Apartment Tour (95% true)

While I was in the military and having just moved to a new duty station, I was in need of a place to live so I was going around to all different apartments in the area trying to find one that fit my wallet as well as upheld the lifestyle I have gotten used to living. I am not a particularly social person, I am somewhat withdrawn and an introvert so going from place to place being forced into meeting new people and holding conversations wasn’t the easiest or most enjoyable thing for me to do. One day, after going to two apartment complexes, I went to a pretty upscale part of town to a building that I was sure was going to be out of my price range, but I thought what the hell why not check it out anyway.
The typical leasing agents weren’t present at the time so the property manager had to give me a tour herself, which I was not complaining about. She was a thick and curvy Latina woman, with eyes that gave away all her intentions and a devilish smile just as alluring, but her greatest feature, and one she was not afraid to flaunt, were her breasts. I know she caught me a few times losing to that internal struggle not to look directly at the cleavage she was showing off which caused her to flash an approving smile. I am sure me being in my uniform wasn’t helping qualm her desire and curiosity.
During the tour she asked about who would be moving in with me, I let her know my wife would be up eventually, and the moment she heard ‘wife’ her eyes lit up and seemed to flash having just heard what she would consider a challenge. During the tour she took me to different floor plans, the gym, the rooftop pool, the more we talked the more her eyes seemed to give her away and express she was losing control.
During what would end up being the last room we stopped at, on close to the top floor, she walked me through the 2 bedroom apartment, showing me the bathroom and how it has glass sliding doors explaining how ‘roomy’ it was. I don’t know if she meant to let me see, but I could see her reflection in the bathroom mirror and as she mentioned how much space was in the shower I caught her biting her bottom lip, which is a huge weakness and trigger of mine.
We headed back out to the main area, and before exiting she pointed out the island in the kitchen, sliding her nails across the top explaining how they just had all the kitchen islands in the building refurbished into these granite-style slabs. I nodded and mentioned how ‘sturdy’ they looked to be.
She took my comments on its sturdiness to be a lead in for more than what I had intended and almost instantly hopped up onto it. As she did I couldn’t help be be entranced by her large breasts as they bounced from her hop and in keeping with her direct actions she let her thick thighs part just enough for me to see her black underwear peeking out. Unable to form a coherent thought let alone verbalize any I felt my pants grow tighter requiring I reposition myself very obviously and right in front of her. With that one adjustment I saw her eyes light up with a confidence and desire that no doubt convinced her to do what she did next.
She slid the shoulder sleeves of her dress down over her shoulders and reached into her bra-less top getting a handful of each breast and pulling it out, dropping each one so I could watch their natural bounce. My eyes went wide and my jaw dropped unable to say anything. Her nipples were already hard and calling for my touch. When she saw my reaction she smiled a cocky smile, leaned back on an arm, her breasts falling and swinging with gravity, she propped her one leg up on the counter and slid her hand in her underwear and I could see her circular motions. “Mmmm gosh I love a man in uniform” she said in a soft sensual voice.
“I-I-I can’t do anything” I managed to get out holding up my finger with my wedding ring on it.
She lifted up her hand with her wedding ring as well “nobody said anything about touching” her eyes dropped to the clear bulge in my uniform and her mouth let out a soft moan followed by her biting her bottom lip again.
I didn’t know what else to do, I felt so helpless, so with my eyes transfixed into hers I slowly undid my pants. Her eyes were so expressive, it’s like I could feel her pleasure just by looking into them and before I knew it my hand was wrapped around my cock stroking, a stream of precum already dripping from my head down towards the hardwood floor below. Her eyes moved from mine down to what I just revealed and I watched as her hand stopped moving and her jaw dropped this time.
I’ve never been told I was small, and I know I’m not the largest guy out there, but I haven’t been told i have a good looking cock. At about 7 inches and thickness to match, when I get as hard as I was then there is a very prominent vein that shows on the side of him. And a nice steady curve upwards that usually drives my wife wild.
She closed her mouth, biting her lip again and now now moving her underwear aside I could see her juices glistening on her fingers and between her petite lips up to her prominent clit. When she saw me look at her she spread her lips with two fingers almost inviting me in and I could tell her tightness would struggle in the best way.
To be continued….

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