piece of meat to be fucked.

Sighing, Owen resolved himself to calm down. McKenzie said a lot of things in the throws of her orgasm but it was not like they could spend all day and night fucking. They still had lives to live. He would have to relearn what type of person his sister was and decide if being near him was even a good idea for her. All that could wait though. For now, he could enjoy holding her naked body and watching her adorable figure cumming uncontrollably.

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