Aunt caught me playing in her panty drawer…

I have played in many panty drawers. My aunt is 12 years older than me & she lives close by. I have played in her panty drawer many times. She pats me on the ass, gives me full frontal hugs & we lip kiss when we can and that is about it. I have made advances on her like squeezing her ass pressing against her 34dd tits but she shuts me down when things get serious. I was staying in her house because we were having work done at ours & Aunt Tess was out of town. I was having a great time in Aunt T’s panty/lingerie drawer. I found yet another stash of crotchless panties, open nipple bras, crotchless pantyhose, thigh high hose made of nylon & pantyhose made of nylon. I was wearing a pair of the nylon pantyhose, her bra with my silicone titties, I had already had a massive orgasm when she opened the front door and called out to me. She knew I played in her panty drawer & told me it was fine & that she took it as a compliment. She called out my name and said come & show me what you are wearing please, I need to be cheered up. This had never happened. My cock did not know what was going on with my thoughts, and I was wearing my silicone titties! I bought 34dd because that was Aunt T’s size. My emotions were hot, cold, hot,cold then I decided to just walk in the living room& meet her. She had seen me in her lingerie before, 3 times. I have wanted to fuck her since I was 12 y/o. She called out & asked if it was all clear & I said yes I am “dressed out” & she giggled & said come here & let me see. She said what about your titties and she reached out & squeezed both of them & giggled and ran her hands over my ass cheeks and very close to my cock, she had never touched my cock but had rubbed my ass & thighs many times. But now her hands were massaging my titties and she was breathing hard & her lips went to mine & her tongue slipped in my mouth & I stepped towards her crotch & hunched on her pussy & she moaned. I had never hunched that hard on her! Her hands were feeling on my tits like crazy & she was breathing like I had never heard her do. Now, we had never fucked, I had seen her naked, she had seen me naked & she watched me jack off several times & full dress in lingerie numerous times I had craved her pussy for years, she had seen me hunch off on a pillow that had her lingerie on it & I am sure my MIL witnessed that scene when I humped a pillow with a silky gown on it & I stripped off naked & shot cum. She asked me about the titties and told me she wanted some play time & I said get naked and I will suck your pussy and fuck you and she smiled & said”maybe”. She went to her bedroom & closed the door & came out wearing the nylon hose, no bra & turned to show me her 38 inch ass & I could see she had no panties. My new titties would adhere to my chest if I did not move a lot. Aunt T could not take her eyes off them. I shifted into deep passion when Aunt T stripped naked and stood up and held her magnificent tittties and bounced them around in her hands & then turned and made her ass cheeks bounce. I grabbed my cock & pumped and the she took my titties in her hands and her ass was pumping as l laid back onto the bed and she followed me and was on her knees beside me as I reached for her pussy and found her swollen clit and she hunched a bit and my hands went to her glorious ass cheeks as I felt her pussy pumping slowly up and down my cock. Her pussy lips were on fire and she pushed my love stick onto my tummy and began to rub her pussy up and down the length of my cock rod and I
Reached for her 38 inch titties swaying in my face with her rock hard nipples she dipped down and allowed one to touch my mouth then I felt her boiling hot pussy and her swollen clit against my beautiful swollen cock…Aunt T was sucking my tits and her titties were rubbing against my tummy & my cock rod….

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