ate the cum of my boss

My boss and I have been flirting back and forth and I was on purpose wearing cleveage all the time seeing his eyes lit up when he saw me. He always treated me way better then the rest of the employees and one time we decided to go out together. We talked a bit about how we both like eachother but the problem is that I am married and that he could never do that to my husband. And I told him: “Does that bother you ? because it doesn’t bother me that much ” and we started getting closer he put his arm around my shoulder.

Then we made out for a bit and we got a little horny so be honest I saw his cock grow under the table and I touched it but very subtly and he said that its better we take this home because we are in public.

I go back to his house and he started throwing me in the bed and kissing me from my belly to my neck and we made out even more and then I arched my back in doggy while coming closer to his cock and I started rubbing it gently and then took off his pants and then his boxers. I started sucking it while I was on the edge of the bed and I could see him shaking so much because he loved it. I went soooo fast that he couldnt control it and he came inside my mouth without even telling me.

I first almost choked because there was alot of cum and he didnt even tell me he was gonna cum but I managed to swallow it after having some trouble because it was just unexpected. It tasted actually good and I could tell he likes eating fruits.

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